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What are the Most Popular Types of Bathroom Wall Tiles?

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Bathroom wall tiles allow you the space to showcase your own creative flair and personality! The bathroom essentially offers a blank canvas that you can use to create a stunning display in your new design scheme as you experiment with using different materials, colours, finishes or tile patterns. The most popular types of bathroom wall tiles are often ceramic tiles however, you will note that there are many other exciting options available to choose from including natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles and even encaustic tiles.

Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiles

Ceramic tiles are often one of the most popular types of bathroom walls and for good reason: As ceramic tiles are often less dense and therefore lighter in weight than other tiling solutions, they are often easier to lay and also to drill through, making installation of bathroom accessories such as towel rails or wall shelves for example, much more straight forward.

Brickland_Most Popular Types of Bathroom Wall Tiles

The luscious Brickland collection offers a warm, elegant and classic touch to the bathroom. These tiles are available in two different sizes: You have the option of using each size option individually or combining the two to create a unique and more personal style in your space.

Due to their lightweight nature ceramic tiles are often restricted to wall use only. This characteristic allows tile designers more creative freedom in the types of sheen levels and textures that are applied to the tiles themselves. As these tiles are often not suitable for use as a bathroom floor tile, tile designers do not need to allow for slip resistance in their manufacture, allowing for more elaborate and decorative styles to be achieved.

Porcelain Bathroom Wall Tiles

Porcelain tiles are another popular bathroom wall tile solution thanks to their impressive strength and durability. These tiles are stain, heat and moisture resistant, ensuring a low maintenance design solution for your new bathroom design scheme. Another exciting feature of porcelain tiles is that there are many luxurious options available that perfectly mimic materials such as natural stone, timber, concrete or terrazzo tiles, offering a cost effective design solution that combines these classic materials with the low maintenance qualities of porcelain.

Argo Porcelain Tiles_Types of Bathroom Wall Tiles

Argo Porcelain offers a colourful selection that is bursting with character! These stunning hexagon pattern tiles create the perfect bathroom feature wall while easily complementing a range of different trending materials such as concrete or marble for example.

Marble Bathroom Feature Tiles

A classic and timeless choice for the bathroom, marble wall tiles are available in a vast range of shapes, styles and even colours. Marble is a spectacularly varied natural stone solution, with an impressive selection of naturally occurring colours available to choose from. These include white and black marble varieties as well as soft, blush tones, elegant mint coloured stones, deep browns and warm cream options, allowing you an impressive range of options. These tiles are available in just about any style of tile you can imagine: mosaic tiles, subway tiles, classic rectangles or modern triangles and hexagons!

Crazy Paver Marble Tiles_Types of Bathroom Wall Tiles

The Crazy Paver collection introduces the traditional outdoor paver pattern to our interior spaces in a classic selection of natural marble colour options. These feature tiles can be used as either a floor or wall tile option in the bathroom, making for a versatile design solution.

It is important to note that as natural stone tiles are porous, they will require sealing in order to provide the best protection possible against staining or discolouration. Perini Tiles recommends a range of natural stone cleaning products as well as tile sealers that will help you look after your luxurious marble tiles: Visit our Resources Page for more detailed information.

Handmade Bathroom Wall Tiles

Handmade tiles continue to be made using traditional techniques that have been passed down from one generation to the next for centuries. These tiles offer a wonderful, high end solution that is sure to make a statement in your new bathroom design. Each tile is unique with variations present in colour, texture and shape as a result of the handcrafting process. These qualities combine to create a stunning patchwork effect of varying textures and tones, adding a charming and earthy element to your home.

Arabian Handmade Tiles

Our timeless Arabian collection is an authentic Moroccan tile that is completely handmade. The collection boasts a stunning array of colours, with each individual tile being unique from the next to create a warm and earthy touch in your bathroom design scheme.

Encaustic Tiles for the Bathroom

Encaustic tiles are made using coloured cement that is poured into moulds to create bold and striking patterns. The cement tile is then pressed with hydraulic machinery to create a smooth finish as the cement hardens into concrete. These pattern tiles have a smooth, matte finish, creating a wonderfully tactile surface in your bathroom design scheme. You will find many exciting patterns and colours available in encaustic tile collections, from traditional Moroccan tile or vintage tile designs to more contemporary or modern interpretations of these classic tiles.

Similar to natural stone tiles, concrete tiles (or encaustic tiles) are also a porous material and will require sealing to keep them in their best shape over time.


Our Concrete collection offers a playful interpretation of the traditional encaustic tile, making for a fun and colourful bathroom feature wall option.

It should be noted that encaustic tiles can make for an excellent bathroom feature wall tile however they should best be avoided as a flooring option within a shower as they can be affected and damaged by ingredients included in bathing products (soaps, shampoos, etc.) and can discolour as a result of being exposed to additives in our water systems.

There are many different popular types of bathroom wall tiles available from luxurious marble tiles, encaustic or concrete options as well as traditional porcelain or ceramic tiles. Each of these options provides its own range of benefits in the bathroom; working with your Perini Tiles Consultant, you are sure to find the perfect solution for your next bathroom renovation project!