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What are Printed Tiles?

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When shopping for tiles, you will notice a large variety of different materials and styles available, from luscious natural stone tiles to classic encaustic tiles. You will also notice that when it comes to shopping for porcelain tiles specifically, there are endless options available that include varieties of printed tiles that emulate the look and texture of materials such as marble, concrete and even timber. These types of tiles are sometimes referred to as printed tiles, which as the name implies, are varieties or tiles that have their design printed directly on their surface. We explore just what these tiles are, how they are made and what the benefits are in using printed tiles in specific applications as opposed to other tiling solutions.

What are Printed Tiles?

Printed tiles are most often made of porcelain, a surface finish that is incredibly hard, durable, and long lasting. Printed porcelain ties will feature highly detailed designs on their surface that will either feature an ornate pattern or alternatively, these tiles will be designed to emulate the look and feel of other materials such as terrazzo, concrete, timber or natural stones, allowing for a wider variety of designer looks to be achieved at a different price point while also offering an alternative solution to these more sensitive materials that quite often, cannot be used in all sorts of applications. Timber flooring for example, is not recommended for use in wet areas of the home (such as the laundry room or bathroom for example). If you do want to include a timber style finish in these spaces, printed tiles that are designed to emulate the style of real timber will allow you to include this timeless finish in these spaces using a water resistant material.

Palermo Timber Tiles_Printed Tiles

Timber look porcelain tiles will replicate the luscious variations in tone, texture and pattern that real timber displays. These tiles allow you to incorporate timber style finishes in wet areas of the home such as the bathroom or laundry for example, where real timbers are best avoided due to the higher amount of moisture and humidity in these spaces. Our Palermo collection is an Italian made plank tile that offers a stunningly realistic timber look. Available in a variety of timber colours, these tiles can be used as a floor or wall finish throughout your home’s interior spaces.

These types of porcelain tiles are printed using industrial ink jet printers with high definition images that aim to recreate the stylings of other materials. An ultra-high definition image of the material is used to create a realistic style. The tiles will often also feature unique textures that further enhance their realistic appearance (for example, timber tiles will often include a grooved surface that is inspired by the natural texture and grooves of real timber) and will also feature a certain level of variation between one tile to the next, once again enhancing their realistic appearance. If you are looking for marble look tiles for example, each tile in a collection will show a different vein pattern in order to best replicate the natural stylings of a real marble tile.

The Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a part of the ceramic tile family however, these specific types of tiles are baked at a higher temperature and for a longer period of time, resulting in an ultra-hard and almost completely non-porous finish that is resistant to staining, scratching, moisture and heat. Unlike natural stone or concrete tiles, porcelain tiles will not require sealing, ensuring a long lasting option for busy homes. Thanks to these impressive qualities, porcelain tiles are considered one of the most popular design solutions for the home, offering an endless variety of applications while being an exceptional alternative to more sensitive materials in specific applications. Printed porcelain tiles can often be used in a wider variety of applications throughout the home than other materials, allowing for a more diverse range of styles to be achieved at a different price point while also not requiring the same level of care and maintenance as other solutions would need on an ongoing basis.

Nassu Geometric Tiles_Printed Tiles

Our stylish and colourful Nassu collection is a porcelain tile option that is inspired by traditional encaustic tiles. Encaustic tiles will often use a range of vibrant colours and patterns that are ideal as a feature tile throughout the home however, encaustic tiles may not always be the most ideal solution in certain areas (such as a shower base for example where exposure to pressurised water and ingredients in cleansers or shampoo may discolour them), making porcelain printed tiles a better option for these types of applications.

How to Choose the Best Printed Tiles

The best way to see if a specific range of printed tiles is the right fit for your home is of course, to view the collection in person! Images online can only convey so much which is why we recommend visiting our showroom in person to be able to have a look at the different options available for the most accurate comparison. We also encourage our customers to take samples home with them so they can then view their selected tiles within their home’s natural lighting in order to make a better informed decision. Natural and artificial light will affect the colouring of your tile which is why it is so important to view the tile in your own home! If you are unable to visit out showroom, you may instead shop for tiles online where you also have the opportunity to order tile samples to view in your own home.

Foggia Marble Look Tiles

Elegant and timeless, our Foggia collection is an Italian made porcelain tile series that effortlessly mimics the luscious beauty of real marble. These tiles will show variations from one tile to the next in their colouring, tone and pattern in order to enhance their realistic look, allowing for the luxury style of marble in the home without the need for ongoing sealing.

When browsing printed tile collections, have a look at the image on their surface. A high quality printed tile will show less pixilation in the image than other options which will offer the most realistic look possible. Examine the different textures and styles available in order to ensure the very best fit for your needs; a concrete look tile for example, may feature a slightly rougher texture than a more polished tile option, being ideal for outdoor spaces where creating a slip resistant finish is recommended.

Printed tiles allow us to achieve a wider range of designer looks in different areas of the home where more sensitive materials may not always be the best solution. Being made of a porcelain material, these tiles offer an impressive range of benefits from allowing for more creative styles to be achieved in different areas to offering a low maintenance alternative that is ideal for busy homes. These tiles also allow for these designer styles to be achieved at a more accessible price point, making them a popular alternative choice. If you are in the process of selecting tiles, we welcome you to visit our Melbourne tiles store to browse our immense collection where we will also offer you tile samples to take home to view in your space’s natural lighting.