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Which Moroccan Tiles are Best for your new Bathroom

A hot trend this year, Moroccan tiles create a sense of drama in a design while recalling times gone by with their characteristic stylings and charm. Steeped in tradition, these classic tiling options are both trending and timeless, tying in exceptionally well in just about any style of interior design. Options to choose from include stylish traditional and ornate patterns that boast a strong colour palette paired with organic line work and floral designs, luscious handmade tiles that create an earthy and warm touch that are perfect for feature walls, as well as decorative mosaic wall tiles that create a wonderful textural element in any interior design project. 

Moroccan Pattern Tiles

Traditional Moroccan tiles often include ornate patterns and designs. A specific pattern, usually including organic line work, florals and shapes is repeated to create a bold and impactful look that will enhance any style of interior design scheme. 

Azra ceramic tiles

Repetitive patterns made up of intricate line work, unique shapes and floral elements are often used in traditional Moroccan tiles to create a strong sense of character and charm in a design.

dolce valencia

Dolce Porcelain Tiles in Valencia take patterns to another level with striking graphics and natural colours. Suitable for all floor and wall spaces in your home.

These boldly patterned tiles can be used in the home to create a strong visual statement element, looking right at home as a feature wall in the bathroom or as a kitchen splashback tile. Many options are also available to suit flooring applications so it is important to explore your options at your local tile showroom. A trending finish for the home, patterned tiles can also be used to create a classic and timeless look that will last long after trends fade away. The key is to carefully balance your Moroccan patterned tiles with solid coloured finishes paired with rustic design elements such as timber or concrete for example; this technique allows the patterns to take centre stage while being perfectly in harmony with the ornate nature inspired line work that is often a feature of patterned Moroccan tiles, creating a timeless and elegant design scheme that will outlast current interior design trends. 

Handmade Moroccan Tiles

If larger than life patterns and design are not the right fit for your own unique sense of style, simpler handmade tiles are an excellent alternative option to consider including in your next interior design project. Handmade tiles, especially simple square or rectangular designs, will create a strong sense of character in the home without being too overpowering making them the perfect option for designs where a more dialled back approach is desired. 

Arabian handmade tiles

Glazed ceramic handmade tiles will feature a range of colours and organic lines that create a stylish and timeless effect in the home. Due to their uneven surface finish, these tiles are most commonly restricted to wall use only however, you will also find certain select varieties that can be used as a flooring option throughout the home.

Handmade products will show some variations in both shape and colour to create a truly unique patchwork style effect that will instantly fill your design scheme with a warm and cosy atmosphere. Imperfections and variations in colour and shape are celebrated in handmade tiles, making for the perfect complement to both modern and classic styled interior design schemes. Authentically handmade Moroccan tiles are created using specific techniques that date back for centuries. The tiles themselves are created using clay that is shaped and form to create a range of shapes. The tiles are baked in a kiln to remove any excess moisture, resulting in a hard and durable surface. Many handmade ceramic products will also feature a glazed face; coloured glazes are applied to the tiles prior to baking to ensure an incredibly hard surface that is impenetrable to moisture. This addition means that glazed handmade tiles will not require sealing throughout their life as the glaze itself acts as a protective barrier. 

Moroccan Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles create a tactile element in any interior design project, instantly filling the space with warmth and texture. Thanks to their smaller size, mosaic tiles can be used to add a touch of character in tighter spaces (such as shower niches for example) while also being an excellent choice for feature walls in kitchens as well as bathrooms. They can also be used in other areas of the home, such as the living area or alfresco dining space to create a feature element in your design scheme. Moroccan styled mosaic tiles will often display bold colours and ornate shapes that form a delightful pattern. The most popular choice in this particular design style is the traditional lantern mosaic tile shape, offering a timeless aesthetic to any interior. 

lantern Moroccan tiles

Lantern shaped mosaic tiles create a stunning and timeless feature element in any design scheme, instantly creating a sense of warmth and character in a space.

It is important to also consider your grout colour when selecting mosaic tiles as this will affect the end result of your tiling project. Mosaic tiles will of course, require more grout than larger tiles and as such, your choice in colour will either accentuate or blend in with your selected tiles. As a general guide, if you are hoping to accentuate the unique shape of your selected mosaic tiles, selecting a contrasting coloured grout is the way to go! For example, blue lantern shaped mosaic tiles as in the example above can be perfectly contrasted with charcoal coloured grout that will emphasise their shape. If instead you are looking to create more of a discreet look, matching your tile colour with your grout colour is the perfect solution; your mosaic tiles will still create a spectacular feature element to your design but will offer a more dialled back look. 

Moroccan tiles used as a floor or wall finish in a design creates a spectacular display of colour and pattern for a look that is both trending and timeless. Whether you prefer the tactile earthy beauty of handmade tiles or the ornate stylings of patterns and mosaics, Moroccan tiles offer a vibrant touch to your interiors!

Moroccan Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles have long been a favourite in Moroccan design. The rich red rustic tones offer a warm and comforting atmosphere to interiors and exteriors. Please note that we recommend to seal all unglazed terracotta tiles.


Terracotta tiles offer so many beautiful characteristics. No two pieces are alike and imperfections, chips and colour variation are a common occurrence. Featured are our Prato Terracotta Tiles.