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Why you Should Choose Ceramic Wall Tiles for your Bathroom Renovation

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Ceramic wall tiles provide an impressive range of benefits in the bathroom. These types of tiles are available in a wide selection of options to suit every design style from luxurious handmade tile varieties to elegant 3D effect options and more. When selecting your new bathroom tiles, it is important to keep a few key items in mind in order to make the very best choice that will suit your needs, budget and style, starting with the specific differences between ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.

What is the Difference Between Ceramic Tiles & Porcelain Tiles?

Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are very similar. Both are created using the same raw ingredients and both options are kiln baked to achieve a high quality and strong finish. Where they differ however is that porcelain is a term in the tiling industry that will normally refer to specific collections of tiles that have been baked at a higher temperature and for a longer period of time in comparison to other options. This process results in an almost completely non-porous material that will not require sealing. Porcelain tiles are often a popular choice as an indoor or outdoor floor tile solution thanks to their immense strength and durability. Collections of tiles referred to as ceramic tiles however, will have been baked at a lower temperature and for a shorter period of time than porcelain tile collections. These types of tiles are lighter and softer in nature and are often restricted for use on vertical applications as a result of these attributes. It is also important to note that in their unglazed state, ceramic tiles are porous and will require sealing. If however your selected ceramic wall tiles are glazed (which they often are!) the hardened glaze will act as a protective barrier so your tiles will not require sealing.

Cloud_Ceramic Wall Tiles

The stylish Cloud collection is available in a myriad of playful colour options. These wall tiles can be used in the bathroom to create an elegant feature wall with their graduating hues adding a sense of depth to your bathroom colour scheme.

The Benefits of Ceramic Wall Tiles in the Bathroom

Being lighter in weight and less dense than other tiling options, ceramic tiles will provide a range of benefits in the bathroom. These types of tiles are often more cost effective (of course, this can vary depending on the specific tile collection you choose) than other wall tiling options, allowing you to keep a close eye on your renovation or build budget. Wall tiles will make up the bulk of your tiling requirements in a bathroom so of course, keeping this cost in mind is a crucial step in ensuring your project meets your planned budget.

Flounder Fish Scale Tiles

The Flounder fish scale tiles offer an elegant handmade appearance with a selection of luscious aquatic tones available to choose from. These elegant tiles can be used in your new bathroom to create a strong sense of pattern and energy, bringing your interior design scheme to life!

Being a lightweight option, ceramic wall tiles are simpler to lay than heavier options (such as natural stone tiles or porcelain tiles for example), making for a smoother installation process. Their softer nature will also mean that wall mounted accessories in the bathroom (such as towel rails or soap dishes for example) will also be easier to install making ceramic wall tiles an excellent fit.

Furthermore, as most collections of ceramic wall tiles are glazed, they will provide a simple to clean surface finish that is perfect for keeping the bathroom tidy. Although ceramic tiles in their raw state are porous, their baked on glaze forms a protective barrier that will prevent moisture and dirt from entering in to the body of the tile itself. This glaze also means that the tiles will not require sealing while also providing a smooth surface finish that is a breeze to wipe clean.

Modern Wall Tile Options for the Bathroom

Another exciting benefit of ceramic wall tiles is that these collections are available in an expansive range of elaborate and decorative designs. As ceramic tiles are most often restricted to wall use only, this allows tile designers to create more stylised and decorative options as they do not have to meet the same requirements as one would when designing floor tiles (i.e. slip resistance, etc.) From hyper-glossy glazes to etched, 3D effect tile options and more, you will find a huge range of luxurious decorative options available in ceramic wall tile collections that will help you bring your new bathroom’s design to life!

WigWag_3D Tiles_Ceramic Wall Tiles

Our WigWag ceramic wall tiles create a stunning 3D effect by combining raised and lowered surfaces that play on light and shadow for a dramatic finishing touch to any interior design scheme. Their linear patterns are randomly mixed to create a dynamic feature element.

Ceramic wall tiles can be found in a large range of elegant and decorative options, perfect for use in the bathroom as a feature wall tile or as an all over wall tile solution. These types of tiles provide a vast range of benefits in the bathroom, allowing for a low maintenance surface finish while also providing an impressive selection of decorative and stylish options to choose from.

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process, expertly curating the perfect colour scheme for your next bathroom design project. Whether you are visiting us in person or shopping for tiles online, we stock an incredible collection of luxurious ceramic wall tile options to suit every taste and style!