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White Kitchen Splashback Tiles: The Latest Designer Tiles

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White kitchen splashback tiles provide the perfect neutral backdrop in your design scheme that will effortlessly complement your home. Using a classic white tile as your kitchen splashback will also allow you the freedom of choosing more rich and vibrant materials in other areas of your kitchen such as your cabinetry or benchtop for example, as a simple white splashback tile will not detract from these elements. The following white kitchen splashback tile options can be used in many different styles of kitchen, from classic or traditional designs to more contemporary looks. Each option can either be used to create a feature element in your overall design or to complement other bold elements, offering you a flexible variety of white tile options for the home.

Mosaic Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Mosaic tiles provide the perfect means of adding texture and pattern in your new kitchen, allowing you to get creative with a variety of shapes and colours. Mosaic tiles are often paired with an epoxy tile grout that unlike traditional cement based grout options is a non-porous solution that will not absorb liquids. This grout will assist in easing the build-up of dirt and grime in between your tiles, making cleaning-up in the kitchen an absolute breeze!

Otsu_White Kitchen Splashback Tiles

A new addition to our Melbourne tile store, Otsu is a porcelain tile that features a classic fan shape with a unique textured surface that will interest to your kitchen splashback.

The Otsu mosaic tiles pictured above offer a wonderfully timeless and elegant choice as a kitchen splashback tile thanks to their classic shape and simple white colouring. Each individual tile includes a textured surface, adding an element of pattern and interest in your overall design scheme. Being a porcelain tile, these tiles are scratch, stain and heat resistant, making them an ideal fit for a busy home kitchen.

3D Tiles as a Feature in the Kitchen

3D tiles have been trending in the world of kitchen design as they add a stylish, modern element to the space and can be used in a variety of ways to create a bold and striking feature element in the space.

Peak 3D_White Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Peak 3D adds texture and pattern to any design scheme, being a popular choice for use in the kitchen as a splashback tile as well as a decorative cladding feature for your kitchen island, protecting the cabinetry from scuffs and marks around the bar seating area.

3D tiles use a combination of raised and lowered surfaces that will play with light and shadow, creating a bold statement in any design scheme. When used in the kitchen, 3D tiles can be used as a dynamic splashback tile, a feature wall tile in other areas of the space and even as cladding for a kitchen island. 3D tiles can be used to surround your kitchen island, adding a striking element that is especially effective in open plan homes where the kitchen island becomes the feature for other connecting spaces such as the dining and living area.

White Marble Tiles

White marble tiles have long been a favourite choice for use as a kitchen splashback tile thanks to their elegance and timeless qualities. There are many options available in white marble wall tiles from classic, soft Carrara marbles to bold Statuario varieties and more. These elegant white tiles add a luxurious finishing touch the home that will always be on trend, allowing you to include an element of natural charm and beauty to your interior design scheme. When using marble tiles in the home, it is important to take note of the proper care and maintenance techniques in order to ensure the product’s longevity and quality. Visit our resources page for more in depth information as well as recommendations for tile sealers and cleaning products.

Sylo Marble Wall Tiles

Our new Sylo Designer tiles feature a concave surface that will create a textured element in your design scheme. These elegant tiles can be used as a kitchen splashback tile, to decorate your kitchen island and even as a fireplace surround option.

White kitchen splashback tiles offer the perfect neutral tone to balance out your new kitchen’s colour scheme, allowing you to experiment with a range of exciting textures, patterns and shapes. Our Melbourne tiles store and showroom is full of timeless options as well as trending fashion tiles where you can explore your creative side during the process of creating your new kitchen design.