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How to use Marble Tiles in your Next Bathroom or Kitchen Renovation

Natural marble tiles create an air of luxury and sophistication in the home and provide the benefit of allowing their use in a variety of applications, from bathroom floors and walls to kitchen splashback tiles and even as an opulent floor finish throughout the entirety of the home. There are of course a few factors to consider when selecting your new marble tiles, from their intended use, care and maintenance requirements as well as the actual type of marble you can use to achieve your design vision.

What are the different types of marble tiles?

Naturally occurring marbles will vary in colour, veining and quality. There are many exciting options to choose from with varieties including the traditional white or grey Carrara and Calacatta marbles, deep green Jadeite types as well as the bold black Nero Marquina and softer blush tones of the Rosa Levante marbles. You will find many exciting tile options available in a wide variety of natural marble stone to help you create the perfect look in your next interior renovation, from tactile mosaic tiles or large format pieces to the classic subway tiles, herringbone tiles and many more.

Palatino marble tiles

The exquisite Palatino Natural Stone mosaic tiles are available in a range of options from the luscious Calacatta Oro that features a smooth white background with bold grey and gold veins to the warm and earthy earthy buttermilk tones of natural Travertine. These stylish mosaics can be used as either a floor or wall finish in the home making for a warm and inviting atmosphere in every space.

Marble Chevron Tiles

The classic chevron tile pattern is created using parallelogram shaped pieces that fit together to create a sort of ‘arrow’ look. This design has been featured in interior design schemes for many years ensuring its place as a timeless design element. Marble chevron tiles can be incorporated in your next home renovation as both a floor and wall finish, offering the additional benefit of creating the perception (or illusion) of additional space. Their unique arrow pattern draws the eye in the direction of the point of your chevron tiles, making them especially effective in smaller spaces as they will elongate the room.

Carrara marble splash back tiles

Suitable for both floor and wall use, the Carrara marble tile collection includes a large array of pattern tiles including chevron format. This kitchen splash back features large honed chevron tiles (T36369)

Marble Bathroom Tiles

Being a natural product, marble is of course a porous material which can absorb liquid spills. Despite this quality, marble can still be used in the humid environment of the bathroom, providing an incredibly strong and long lasting surface finish for every application from your bathroom floors and walls to feature elements such as bath hobs, shower niches and more. With the right care, natural marble tiles will last a lifetime in the bathroom, ensuring a wonderfully timeless and elegant design scheme in the home.

A dramatic and bold design scheme, the elegant Greg Natale Marmo II collection is featured in this modern bathroom design as both a floor and wall finish while also creating a stunning custom bath hob for a luxurious look.

Marble Kitchen Tiles: Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles offer another classic and timeless design choice for the home, making for a strong, durable and elegant finish for any space. Terrazzo tiles are created using small pieces of natural marble, granite and even coloured glass that is embedded in concrete to create a unique speckled finish that can be seamlessly tied into any interior design style. Once again, these strong and durable tiles can be used as both a floor or wall finish allowing for the creation of a perfectly balanced kitchen design scheme where you have the option of mirroring your splashback tiles with your floor tiles to create a dramatic and sophisticated look in your next kitchen renovation.


Our exciting collection of traditionally made Terrazzo tiles includes a range of colourful options to suit any style of interior, from the modern to the classically styled. This one features our Teknika Collection in Dalmata Grande

How to Care for Marble Tiles

It is important to take care and maintenance advice into consideration when selecting your new marble tiles. Marble tiles can be susceptible to discoloration or staining if not properly maintained; use a simple mixture of warm, soapy water to mop your marble floor tiles and to gently wipe down wall tiles as part of your regular cleaning routine. You can also consider using our stocked collections of specialised cleaning products that are specifically made for use with natural stone tiles to keep your home looking its best! Properly sealing your marble tiles is another crucial step in ensuring their longevity; this process can be repeated every few years to maintain a stain free finish. 

Marble floor or wall tiles can be used throughout the entire home, including wet areas such as the bathroom or laundry and even in the kitchen. With the right care and maintenance, a quality marble floor tile will last a lifetime, exuding a luxurious and elegant vibe in any style of interior with its timeless beauty and earthy charm. Our design team at Perini Tiles can recommend the most suitable marble tiles to help you create your dream home while also informing you of any maintenance requirements and expertly coordinating your home’s colour scheme. Visit our Richmond tile showroom or book a free online design consultation to start exploring the design options for your next project!