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How to Find the Right Size Tiles for your Small Bathroom

One of the most common queries we receive in the showroom is ‘What are the most suitably sized tiles for a small bathroom?’ As each home is unique, there are many solutions you can take into consideration when making your bathroom tile selections, whether you would prefer to include smaller format tiles, larger porcelain sheets, luscious mosaics or a creative mixture of all three!

Porcelain Sheets or Large Tiles in a Small Bathroom

Although it may sometimes appear that larger format tiles can seem out of place in smaller quarters, you can strategically use larger pieces to your advantage in a bathroom design scheme. Smaller spaces will always benefit from a clutter-free or less ‘busy’ look as too many competing textures and patterns can often be overwhelming to the senses when not in proportion with the room’s overall dimensions. Large format tiles offer the distinct advantage of providing you with significantly less grout lines in your design while also assisting in the creation of added space depending on your selected layout. For example, large, rectangular shaped bathroom tiles can create the illusion of added width in a narrow bathroom when laid horizontally or alternatively, can create an additional sense of height when laid running vertically up the walls in a bathroom with a lower ceiling. 

Washington-porcelain-tilesSleek, modern and timeless, our elegant Washington porcelain tile collection can be used in vertical applications as well as a bathroom floor tile, providing incredible strength and ease of maintenance in your home. The collection is available in two large formats (600 x 600mm and 600 x 1200mm) and in a selection of everlasting neutral tones.

Oversized porcelain tile sheets are another effective large format solution that is suitable for a smaller bathroom design, once again minimising grout lines while also assisting in creating the illusion of increased space. Ultra-thin porcelain sheets can be used as a highly durable wall finish that can also be carried through directly into your shower, providing a seamless and continuous finish in your bathroom design. 

Small Format Bathroom Tiles

The trick to achieving a sleek and clutter-free finish when using small tiles in a modestly sized bathroom is to spend some time considering the best grout type and colour to suit your tiles. Selecting a grout colour that is in contrast with your small format tiles will create a bold visual feature and should be used sparingly in a smaller areas (this look would be most effective on a single feature wall for example, rather than the entirety of your tiling scheme). Instead, opt for a complimenting coloured grout that will blend in with the colour of your bathroom tiles rather than overpower it, creating a harmonious and sleek look in your design.  

bathroom tilesSubway tiles can be laid in a vertically running pattern in a bathroom with a lower ceiling to create the impression of added height, effectively drawing the eye upwards. Our Amano collection includes an assortment of different sizes in a myriad of colours to help you create a space that truly reflects your own unique personality.

Combining Different Bathroom Tile Formats

When one tile just won’t do, combining a few different styles in the one space can create an incredibly lustrous finish. In a more modestly sized bathroom, selecting a maximum of three different types of tiles can create a truly show-stopping scheme with just the right amount of contrast and texture. Mosaic tiles can be used on a feature wall and complimented by small to medium sized tiles over the balance of your bathroom walls. Complete the look with large format bathroom floor tiles, creating a harmonious and modern finish in your new bathroom design. A bathroom feature wall often acts as a means of highlighting a particular element of your design such as a stylish vanity unit or a luxurious freestanding bathtub for example. Select a contrasting tile for the balance of your bathroom walls and ground your look by tying it all together with solid coloured large bathroom floor tiles to create a well-balanced look in your new design. 

bathroom tilesTerrazzo tiles provide an excellent design solution in a bathroom that uses multiple different types of tiles. The assorted chips and flecks of colour in terrazzo act as a means of tying the various neutral tones used throughout the above design, seamlessly blending and complementing both the darker and lighter tones elements featured in the space.

Selecting bathroom tiles for a smaller space can seem limiting at first however, with a little know-how you can create a unique design using any format of tile you prefer, from large or oversized porcelain sheets to smaller formats and even mosaic tiles. For more inspiration, view our ‘Small Bathroom Tile Trends’ Pinterest board and visit our Richmond Tile Showroom to discuss your options with our friendly and knowledgeable team who will be able to recommend the very best combinations for your new bathroom. 

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