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What’s the Difference Between Real Terrazzo & Terrazzo Look Tiles?

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Terrazzo tiles have been used throughout the home for decades, providing a strong and versatile surface finish that can easily be tied into just about any interior design style for a timeless touch. With the introduction of modern and sophisticated tile manufacturing techniques, porcelain tiles are now being created in options that perfectly simulate the look and feel of these tiles, offering an alternative option for the home. There are a few key differences between these two options however that will play a part in your final decision.


Real terrazzo tiles are created using a bed of concrete that includes randomly scattered pieces of natural marble, coloured glass or other natural stones such as quartz or granite embedded into the surface. These tiles were first created as a means of using leftover materials from the design and manufacturing industries, reducing the amount of waste involved while creating something unique and new.


Our New Tech range of authentic terrazzo tiles includes a range of different colour options to choose from, allowing you a world of options in creating the perfect designer touch in your next home renovation project. 

These tiles have been used throughout interiors for many years, making for an immensely strong and highly durable surface finish for both floor and wall use.

Authentic terrazzo tiles can easily be professionally renewed or rejuvenated when need be, ensuring your tiled surfaces will last a lifetime. Made of a combination of concrete and natural stone, it is important to note that these tiles are porous and will require sealing in order to help prevent damage or discolouration as a result of liquid spills or dirt seeping into the tile’s pores. There are many quality tile cleaning products available however that will include a small amount of tile sealer within them. Regular use of such products during a normal cleaning routine will help maintain the product’s surface in between re-sealing of these stunning traditional tiles.  


Terrazzo look tiles are specific tile collections that have been designed to simulate the look and feel of a traditional terrazzo product using different materials. These tiles are most often made of porcelain with patterns and designs being digitally printed onto the surface, creating the variety of scattered specks and chips as seen in authentic terrazzo tiles. Porcelain tiles are baked at such extreme temperatures that they become almost completely non-porous. They also provide a range of benefits in the home, being resistant to moisture, staining, cracking and changes in temperature with correct installation and use. 

Galleria terrazzo look tiles

The stunning Galleria Terrazzo Look tiles are made of quality porcelain, offering an excellent replica of authentic terrazzo that is a perfect fit for bath surrounds and shower floor applications where the tiles will experience higher amounts of humidity, moisture and are exposed to the ingredients included in soaps and shampoos.

As with traditional terrazzo tiles, there are many different options available to choose from in porcelain terrazzo look products; it is important to note however that due to the nature of the uniquely speckled finish that is synonymous with terrazzo materials, seeking out a tile option that includes a fair amount of variations in pattern is ideal in achieving the best results with terrazzo look tiles. You will be able to determine how much pattern variation to expect within a tile’s collection by taking note of the tile’s V Rating – Our article on Tile Ratings runs through tile V Ratings in more detail.


Aside from their look and style, these two tile options do not share many other similarities! Although each of these options has their place in the world of interior design while offering a similar distinctive touch to any style of home, there are several key differences to keep in mind when making your final tile selections.

The key factors to consider when making a selection between these two tile options include their price point, intended application, care and maintenance techniques and the overall style you are looking to achieve in your new design scheme. 

Suitable for floors and walls throughout the home, the New Tech 2.0 collection is available in a beautiful 600 x 600 format along with a range of colour options to choose from. 

An authentic terrazzo tile will of course be in a higher price bracket than porcelain terrazzo look tiles due to the materials used as well as the lengthy manufacturing techniques employed in their creation. This is something to keep in mind when making your tile selections, especially where you need to keep a close eye on your budget. Furthermore, as authentic terrazzo tiles are often thicker and heavier than their porcelain counterparts, they can also fetch a slightly higher price tag to lay. The authentic warm characteristics and renewable qualities of terrazzo tiles however more than make up for these factors!

Terrazzo tiles are immensely strong and durable however due to their porous nature they can be more susceptible to staining or discolouration in some applications. These tiles are perhaps best avoided as a shower floor tile where they will be exposed to high levels of moisture and humidity as well as the mixture of chemicals and ingredients that can be found in soaps, shampoos, etc. 

Finally, care and maintenance factors as well as your style preferences will influence your final decision when selecting between these two options. As noted, authentic terrazzo tiles will require different maintenance methods with specialised cleaning materials incorporated into a regular cleaning routine as well as sealing to ensure the product’s quality finish. Although porcelain tiles will do away with these concerns, you will want to consider the overall design style you are looking to achieve. Of course, nothing can beat the authentic charm and quality of a true terrazzo surface finish but if the maintenance process of terrazzo tiles is a concern for you, perhaps porcelain is the way to go! 

There are many differences between authentic terrazzo tiles and porcelain terrazzo look options that will affect your final decision between the two. Taking note of the differences in price, maintenance processes, the tile’s suitability for your intended application and of course, style differences will help you make that final decision.

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in selecting the perfect tile for your next project with showroom and online consultations available where we can guide your through the process of making your tile selections while also recommending coordinating materials and finishes for a complete look in your project.