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We Explain The Difference Between Handmade & Handmade Look Tiles

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Handmade tiles offer an elegant and luxurious quality to any interior design project whether they are used to create a stylish bathroom feature wall or to add a rustic touch in a new kitchen design scheme. These tiles create a warm and earthy atmosphere as their softly undulating surfaces catch the light and create a rippled effect in your home. Each individual tile is unique from the next, with varying shades of colour, shape and pattern present in each collection of handmade tiles. These tiles are available in both traditionally handmade options as well as in handmade look varieties which are steadily rising in popularity as an alternative choice. There are several key differences to take note of however when making your selection between these two exciting options.


Created using a combination of raw materials, traditional handmade tiles are shaped and moulded by hand instead of relying on machinery before being dried and then baked in a kiln. Traditionally handmade tiles will show softly undulating surfaces and uneven edges as a result of the hand crafting process. Small chips or imperfections in the tiles themselves can also be present as well as stunning variations in the depth of colour of each individual tile. In the case of glazed handmade tiles, you will notice variations in the saturation of the colour used across their surface as a result of the hand-painting and glazing process. 

casablanca handmade tiles

 Authentically hand made in Australia, the Casablanca collection can be custom ordered to your specifications. Custom colours, shapes and sizes can be ordered to create a work of art in your home that is a reflection of your own creative flair! 

In the case of un-glazed handmade tiles however, these variations in colour are present in the raw materials themselves. This effect is further enhanced by the baking process where the tile’s placement in the kiln will determine how much heat it received and ultimately, how deep the colour will appear as a result. 

These tiles are often made of a combination of clay, water and sand as well as silica, talc, or feldspar. Each tile is individually shaped and cut with some designs including a hand-painted and glazed finish. Paints and glazes are applied to the tile prior to kiln baking to ensure the finish solidifies across the surface of the tile to form a smooth, water resistant barrier which means that glazed handmade tiles offer the benefit of not requiring sealing at any time throughout the lifespan. 

The Prato Terracotta tile collection is made entirely by hand in Mexico using traditional tile making techniques. The tiles are unglazed, showing off the rich, earthy, rustic charm of hand moulded terracotta – a versatile design solution that is next to none! 

Handmade tiles are also available in raw, unglazed finishes (such as handmade terracotta tiles for example) which show a smooth, matte surface finish on each individual tile. As these tiles do not include a decorative glaze and therefore will offer more grip underfoot, they can often be used as a flooring material however, it is important to note that as they are in their raw, unglazed state, the pores in the tiles themselves remain exposed. This means that unglazed handmade tiles will require sealing to help protect them from moisture and dirt, ensuring they stay looking their best over time. 


Handmade look tiles are machine made and specifically designed to simulate the organic look and feel of an authentic handmade product. Although these tiles are not created using traditional techniques, you will still find that each tile shows some variations to the next, just like authentic handmade tiles. These machine made tiles are an excellent choice in projects where a more cost effective option is preferable as they are available at a different price point in comparison to traditionally handmade tiles which can fetch a higher price tag as a result of the artistry and lengthy labour that goes into their creation. 

Made in Spain, the Lucida Wall Tile collection uses modern tile manufacturing methods to recreate the look and feel of a traditionally handmade product. This collection of sleek, glossy tiles is available in two different sizes with an exciting range of nature inspired colour options to choose from. 

When shopping for handmade look tiles, it is important to take note of the tile’s V Rating. A tile’s V Rating refers to the amount of variations that are present between each tile; these variations can occur in the tile’s thickness, colour or shape. To create a realistic handmade look tiled surface in your project, you will want to seek out tiles that will show a higher amount of variations in the collection which will offer you the best alternative option to authentic handmade tiles. 

There are several key differences to take note of when making the choice between traditionally handmade and handmade look tiles. When browsing your options, it is important to communicate your style preferences, lifestyle needs and budget to your Perini Tiles Consultant in order to ensure the very best fit for your intended application. As you can see with these exciting options, there truly are endless possibilities and style choices that will allow you to explore your creativity and put together the perfect design scheme that will reflect your personality and style. 

Our Richmond tile showroom’s displays are always being refreshed to include the latest styles and designs from all around the world with our Tile Consultants available to assist you through the process of creating the perfect colour palette for your next design project. Schedule a free online design consultation or visit our showroom to start working on your dream home today!