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Why exactly are porcelain tiles better?

Porcelain tiles are renowned for their strength, longevity and incredible ease of maintenance. Having long been a favourite design choice for both residential and commercial applications, what are the qualities that set porcelain tiles apart from other options?

What are porcelain tiles?

Porcelain tiles are generally produced using a highly refined powdered clay. Pressed into a mould and then fired at extreme temperatures, modern porcelain tiles are available in a vast array of designs, including both glazed and unglazed selections, digitally printed patterns, as well as colour bodied options where the surface colour of the tile runs throughout the body of the tile itself.

Perini florence isolaOur Florence Isola collection perfectly simulates the organic patterns and colours of a natural marble, offering a highly durable alternative that can be used all around the home, from your kitchen splashbacks or as a luxurious bathroom floor tile.

What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles?

Although porcelain and ceramic tiles are produced in a similar fashion, porcelain tiles are created using a much more refined clay that is in turn baked at a significantly higher temperature than that of a ceramic tile resulting in a denser body. The final result is a much stronger finish that possesses incredible durability and longevity that is especially suited to applications that see a lot of wear, making porcelain the perfect material for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Ceramic tiles have their own benefits however; their softer structure makes them ideal as a bathroom wall tile for example, where their lightweight nature will allow for speedy installation as well as making them simple to cut and drill through in order to place your bathroom accessories such as towel rails and wall shelves. 

What are the benefits of using a porcelain tile?

There are many benefits in using porcelain tiles above other options, ranging from their incredible stain, water and even fire resistance to their incredible versatility in allowing the creation of a vast amount colours, designs and textures. 

Stain, Water and Fire Resistant 

One of the key benefits of porcelain tiles is their superior stain, water and even fire resistance. These outstanding qualities mean that porcelain products can be used in an enormous variety of applications where other tile solutions would not be suitable. Porcelain is classified as a non-combustible surface in accordance with Australian Standards and as such, can be used in applications where potential fire risks are of concern (for example, where a kitchen splashback is installed with less than 200mm of clearance between it and a gas cooktop burner). The tiles themselves are simple to maintain and keep clean; being a virtually non-porous material, porcelain tiles will not absorb liquids, making them both stain and water resistant, perfectly suited for areas with a higher amount of moisture or mess!

Floor and Wall Tiles

Thanks to the increased thickness and density of porcelain, these tiles are perfectly suited for use in areas that see a significant amount of wear, making them an ideal floor tile option for both indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike their ceramic tile counterparts, porcelain tiles are much denser and with correct installation and use, should not crack or chip underfoot.

Perini Stream collectionOur contemporary styled Stream range includes both a plain body tile and a decorative feature.

Strength, Durability and Longevity

The manufacturing process of porcelain tiles creates a surface that is incredibly strong, dense, durable and virtually non-porous which leads to a finish in your project that will last a lifetime. When laid in and cared for in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, porcelain tiles are significantly less prone to cracking or chipping than other options, providing an incredibly long lasting design element. 

Designs, Sizes, Textures and Finishes

Porcelain tiles provide the flexibility to enjoy an incredibly large range of designs, sizes, textures and even finishes to choose from, meaning you will most certainly find your perfect match! Porcelain allows the creation of hyper-realistic pieces that are specifically designed to mimic natural materials such as marble, timber and even terrazzo tiles, providing a near maintenance-free alternative to these options.  

timber look porcelain tilesOffering a hyper-realistic representation of natural timber flooring, the stylish Piccolo timber tile is made of porcelain and includes a range of three modern colour options that perfectly simulate the organic textures and colour variations most commonly seen in timber.

Porcelain provides many benefits in any project thanks to its extreme durability, strength and ease of maintenance. Ranging from high stain, water and fire resistance to allowing for much more flexibility in tile designs and finishes, porcelain tiles provide a superior solution in both indoor and outdoor applications making them a highly sought after design option.

Our Richmond Tile Showroom has an immense collection of stunning porcelain tiles to suit every style. Discuss your project with our knowledgeable team who will guide you through the tile selection process to help you find that perfect match!