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Terrazzo Tiles under the Spotlight

One of our favourite trends in tiles at the moment are terrazzo.  This age old classic oozes versatility with numerous ways to use them. Terrazzo tiles can be both the star of the room or can act as a beautiful canvas for other features to pop.  Best of all terrazzo exudes timelessness and with so many colour variations and styles to choose from they can adapt to many different areas of the home. This makes terrazzo a popular choice for both renovators and designers alike.

If terrazzo tiles are on your radar, read the following commonly asked questions so you can make the most of this much loved material for many years to come.



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What is Terrazzo Tile Made of?

Terrazzo is a composite stone made of chips of marble, glass, granite (or other suitable material) mixed with a cementious binder.  Tiles are made by pouring this mixture into pre cast moulds. Once dry the surface is polished and ready to install.  Different styles and colours of terrazzo are achieved by using a range of various cements, assorted chip sizes, colours and materials.  Thickness of terrazzo tiles can vary between 15-20mm.

Why Choose Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles provide an extremely hard, durable and long lasting surface finish that can withstand high amounts of foot traffic. These qualities make terrazzo an incredibly versatile and long lasting option that can be used in any number of ways throughout the home. Unlike other tiling solutions, terrazzo tiles can be professionally rejuvenated when needed in order to revitalise their finish. The distinct patterns and colours included in a traditional terrazzo material will also provide a design option that can easily be paired with any number of materials, colours and finishes in your overall design scheme, from natural stones to concrete or timber.

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Where can Terrazzo Tiles be used?

With so many colours available it’s easy to use terrazzo tiles in many different areas of the home.  Using terrazzo in large areas is a style that has been popular in the international space for many years and we are now seeing this beautiful trend filter through to us. The look is irresistibly elegant and offers an inviting and organic vibe.

Using terrazzo tiles in bathrooms and kitchens continue to dominate and is sought after for many  reasons. Not only easy to maintain and live with, they echo the mood of timelessness and tradition creating an alluring vibe to the space.

Can Terrazzo Tiles be used Outdoors?

There are many terrazzo tile options that can be used as an outdoor tile. These types of tiles will often feature a rough, textured surface finish that will provide a strong grip underfoot when used as an outdoor floor tile specifically. When selecting your new outdoor tiles, make sure to discuss your requirements and intended application with our team who will recommend the very best outdoor floor tile or wall tile solutions.


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Do I need to Maintain Terrazzo Tiles?

Similar to natural stone tiles, terrazzo tiles need to be cared for and maintained differently to porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles or glass tiles. Although hard wearing and durable enough to withstand heavy traffic, terrazzo is porous as it is made up of concrete and a combination of natural stone chips. It is highly recommended that these tiles are sealed on a regular basis to protect from stains and absorption. How often depends on the amount of traffic they are subjected to.  For example a powder room may only need to be re-sealed once every couple of years where a living area in a large family home may need once a year. It is also a good idea to ask your tiler to seal the tiles prior to installation to protect from glues and grout.

Are Terrazzo Tiles Waterproof?

Terrazzo tiles will provide incredible water resistance in the home being a suitable choice for wet areas such as the bathroom or laundry room. It is important however to ensure a quality tile sealer is applied at regular intervals throughout the tile’s lifespan in order to ensure the very best protection.


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How do I Clean Terrazzo Tiles?

For everyday cleaning it is recommended that a neutral PH cleaner is used.  Do not use bleach, vinegar or any harsh or acidic chemicals or cleaners and avoid harsh or abrasive cleaning pads. The correct care system from the onset will ensure your terrazzo tiles maintain their beautiful appearance for many years to come. For specific cleanser recommendations, visit our Resources section.

Is Terrazzo Environmentally Friendly?

Traditional terrazzo tiles will often include by-products of the stone manufacturing industry, saving these materials from going to waste. Pieces of natural stones such as marble or granite are collected and given a new life in a durable and hard wearing tile that will last for a lifetime with the right care. These unique features of terrazzo tile manufacture ensure an environmentally friendly solution as these tiles will provide immense longevity while also making use of resources that would otherwise be wasted.


And finally, when engaging a tiler to install your product, ensure they have had past experience with laying this material.  Terrazzo are generally heavier than traditional tiles and can sometimes need more than 1 person to install.

For tips on how to choose your terrazzo tiler please read HERE.

We recommend and stock a range of Lithofin cleaning products for porcelain, ceramic, cement and terrazzo tiles.  If unsure please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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