How to Find the Right Size Tiles for your Small Bathroom


We often get asked the question ‘What is the best size tile to use for a small bathroom?’ It is such a tricky question as every bathroom is different and there are many other associated factors to consider when making your decision.  For example, a well lit room with a high ceiling that is predominately square or rectangle in format may be able to accommodate large tiles, while a bathroom that has many angles or curves is best suited to small tiles or mosaics.

Big tiles can make the space appear larger as there are less grout joints and the large tile gives the illusion of space.  Where possible, install a floating vanity with the tiles running underneath as this further gives the impression of a bigger area.

Image- Archdaily

Following the floor tiles up one wall is an effective way to create a feature wall that is simple and clutter free while adding sophistication.  A neutral colour base tile will give you the opportunity to add interest with coloured towels and accessories allowing a different look whenever you please.


If your bathroom is lacking in natural light due to little or no windows, it’s generally a good idea to keep walls and cabinetry white to capture as much light as possible.  This Camberwell bathroom / laundry creates a brilliant effect with its highly reflective wall surfaces and grey polished floor tiles that run up the side of the bath.

Perini Renovations- Camberwell bathroom/laundry

Mosaic tiles are a great choice for a small bathroom in need of some personality and style. Nowadays mosaic tiles come in many different forms and materials, from square and glass to round and ceramic to hexagon and marble. With so many beautiful options available the most difficult part is choosing your favourite.

This bathroom uses Audrey blend by Bisazza.  Being a small space the mosaic tiles are used on all surfaces including the ceiling with spectacular results.

Bisazza Audrey

Bisazza mosaic tiles

Penny round mosaics are a fabulous alternative to traditional square mosaic tiles and can add an ultra modern ambience to a small bathroom. Used as a feature wall tile in this space gives a shot of colour and interest against the contrasting larger tiles on the floor.


Decorative and patterned tiles are another great option for small bathrooms and present the perfect opportunity to have some fun and get creative while showcasing your personal style and flair.  Here is your chance to be adventurous with your selection and turn an ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary.

Image- Notapaperhouse




Image- Homeadore




Image- Bathroom Design by Pham Tuan Viet Studio, Mosque Tiles

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