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Choosing A Tiler: Things to Know & Questions to Ask

A skilled tiler will ensure that the tiles you have chosen for your new project will look amazing. Do your research well and avoid mistakes that will be expensive to repair in the long run.

  • Ensure your tiler is reputable and is skilled in laying similar tiles to your own
  • Ask for a detailed written quote and agree on the price before work commences
  • Ask to speak to previous clients and see past work. Most tilers are used to being asked and will not mind especially if they are proud of their work.
  • It’s always a good idea to try and get 3 quotes so you get an idea on how much the work should cost. However don’t always go for the cheapest, instead choose a tiler that is knowledgeable and you feel confident with.
  • Your tiler will charge extra for installing large tiles, natural stone, mosaic tiles and feature tiles as these are usually time consuming and difficult to lay
  • A good tiler will advise you if there are any issues with the substrate or structure where the tiles are being laid.
  • Ensure your tiler has adequate lighting to install the product.
  • Even though we assume a tiler should know, advise him / her to check all tiles for faults or batch variation  beforecommencing work.
  • Remind your tiler to sort through the tiles before commencing work to ensure that variation and pattern of tiles are spread evenly and create an organic look.
  • Grout Joints  Your tiler should determine a suitable grout joint by spreading out tiles on the floor before commencing work. Even if the tile is rectified some tiles may need up to 3mm joint. The Australian standard minimum joint is 2mm.
  • Grout Colour  Ask your sales consultant about the best grout colour to use and give your tiler all the details before commencing work.

Download the following checklist so you don’t miss a thing when looking for the perfect tiler.