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Which Tile is Better for Commercial use: Concrete or Marble Tiles?

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When specifying tiles for commercial use, there are several factors to keep in mind to ensure the best outcome. These include the suitability of the tile’s material to its intended application, slip resistance qualities for commercial floor tiles as well as the maintenance and cleaning procedures of your selected tiles. Both concrete tiles and marble tiles are popular choices for commercial use however, despite there being certain similarities in both of these options, there are a few key factors that will dictate which tile solution is the right choice for your project.

Concrete Tiles for Commercial use

Our extensive collection of Atlantic concrete tiles can be used in commercial applications where a low to medium amount of foot traffic is expected; Perini Tiles recommends discussing your commercial project’s specific requirements with our team to ensure your commercial floor tiles meet R Ratings specific to your project.

Residential Vs. Commercial Specifications for Tiles

When specifying floor tiles for a residential property, there is more leeway in terms of slip resistance. In general, you have a lot more freedom to choose the specific tile finishes you are after, from high gloss options to matte and roughly textured options. Of course, this does not mean we can throw caution to the wind completely! There are outdoor tile solutions that are specific to external applications that will provide a good level of slip resistance and grip underfoot.

Tiles in wet areas such as the bathroom for example will also need to be selected with care to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. It is often recommended that no matter what type of finish you select in wet areas or outdoor spaces that a floor mat with a non-slip backing be used (bathroom mats in wet areas and door mats upon entry into the home from the outdoors) to catch any excess drips of water and create a safer environment as both matte or glossy tiles can be slippery when wet or when coming into contact with the natural oils of our skin.

Encaustic tiles for commercial use

Our Beach Club concrete tiles (also referred to as cement tiles or encaustic tiles) are perfect for use in low to medium traffic commercial spaces such as foyers; we recommend always consulting with us on the specific requirements of your commercial project when specifying floor tiles to ensure the most suitable solution for your needs!

When it comes to specifying floor tiles for a commercial project however, there are certain restrictions that must be met in order to create the safest possible space. Floor tiles must be selected to meet specific guidelines for different types of projects; from public swimming pools and communal changing rooms to entrance areas, stairs and factory floors, floor tiles must be selected with respect the guidelines set out for each specific application and type of building. Tiles that are suitable for commercial flooring solutions are thoroughly tested and assigned an R Rating by completing a Ramp Test (for more information on Tile Ramp Tests, checkout our guide here). This rating specifies just how slippery a tile’s surface is when moisture or oils are on their surface. Each type of commercial project will require a different Rating so it is crucial to ensure all guidelines and Standards are adhered to in your specific commercial project.

Marble Vs. Concrete Tiles: Which are Best for Commercial Applications?

So, which of these two beautiful options is best for commercial use? That all depends on your specific requirements! Commercial projects require different floor finishes depending on the specific type of project. In general, both marble and concrete tiles are often suitable for use in most commercial installations that experience a low to medium amount of foot traffic (such as foyers for example). We would always recommend you discuss your project’s requirements with our team to ensure the most suitable tile solutions are specified in your commercial project for a safe yet stylish outcome.

Moss Green Marble Tiles_Kitchen Tiles

Natural marble tiles can be used in certain commercial applications as a flooring solution however they are also a popular solution for use as a feature wall tile to create a luxurious and opulent atmosphere in a design scheme. Our Moss Marble tiles offer a wonderfully earthy look in any interior with their soft and delicate tones adding a rich vibe to the space.

When specifying marble or concrete tiles for commercial applications, it is important to also consider the appropriate treatment and maintenance of each option. Both solutions are porous materials and therefore, should be treated with a quality tile sealer prior to installation and then every few years or so throughout their lifespan (dependant on wear) to ensure they continue to meet the quality standards required of commercial installations.

Harsh cleaning products are best avoided on both of these materials with specialised cleaning products available to suit instead. This information is important to take into consideration when specifying materials for a commercial project as it may influence your decision when selecting materials.

Our Richmond tiles store houses an immense display of exciting wall and floor tile solutions that are suitable for commercial projects. As specific Ratings are required for different types of commercial applications, discussing your project with our team is the best way to find the most suitable solutions for your intended application.