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What to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Pool Tiles

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When choosing outdoor pool tiles, there are several different key factors to consider. Aside from the obvious considerations of budget and cost, one must also keep the overall quality of their new pool tiles in mind when making a final decision along with the types of products used in their installation. Finally, ensuring your outdoor pool tile’s colour will meet your creative vision is a must when putting together the perfect outdoor design scheme.

Choosing Outdoor Pool Tiles: Quality Vs Aesthetic

When it comes to selecting outdoor pool tiles, there are many exciting options available so narrowing down your options can be a challenge. Although it can be a costly exercise to tile your pool, selecting a high quality option will ensure your swimming pool tiles will last the test of time and easily withstand not only being exposed to the elements in an outdoor application but also being completely submerged underwater. The last thing anyone wants is for pool tiles to suddenly start popping out of place and wreaking havoc in your outdoor design scheme (and bank account!) There are many beautiful pool tile options available that do not compromise on quality, allowing you a vast range of designer tiles to choose from that will easily withstand outdoor pool installations without any issues over time.

Omnia swimming pool tiles

Our Omnia collection is made using 98% recycled glass, offering a sustainable choice for use as an outdoor pool tile. Available in two tile sizes in a luscious mixture of green tones, the Omnia collection offers the perfect complement to lush greenery in outdoor spaces.

Advanced Tile Adhesive Systems

The harsh Aussie sun can pose an issue to pool builders as tile adhesives in an outdoor swimming pool can be damaged by the intense rays and heat resulting in costly damage to your outdoor pool. Advances in tile adhesion formulas allow for super-strong products that will not only meet but exceed the requirements noted in the Australian Standards for pool tile adhesives. Our Bisazza pool tile collections for example offer an innovative support system referred to as Hotmelt which uses polyurethane (PU) thermo set adhesive to ensure proper and secure adhesion of your outdoor pool tiles. This adhesive product is UV resistant and will not discolour or weaken over time as a non-UV resistant product would. Combine Bisazza’s Hotmelt adhesive with Bisazza’s Fillgel (a high performance epoxy grout) in your outdoor pool installation for an incredibly tough, durable and long lasting finish.

Bisazza Blends Pool Tiles_choosing outdoor pool tiles

Our Biszza Blends collection offers a selection of stylish colour options that feature varying shades of colour to create a unique look in your outdoor pool. From soft pinks to deep blue tones and more, Bisazza pool tiles are the perfect choice for outdoor pool applications!

Choosing Outdoor Pool Tile Materials & Colours

There are many options available when selecting outdoor pool tiles with the most popular being porcelain and of course, glass tiles. Some natural stone tiles (such as travertine tiles for example) may be used as a pool surround option however, we always recommend that you confirm your selections with our team before locking in your choices as there are very specific safety requirements to consider when selecting pool surround tiles.

Porcelain and glass tiles that are used to coat the interior surface of your outdoor pool however will not include the same safety constraints in terms of slip resistance but will need to be designed to withstand outdoor climates, sunlight, and being underwater.

Bisazza Pool Tiles_choosing outdoor pool tiles

Our Bisazza pool tiles can be used to create stunning works of art in your outdoor pool design! These tiles are available in a variety of colour options that will help you experiment with creating different styles and tones in your outdoor space.

Outdoor pool tiles are available in an endless range of colour options from classic aquatic tones of blue or green to distinct colour options such as red, purple and many, many more! Using options in our glass mosaic pool tile collections for example, will even allow you the option of creating your own custom patterns and designs to create a true work of art in your outdoor pool. When choosing outdoor pool tile colours it is always important to consider how much of an impact your colour selection will make on the surrounding environment and also, how the environment itself will alter or affect the pool water’s colour. You will find more detailed information on selecting pool tile colours in our guide here.

When choosing outdoor pool tiles, it is important to select from a range of high quality options while also ensuring proper installation using the appropriate adhesives and grouts that will handle the Australian sun. After sourcing the perfect tiles and materials, creating a pool tile colour scheme that will complement your home’s outdoor design will ensure a project you can admire and enjoy for a lifetime!

Our Richmond tiles showroom houses an immense collection of outdoor pool tiles where you also have the option of customising your options in terms of colour and pattern to create a distinct style that reflects your personal creative vision: Visit our showroom or shop for tiles online!