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Why and Where to use Terracotta Floor Tiles

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Terracotta floor tiles can be used in a range of applications and home styles to create a luscious, earthy look. These tiles have long been a favourite design option thanks to their incredibly characteristic look that will instantly add an elegant and charming quality to any interior design project.

What is Terracotta?

Terracotta tiles are a variety of ceramic tile made from red-brown clays with high iron content. When fired, this iron rich clay develops into the deep, earthy reddish brown tones that have become synonymous with traditional terracotta tiles. Baked at temperatures of around 300-500 degrees Celsius, these tiles are available in either glazed or unglazed options, allowing you a world of creative selections that can easily be incorporated into the home to introduce a layer of rustic warmth to your interior design scheme.

prato_terracotta floor tiles

An authentically handmade terracotta tile, the Prato collection is available in a selection of unique shapes and sizes. Being a handmade product, each tile is unique to the next, a quality that will further enhance the rustic charm and earthy appearance of these spectacular terracotta tiles.

Glazed Vs. Unglazed Terracotta Tiles: What is the Difference?

Terracotta tiles can be found in either glazed or unglazed styles. Unglazed terracotta tiles are most often used as a flooring solution as they offer a soft yet durable surface option that has unique non-slip qualities. It is important to note however that unglazed terracotta floor tiles will require sealing at installation and then every few years or so throughout their lifespan. This process will ensure the tiles are protected from damage as a result of moisture or dirt on their surface.

split_terracotta floor tiles

Certain glazed terracotta tile options can be used as an interior flooring solution, allowing you more flexibility in your colour and material selections when renovating or building. Our playful and colourful Split collection for example is available in an impressive selection of bright colours that are suited for use as either a wall or floor tile in the home.

Glazed terracotta tiles however, will feature a sleek, hardened glaze across their surface. This glaze will act as a protective barrier, keeping moisture and dirt from penetrating into the biscuit of the tile. Unlike unglazed varieties, glazed terracotta tiles will not require sealing, making them ideal for use in areas such as the bathroom where they will be prone to higher rates of humidity, moisture and dirt.

As glazed terracotta tiles are often more decorative in their finish in comparison to unglazed terracotta floor tiles, they are often restricted to wall applications only as their texture and sheen can pose a trip hazard if used as a flooring solution. There are certain options however that can be used as a flooring solution so it is always important to confirm before making your final tile selections!

Why use Terracotta Floor Tiles: The Benefits of Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta floor tiles offer a classic and hard wearing solution for the home. These unique tiles will instantly add life, character and charm to your design scheme, whether they are used as an interior floor tile or as an outdoor tile in patios or verandahs. It is important to note that these tiles will fair best when used in covered outdoor areas where they will have some protection from the elements as excessive amounts of water, humidity or freezing conditions can cause damage to certain types of outdoor tiles.

prato_terracotta floor tiles

The rustic Prato terracotta collection offers a wonderfully flexible design solution for all areas of the home. Their distinct qualities add a bold, rustic charm to any design scheme, instantly injecting the space with life and energy.

These stylish and earthy floor tiles add a rustic charm to any design project, being especially popular in architectural styles where a specific look is desired. These tiles are an excellent floor tile solution for Mediterranean or Mexican inspired home designs as well as country style spaces where the tile’s deep, earthy tones will effortlessly complement a range of rustic themed materials such as raw timbers and natural stones.

Our Richmond tile store houses an immense collection of tiles in a vast range of materials, including terracotta tile options to suite every design style. Our friendly team will guide you through the many options to ensure you find your perfect match!