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Which Tiles are Best for Bathroom Walls?

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In our Richmond tile store, we are often asked “Which tiles are best for bathroom walls?” Although there are many incredibly varied options available that will all be an excellent choice for use as a bathroom wall tile, certain key materials do tend to stand out as the most favoured options while other materials are most often used to create feature elements in a bathroom’s design instead.

Which Tiles are Best for Bathroom Walls?

Ceramic tiles are the most popular choice when it comes to selecting bathroom wall tiles. This is due to the ceramic material’s many benefits that make this option a standout choice. Ceramic tiles are often lighter and thinner than other bathroom wall tiles such as natural stone or porcelain tiles. Their lightweight nature results in quicker installation, reducing the cost of labour involved in your bathroom renovation. You will also find that these qualities allow for simpler installation of wall accessories such as towel rails or ladders, wall shelves and robe hooks for example as the material is easier to drill through.

Brickland_Which Tiles are Best for Bathroom Walls?

The elegant Brickland ceramic tile collection offers an exceptionally tactile bathroom wall solution, creating a luxurious yet earthy and warm atmosphere that is full of character, charm and texture.

Another exciting benefit of using ceramic as a bathroom wall tile solution is that these tile collections feature an incredibly varied range of finishes, textures and decorative designs that are not often seen in other options. As ceramic tiles are softer and lighter than other tiling solutions, they are often restricted to wall use only. This means that tile manufacturers are not restrained with having to ensure the tile is slip resistant (as would be the case with bathroom floor tiles for example) allowing for more creative tile designs to be created that can feature sleek glazes, raised surfaces or patterns and more.

Bathroom Feature Wall Tiles

As there are so many decorative and stylish options available in ceramic wall tile collections, you do have the freedom of mixing and matching ceramic tile options to create a stunning feature element in your design scheme. If instead you are looking to create a dramatic touch with other bathroom wall tile materials, natural stone tiles are an excellent option when it comes to creating a feature wall in the bathroom. These tiles are simply unparalleled in their natural beauty and elegance, making for a timeless and elegant choice as a bathroom feature wall tile.

Pez collection_Which Tiles are Best for Bathroom Walls?

Our Pez Natural Stone collection offers a luxurious option that can be used to create a bathroom feature wall or floor in your next project. These stunning natural stone tiles are available in a range of marble varieties that celebrate the naturally occurring colours and patterns found in this timeless material.

Another stylish option that is often used as a bathroom feature wall, encaustic tiles create a vintage vibe in your design. These elegant tiles have long been a favourite choice thanks to their impressive strength, longevity and the exciting colours and patterns available in their creation. It should be noted that although encaustic tiles are not often the best solution for use as a shower floor or wall tile, they can be used to create a stunning feature wall behind a vanity unit or bathtub for example in installations where you are looking to add a touch of vintage charm to your design. For more information on encaustic or concrete tiles, visit our recent blog post: What are Encaustic Tiles?

Concrete_Which Tiles are Best for Bathroom Walls?

The playful Concrete tile collection offers a modern interpretation of the traditional encaustic tile, using a smooth concrete base that is adorned with colourful polka dots for a stylish touch.

Bathroom wall tiles are available in a vast range of materials from porcelain to concrete, natural stone and of course, ceramic. Although ceramic tiles are one of the most popular bathroom wall tile solutions, as you can see the possibilities truly are endless when it comes to finding the perfect materials and colours for your new bathroom design project!