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Why We Love Bisazza Mosaic Tiles

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Bisazza was first created in 1956 in Alte Vicenza, Northern Italy. This prestigious designer tile brand has long been best known for their fashion forward collections of luscious glass mosaic tiles however, Bisazza’s ever changing catalogue has since expanded to include a range of different tile materials in options such as lavish marbles and soft concrete while also introducing incredibly stylish and unique pieces in their homeware and decorative furniture collections. The prestigious Italian brand has evolved into a fashion setting powerhouse in the world of interior design with their glamorous tile collections continuing to be included in the most prestigious and opulent designs across the world. 


A staple in Bisazza’s incredibly varied collection of tiles, glass mosaic tiles are available in a rainbow of beautifully saturated colour options ranging from soft pastel tones, bold liquorice black, deep ocean blues and greens and every colour in between! These colourful tiles are available both individually as well as in blends, where a range of different shades are combined to create a cascade of colour. These styles can be highlighted with a selection of iridescent pieces, precious metals such as white or yellow gold and even Swarovski crystals to create a wonderfully timeless and elegant look in your next project. 

Bisazza’s Blends options can be used in a variety of different applications, making for the perfect feature wall in the home as well as a unique and glamorous option for your outdoor pool. The tiles are applied using a unique “hot melt” process that will ensure proper adhesion of the tiles to your pool’s surface, making for a highly durable and stylish option for the outdoors.


Bisazza’s glass mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing for the simple creation of various patterns and even artistic murals to be created. The tiles are laid in a specific pattern on a mesh net (often measuring approximately 300 x 300mm) with each panel being labelled on the back to ensure ease of installation. Patterns and murals can be selected from a range of set designs that can be scaled to suit your own measurements or completely customised to suit your own colour selections and artistic vision. Bisazza glass mosaic tiles offer the ultimate in creativity, with boundless design options in an endless range of colours! 

Our team at Perini Tiles can present you with a range of different artistic options that will suit your project while also advising you on lead times to ensure the custom tile solutions will fit into your project’s schedule. 

Designed by internationally recognised Australian designer Greg Natale in collaboration with Bisazza, this stylish collection includes a range of elegant and modern patterns as well as colour options. The collection can be used throughout your interior to create stunning feature walls that will introduce both colour and texture in your next interior design project. 


Concrete tiles (also known as encaustic tiles) have been traditionally made for over a hundred years. These durable and hard wearing tiles are famous for their intricate repeating patterns as well as their distinct dusty colour tones, making them a popular choice for all areas of the home. Bisazza’s collection of concrete tiles includes an impressive choice of colours and patterns, offering a modern interpretation of these traditional designs that can be used in all wall or floor applications throughout the home for a stylish and unique look. 

The Atlantic collection of encaustic tiles offers a vast range of patterns and colour options to help you create that perfect designer touch in your next project. The collection is a collaborative effort between several world famous designers and the Bisazza Design Studio, resulting in a luscious contemporary interpretation of this traditional tile design.


Ceramic tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to create elegant decorative feature walls. Being especially popular in the kitchen and bathroom, ceramic tiles are most often limited to wall use only as they are often thinner and lighter than other varieties of tiles, making them unsuitable as a flooring solution. As a result however, you will find an impressive range of stylised decorative options available in ceramic tile collections as there are no limitations in their design as there would be with traditional floor tiles. Bisazza’s ceramic tile options offer an elegant touch to the home, introducing shape and pattern in a faceted hexagonal tile that adds a wonderfully glamorous touch to any project. 

Designed by the ever talented Marcel Wanders in collaboration with Bisazza, the timeless and elegant Frozen Garden collection offers an ethereal quality to a design scheme in the luscious pattern and classic floral design. Perfect for use in creating a Hollywood-glam feature element in your next design project, this luxurious designer tile is available in a deep black as well as a crisp white option. 

Bisazza offers an impressive range of tile options, from luscious glass mosaic tiles to stylish modern encaustic solutions and even decorative ceramic tile options. Their vast range of colour choices and materials ensure that Bisazza’s designer tiles continue to be a well sought after material for both residential and commercial projects alike. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best Bisazza tiles that will suit your own unique style preferences and design aesthetic, offering you a large range of options and customisation. Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your next project!