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Why are Patterned Tiles so Popular Right Now?

Using patterned tiles in your interior design project creates a spectacular sense of character, movement and energy in the space, instantly breathing life into your design scheme. These unique qualities have given rise to the immense popularity of patterned tiles and paved the way for new and exciting techniques using tiles as a feature element to create truly show-stopping patterns in the home. Your selected pattern can be as muted or as loud as you prefer while always making for the ultimate feature element in your home. Using these creative options, you can create a stunning feature wall in your next bathroom renovation, an ornately patterned floor in your home or a spectacular feature pattern in your kitchen splashback. Each of these patterned tile design ideas will create a fabulous focal point in your project with tiles offering the perfect solution to creating pattern in your home. 

Creating Patterns using Tiles

Patterns in tiles can be created in different ways; a pattern can be printed directly onto the surface of the tiles themselves to create a bold and characteristic statement piece or alternatively, patterns can be created using a variety of different shaped tiles that fit together to create a specific design. Lantern shapes, paddle designs, mosaic tiles and the popular fish scale tiles are all examples of using shapes to create patterns in your interior design scheme.

fish scale tiles

The delightful Casablanca collection features a vibrant colour palette in a stylish fish scale shape, creating a spectacular show of colour and pattern in your interiors. Made entirely by hand in Australia, these exciting ceramic tiles can be used to create the ultimate feature wall in any space, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Another way to create patterns with tiles is to specify a particular laying style. The herringbone tile and chevron tile laying patterns are both popular examples of using traditional tile shapes to create a new look using a specific pattern. These styles are especially favoured in classically style interiors as they offer a wonderfully timeless aesthetic while also offering a new twist on an old favourite.

bathroom design ideas

Using traditional subway tiles, you can create a timeless look in your home with your choice of laying pattern. This soft and elegant bathroom design scheme by Norsu Home uses a herringbone tile pattern to create endless appeal in the space. The luxurious marble material is paired with trending gold tapware and blush pink bathroom fittings to create a luxurious vibe in the overall design.

Patterned Tile Feature Walls

Using a patterned tile to create a feature wall is a sure-fire way to create a sense of drama and interest in any design. Patterned tile feature walls are especially effective in the bathroom as well as outdoor areas (such as alfresco spaces for example) and can be perfectly complemented with a range of more muted designs and colours in order to create that show-stopping standout feature. In the bathroom, use your selected patterned tile to create a feature of the wall behind your vanity unit, within a shower enclosure or behind a luxurious freestanding bathtub to pull focus to the standout area of your design. You can also use patterned wall tiles to add a dramatic touch in the kitchen, using them as a finish on your new splashback or even to clad the face of your island benchtop for a luxurious touch.

geometric pattern tiles

The spectacular Adonis Triangle Tiles feature an undulating glossy finish that creates a delightful gemstone effect. Made in Italy, this collection uses shape to create a stylish pattern and is available in an impressive range of soft pastel hues.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned floor tiles are available in a wide range of options to suit all types of design styles, from vintage and retro options to classical and contemporary. Patterned floor tiles make a feature of your flooring and can be used in all areas of the home, from the bathroom and kitchen, to interior hallways and even outdoor areas such as patios and alfresco spaces for a characteristic look. These stylish tiles can be perfectly balanced out with the use of more muted wall finishes to create a well-balanced design scheme in the home.

patterned floor tiles

The ever modern Atlantic Concrete collection offers a contemporary twist on traditional patterns such as this exciting geometric design. Made entirely by hand, each pattern included in the collection can be used as both a floor and wall tile, offering endless design possibilities.

Patterned Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Patterned tiles make the ultimate in kitchen feature tiles, making a striking impact in your final design. Using your splashback as a canvas, patterned tiles will effectively bring your interior design scheme to life, creating a sense of energy and movement while also acting as a dramatic feature element in the space that can be perfectly contrasted and balanced out with the use of more diluted finishes in your kitchen benchtop, cabinetry and floor tiles for a harmonious look. 

patterned kitchen wall tiles

Our Futura Collection creates an impressive look on this kitchen splashback by Glenco Building Group

Our friendly team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the creation of your perfect design scheme, offering guidance through the selection of not only your new tiles, but your benchtops, cabinetry and paint colours as well for the complete package! Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book a free online design consultation to start working on your dream home!