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Where to SPLURGE on your next Bathroom Renovation

A complete bathroom renovation in Australia can often cost upwards of $20,000 making it quite the investment into your property. There are many different cost factors that go into creating the perfect home bathroom, from employing the best design professionals and trades to selecting the perfect bathroom tiles and fittings. As there are so many decisions that need to be made throughout the process of your bathroom renovation, it is important to keep in mind which specific areas should be offered a larger portion of the budget to ensure the very best outcome. 

Quality Bathroom Fittings

The items that actually MAKE the bathroom are the fittings: your shower, tapware and toilet. Each of these items deserves a little extra time and research during the selection process to ensure your new bathroom remains functional for as long as possible. There are many different factors to consider when it comes to selecting the best bathroom fittings, from comfort and functionality to water efficiency, ease of maintenance and of course, quality. Compromising on the quality of your new bathroom fittings is not ideal; using better quality fittings will ensure your new bathroom remains functional and comfortable for many years to come. 

This luxurious and timeless Toorak bathroom renovation by Perini Renovations uses top quality bathroom fittings to create a space that will truly stand the test of time. Find out more about the latest bathroom trends in our recent post where we discuss the top trends of 2021!

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Ripping up and replacing floor tiles can be quite the intrusive and costly exercise; ensuring a quality floor finish from the get-go is the best way to create a bathroom that will last a lifetime. Your bathroom floor tiles should offer a hard wearing surface finish that can withstand the humid and often messy environment of the bathroom. As the flooring of any space sees the most wear over time, spending a little more on your floor tiles to ensure a durable and long lasting finish is an excellent move when planning a bathroom renovation. Wall tiles on the other hand, will not experience as much wear and tear as your bathroom’s flooring, allowing you the opportunity to select from a more economical range to help balance your bathroom renovation budget where necessary. 

floor tiles melbourne

Our elegant and timeless Del Marmo collection features a range of marble-look bathroom floor tiles that will create a brilliantly luxe vibe in your next design project!

Bathroom Storage

Optimal storage solutions around the home are paramount in creating a highly functional design that will truly stand the test of time. Storage should not only be functional but also flexible enough to accommodate our ever-changing needs in the home. Your bathroom renovation should ideally include a range of carefully thought out and planned storage solutions that will enhance the user’s experience in the space. A custom designed and made bathroom vanity unit for example, can be fitted with a range of accessories and flexible storage options to create a truly functional and versatile bathroom design. From built-in cabinetry bins to pull-out laundry hampers, there are many ways to customise your vanity unit for a more versatile design in the bathroom. Other bathroom storage solutions to consider include: wall storage options such as wall cabinets and open shelving (shelving options such as wall niches, ledges or glass shelves for example are all examples of open shelving that can be especially handy in the shower), tall cupboards or other non-fixed furniture (small drawer units or shelving units for example) are all excellent storage solutions to consider including in your renovation project. Investing a little more in creating the –perfect bathroom storage solutions will not only help keep the space organised and functional, but will also ensure your new bathroom’s longevity in the home. 

casablanca handmade tiles

Investing more in your bathroom storage solutions will create a highly functional space that is well organised and an absolute breeze to maintain! Our brightly coloured Casablanca handmade tiles create the perfect feature in this stylish coastal themed bathroom design.

Cabinetry Hardware

Drawer hardware and cabinet hinges in the bathroom are not items to scrimp on; after all, our bathroom drawers or cupboards are usually opened several times a day and should be able to withstand many years of comfortable use. A reputable hardware manufacturer will have tested their product’s strength, durability and longevity to ensure the best quality. Renowned hardware manufacturer Blum for example, place great importance on their product’s quality with extensive product load and motion testing, ensuring a final product that can withstand extensive repeated use. Investing more in your cabinetry’s hardware is a sure-fire way to ensure a long-lasting design for the home. 

Reputable Trades & Expert Design

Finally, employing the right people for the job will ensure an outcome you are truly pleased with! Take advantage of your Designer and Trade’s years of experience in creating bathrooms that not only work efficiently but are made using top-notch materials and finishes. Request reviews or references from your professionals to check the quality of not only the final outcome of their project, but the design and construction process as well. A reputable design professional will ensure your project has all the necessary documentation in place; the very best way to ensure there are no surprises throughout the process of your renovation! 

A bathroom renovation can be quite the investment into your property with Aussies spending an average of $20,000 on a quality project. Knowing which elements of your project are worth the extra attention will ensure the very best outcome for your home. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in creating the perfect colour scheme for your bathroom renovation project inclusive of bathroom tiles, vanity tops and cabinetry finishes for a complete and cohesive palette. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book a free online consultation here!