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Your Guide to Large Format Floor Tiles

With more advanced technology available in the tile manufacturing industry, larger sizes are now more practical than ever to achieve making them an excellent flooring solution for the home. Our Melbourne tile showroom is fully stocked with an incredible range of large format floor tiles to choose from, from lavish, oversized marble-look porcelain tiles to on trend terrazzo floor tiles. 

With such an incredible selection available, there are several characteristics that will help you narrow down your decision, from colour and pattern options to consider, as well as overall size and shape to help you achieve the exact look and style you want in your newly tiled home.

Style, Colour & Pattern

Perhaps the very best place to start during your selection process is to consider the overall style you want achieve in your home along with the possible colour or pattern choices that will help create your ultimate look. Floor tiles are a prominent feature in any space and as such, will strongly influence the overall style of your interiors. Large format marble-look porcelain tiles are the perfect fit for a stately home for example, and can be complimented with opulent metallic or glass finishes. Concrete-look porcelain floor tiles on the other hand, create an earthy, warm, industrial vibe in the home with their velvety smooth, tactile textures allowing for a strong sense of comfort in your home’s interior.

Positano porcelain tilesTerrazzo-look porcelain floor tiles offer a timeless look in the home that is well suited to both modern and traditional decorating schemes alike. Our Positano range is available in four natural colours and two large formats to assist in creating that perfectly proportioned look in your home.

Focusing on your selected tile’s pattern, it is crucial to consider just how prominent you would like it to be. Terrazzo tiles with a strong pattern for example, can look right at home in a large, open area such as the living room or kitchen. When placed in a small bathroom however, their bold pattern may appear overwhelming if not properly balanced out with a complimenting, solid coloured tile that will help dilute the traditional patterns and variations of terrazzo. Balancing your look is the key to creating a perfectly harmonious colour scheme in your home!

Proportion & Size

The next step in selecting large format floor tiles is to measure out the area you will be tiling and ensure your selection remains in proportion with these dimensions without requiring an extensive amount of cutting. Large format tiles have a place in both spacious and smaller spaces, as long as your selections remain in proportion with the overall dimensions of the room’s area. Create a rough, dimensioned sketch of your floorplan prior to visiting our showroom to make your selections. With this information in hand, selecting your new large format floor tiles will be a breeze! 

While choosing your new tiles, consider just how your selections will be laid in the space; your selected tiles should ideally not require an excessive amount of cuts to fit into your space’s floorplan to ensure they remain in proportion with the overall dimensions of the space. Avoid this imbalance by simply selecting a slightly smaller size or different shape that will better tie in with your floorplan.

Carnivale porcelain tilesOur Carnivale porcelain floor tile collection is available in a very versatile selection of sizes, from 450 x 900 rectangular shapes to 800 x 800 or 600 x 600 squares, with an assortment of neutral tones to choose from, making them an ideal choice for more spacious areas as well as tighter quarters.

Creating Optical Illusions with Tiles

Large format floor tiles have a unique ability to create effective optical illusions in the home. Smaller spaces can be elongated with the use of wide, rectangular shaped tiles as they create a sense of width in the space. This same rectangular shape can be laid vertically on your walls to create the perception of added height to an otherwise low ceiling. Using floor tiles to play with a space’s overall dimensions can also have its advantages in large, open spaces where you would prefer to create a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Rather than using large format rectangular shaped tiles, opt for a more traditional square shape in these areas: the slightly smaller format will work well with the space’s dimensions without over emphasizing the size of the room, assisting in creating a more comforting environment. 

Stramba porcelain tilesOur Stramba porcelain tile collection is available in a versatile 600 x 1200 size, making it an excellent option for creating the perception of added space in your interiors

Large format tiles provide an incredibly versatile design solution in the home for many reasons. From minimising grout lines to creating the illusion of space in tighter quarters or alternatively, creating the perception of comfort and intimacy in more sizeable, open areas, there is a tile to suit all of your design requirements. 

Visit our Richmond tile showroom to view our immense collection of large format floor tiles, where our friendly and professional team of Interior Designers can assist you in creating the perfect interior colour scheme.