Step into the world of elegance and artistry with Greg Natale's extraordinary collection. A true visionary, this multi-award-winning Australian designer captivates with his mesmerizing patterns and vibrant colour palettes. Every piece in this carefully crafted collection reflects a refined quality. Experience the essence of luxury as Natale combines his bold application of design elements to elevate your space.

$635.68 - $5165.70 /per 3.73m2 module/per 1.37m2 module/basin/per 1.66m2 module

Natural stone and marble tiles vary in colour, shade and veining from piece to piece. Each stone has its own distinguishing characteristics due to the inherent variances caused by nature. This unique quality is an appealing factor and enhances the beauty of natural stone tiles. We recommend sealing natural stone. If you need further clarification on the variation involved please do not hesitate to contact us.

Concrete tiles are a handmade product therefore variations in size, thickness and colour will occur. They are not designed to remain the same as when first purchased. This is part of their unique beauty and is not a flaw. Please download our PDF below (Resources) for information on sealing, installation and maintenance.

Residential Usage

All interior floor & wall surfaces

Commercial Usage

All interior floor & wall surfaces

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