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Why Grout Colour Matters: Everything you need to know about Choosing Tile Grout

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Your choice of tile grout will play a massive role in the overall feel and style of your finished design so spending a little extra time to carefully consider your options is crucial. Tile grout is available in several different types, all including a vast range of varying colours and tones to choose from that will play a huge role in the final outcome of your project. When choosing tile grout, there are several key factors to consider in order to ensure a high quality finish, from the actual type of grout, whether you prefer to match, complement or completely contrast the colour of your tiles and of course, maintenance and cleaning. 

Choosing Tile Grout: Different Types of Grout

There are a few different types of tile grout available, each with its own range of benefits and suitable applications. When choosing tile grout, the options to consider include:

  • Cement Grout: The most cost effective grout option to install, cement grout can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Due to its porous nature however, cement grout is susceptible to water damage and general wear and tear which can lead to it crumbling or cracking over time. Its lack of moisture resistance can also lead to a build-up of grime or mould over time and as such, cement grout will require regular cleaning and sealing in order to ensure its longevity in the home. 
  • Epoxy Grout: Although a more costly option, epoxy grout is considered to be far more superior than other grout types thanks to its incredibly hard wearing and durable nature. Epoxy grout requires an experienced professional to install as it is fast setting and requires a swift hand. Epoxy grout is stain, chemical and moisture resistant and is a perfect fit for high traffic applications making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. 
  • Latex Modified: Latex modified grout refers to a type of cement grout that has been fortified with latex in order to increase its moisture resistance. Latex can either be included in the pre-mixed powder or added during the mixing process and helps to increase the product’s durability and suitability for wet areas such as the bathroom. 

Although each of these grout types can be used with all tile materials (i.e. porcelain tiles, natural stone, ceramic or glass tiles), it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations. Our knowledgeable team at Perini Tiles will assist you in selecting the right grout type and colour to suit your tile selection during your consultation.

Choosing Tile Grout: Creating a Visual Effect with Tile Grout

The right grout colour selection can create a stunning visual effect in your new design. You have the option of either matching, complementing or completely contrasting your selected tile colour with grout, depending on your desired outcome. 

Matching Grout and Tile Colours

Matching your grout colour with your tile colour creates a smooth and seamless effect in your design, enhancing the room’s overall size and giving the appearance of a much larger space. This technique is perfect for creating a modern vibe in your project. 

Washington Porcelain Tiles_Choosing Tile Grout

Our Washington porcelain tiles feature varying soft grey tones, a perfect simulation of contemporary styled concrete tiles. A grey grout has been used to match up with the tiles, creating an almost seamless finish in this modern bathroom design.

Complementing Grout and Tile Colours

Complement your tile’s colour scheme by opting for a grout colour that is similar in tone with your tiles. This effect will ensure your tile’s colour or pattern is the key focus of the design as a complementary grout colour will not be competing for attention.

Omnia swimming pool tiles

Made of 98% recycled glass our Omnia collection boasts a stylish variation of colour and texture, perfect for use as an outdoor tile or pool tile. The soft green and grey tones have been complemented using a similar coloured grout, making the organic beauty of these tiles the key focal point.

Contrasting Grout and Tile Colours

If you are after a more striking and bold visual effect in your design, you can choose to completely contrast your tile’s colour with your grout selection. White tiles with a black grout for example, will create a dramatic grid effect in your tile layout, accentuating the tile’s colour, shape and pattern. This technique is especially effective with uniquely shaped tiles, creating a bold and striking feature element in your design. 

Greg Natale Marmo marble tiles

The unique pattern and shape of Greg Natale’s Marmo collection is accentuated using a contrasting grout colour, making the tile itself the feature of this design.

Grout Cleaning & Maintenance

It is important to note that lighter coloured grouts will require a little more work to keep clean, making them especially ideal for use on your wall tiles, whereas darker coloured grouts are much more forgiving, making them particularly ideal for use on your floor tiles. Whatever colour you choose, we do recommend finishing off your project by sealing your grout, which will protect it against staining and help make cleaning up much easier in the future. Certain grout types (most often cement grouts) will also require sealing every few years or so depending on wear to ensure their longevity and durability.

To clean and maintain your tile grout, wash your tiled walls and floors with warm soapy water, gently scrubbing off any surface dirt or grime. For a more thorough grout clean, you can create a solution made up of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water which can then be sprayed onto your tiles and grout and gently scrubbed off with a soft cloth or mop after allowing it to sit for a few minutes. You may also consider using melamine foam cleaning erasers (which can be found in the household cleaning aisle of your supermarket) to help remove any build-up of grime or dirt by gently scrubbing over particularly stubborn spots on your grout.  

Tile grout can dramatically alter the overall look of your finished project so it is definitely worth spending a little time in our Richmond Tile Showroom looking over the various options. Our experienced team of Interior Designers is able to assist and guide you through selecting the best tiles and grout for your next project!