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What is the Difference Between Natural Marble & Porcelain Marble Look Tiles?

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Marble tiles have been a traditional feature in architecture and interior design for centuries, offering a durable and long lasting solution for floor and wall use. This luxurious natural stone can be used to create timeless feature walls, mosaic murals and even opulent floor tile solutions around the home, adding a refined and elegant touch to your interior design scheme. For those looking for an alternative solution for the home however, porcelain marble look tiles are the next best solution, offering all the beauty and elegance of a natural marble at a different price point. But what are the key differences between natural marble and porcelain marble look tiles?

Natural Marble Tiles

Natural marble stones are mined in quarries, cut to size and then polished up to achieve a smooth, consistent finish. There are many different types of marble available in a vast range of naturally occurring patterns and colours. The most popular options are Carrara marble, Calacatta Marble and Peitra Grey, with each option offering a unique and characteristic quality to any application.

Curve Mini Marble Tiles

Our luxurious Curve Mini marble tiles are perfect for use when creating a feature element in the home. These opulent natural stone tiles can be used to clad a kitchen island, fireplace surround or to create a stylish feature wall in the home.

There are of course, many more exciting options available to choose from including soft blush tones as well as luscious minty green marbles that will add a unique element to the home. Maintaining natural stone marble tiles however needs to be a priority when using this classic material in order to ensure the product’s integrity and longevity. It is important to ensure a quality sealant is applied to your natural marble tiles at regular intervals to keep the stone protected from dirt and marks while specialised cleaning products that are specific to natural stone should be incorporated into your cleaning routine. For more specific information, visit our Resources page. It is also important to consider the cost of an authentic marble tile; as can be expected natural marble tiles are not the most cost effective option however their classic and timeless elegance and charm are simply next to none!

Porcelain Marble Look Tiles

For those after a more cost effective tiling solution that will not require the same level of maintenance (ideal for the busy home!) porcelain tiles offer the next best alternative to natural marble tiles. Porcelain tiles are available in an extraordinary range of shapes, sizes and patterns with options available that have been specifically designed to simulate the look and feel of an authentic natural marble stone.

Foggia Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

Our Italian made Foggia collection offers an ultra-realistic representation of natural marble. Suitable for all interior wall and floor surfaces in the home, these tiles are available in an impressive selection of sizes to help you create the perfect look in your interior design scheme!

Unlike natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles will not require sealing as the product is non-porous and should not absorb liquid spills or stain as readily as other options. Porcelain is also a uniquely scratch resistant surface finish, making it an ideal option for busy homes that see a lot of foot traffic. In general porcelain tiles will not require the same level of care and maintenance as natural stone tiles would.

The Exquisite collection offers a stylish solution for those looking for an alternative to natural marble tiles. The collection includes a range of shapes and sizes, suitable for use throughout the home’s interior spaces, each with an impressive range of variations to minimise the amount of repeating patterns, thus achieving the most realistic look.

Whether you opt to use natural marble tiles or a porcelain replica til, you will find a vast range of options available to choose from including luscious mosaic wall tiles to elegant, large format floor tiles. Marble, whether natural or man-made, creates a warm and elegant look in the home that is truly timeless and elegant, allowing you classic design solution that will not date any time soon!