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The Latest Tile Trends You Need to Know About in 2021

Tile trends of this year are embracing a range of colours, textures and shapes to create more energetic interiors that are full of life and character. You will notice more nature themed colour palettes emerging, with bold shades of green, warm browns and luscious ocean hues being used in new tile designs along with modern takes on traditional designs in new collections of pattern tiles and more exciting options to choose from!

Handmade and Handmade-Look Tiles

Handmade tiles are certainly making waves in the world of interior design! The simple, elegant and warm character of an authentically handmade product is next to none, ensuring that this is truly a trend that is here to stay. Handmade tiles are most often made of ceramic and will commonly feature a glass-like glaze that is applied to the face of the tile prior to baking. This glaze creates a waterproof barrier which means that these tiles will not require sealing. Of course, it is always wise to seek our team’s advice when making your selections as specific varieties may have different care or maintenance requirements. 

Made entirely by hand in Australia, the Speciale collection features an impressive range of shapes and bold colour options that will create an energetic statement piece in your next interior design project.

Defined by their unique shapes, characteristic undulating surface finish, organic edges and beautifully saturated colours, handmade tiles will make a standout feature in any area of the home, from the kitchen and bathroom to the living area and entry way. 

For those seeking the same look for less, there are many collections of handmade-look options available that will provide a similar aesthetic in the home. These options are machine made and offer an economical alternative option to an authentic handmade product, allowing you to achieve a luscious finish for less!

The spectacular Fern collection features a unique leaf shaped tile that is specifically designed to offer the same look and feel of a handmade product. The range includes options in brilliant white, deep emerald green and a lush Mediterranean blue for a rich and elegant finish in the home.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles have long been favoured in the home showing up in prominent interior design and architectural periods such as the Art Deco, Gothic and Victorian eras. Patterns instantly fill any space with life, energy and movement, creating a spectacular look that is full of character and charm. From geometric designs to floral patterns and more, there is a world of luscious patterns to explore that will bring your next interior design project to life.


The dignified and ornate stylings of our Patrona Porcelain Collection create a dramatic look in any interior design scheme. The bold, structured geometric lines are paired with muted tones for an elegant and sophisticated look that is perfectly balanced with soft whites, dove greys and even pastel tones.

Patterned tiles can be used in any area of the home to create a dramatic touch; kitchen splashback tiles, bathroom feature tiles and even outdoor tiles can all incorporate a pattern that will complement your colour palette to create a unique look in your design scheme while creating a strong sense of character and charm in your next project.

Pastel Tile Tones

An exciting trend that has been showing up in interiors the world over, pastel toned tiles create a playful and warm atmosphere in the home while also providing the perfect complement to other trending materials and finishes such as concrete, timber and natural stones. Providing an alternative option to the traditional neutral toned colour palette of taupe, beige, white or grey, pastel tones can be effectively used in a design scheme to provide a sense of balance and harmony while effortlessly tying together the balance of your material selection. 

The Adonis Triangle Tile collection features a range of exciting pastel tones in a gloss finish. Made in Italy, these stunning tiles can be used as a wall finish in the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen and more.

From soft blush tones,, mint greens, lemon and powder blues, pastel toned tiles can be used in both residential and commercial interior design projects to create a warm and welcoming vibe. 

Earthy Tile Colour Schemes

What better way to create a tranquil and soothing environment than to draw inspiration from the unique colours and textures most often seen in nature! Colour trends are veering towards a more earth inspired colour palette with an emphasis on creating a sense of comfort and warmth in the home. Terracotta tiles as well as terracotta colour tones have been a strong feature of interior design trends, featuring prominently in tile trends, wall paint selections as well as in soft furnishings and home accessories. Incorporating terracotta tiles in your next home renovation project will instantly fill your design with the warmth and beauty of nature thanks to the deep, rusty tones that these classic tiles are so well known for. Combine terracotta wall or floor tiles with a range of earthy colours and textures to create a truly inspirational palette that is the perfect fit for a relaxed yet timeless look. 


The handcrafted Prato Terracotta collection is a celebration of texture, with no two pieces being alike. Handmade in Mexico, this stylish and timeless collection is available in an array of different shapes and sizes to help you create the perfect design scheme for your next project.

Terrazzo and Terrazzo Look Tiles

Both real terrazzo and terrazzo look tiles are showing no signs of waning, in fact they are growing in popularity in 2021. With so many beautiful colours available, the hardest part is choosing which one.

The Galleria terrazzo look collection is an Italian made porcelain tile suitable for floors and walls.  Here the Galleria is perfectly matched with the Gallery Wall tiles

There are many exciting options to choose from when selecting your new tiles, from warm and earthy nature inspired colours and textures to playful pastels and even modern patterns and designs to help bring your interiors to life! Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best solutions to meet your aesthetic, budget and needs. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book a free online design consultation to get started on your next project!