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Watch out! These are the Latest Tile Colour Trends

Interior design trends of 2020 are shifting towards warmer, earthier tones that evoke feelings of comfort and safety. Soft, warm greys, vibrant blush hues, deep, mossy greens, Mediterranean blues and earthy brown tones all feature prominently in colour trends leading us into the new year, with a strong emphasis on creating the ultimate sanctuary in the home.

Reflected in every aspect of the design world, including fashion, textiles and of course, interior design, there are many exciting new, colourful tiles available that will help you achieve the exact look you are after in your project.

Back to Nature: Earthy Tones, Soft Neutrals & Geometric Shapes

What could be more comforting than a colour palette inspired by the texture, beauty and warmth found in nature? Including organic textures in the home is the very best way to create a soothing atmosphere that will continue to inspire for many years to come. Rich, earthy tones of deep burgundy, earthy browns and burnt orange are all favourites in trending colour palettes leading into the new year. These exciting colours are further emphasised by the introduction of more geometric patterns in the home, as demonstrated below with this bathroom’s use of mosaic tiles to create a show-stopping, tactile feature wall.

Mosaic Wall TilesWarm greys and deep, rich brown and burgundy hues are making their way into tile trends of 2020, with our Red Travertine bathroom tile collection offering the ultimate colour and tonal variation to introduce a touch of nature in your interiors. Encapsulating a comforting vibe in the home, these hues create a cosy environment, perfect for relaxation.

Sophisticated and Timeless Burgundy & Red

Using a rich, vibrant colour palette in your interiors is the perfect way to create an eclectic design that is simply a delight for the senses. Bold, vibrant tones will feature in interior design schemes throughout 2020 and beyond, with a strong emphasis on creating a unique and personal colour scheme that involves bold colour palettes and strong, textural elements that work in harmony to create a vivid sense of personality in any space. 

The Nue tile range featured below is an excellent example of this particular trend. In a deep wine shade, these tiles are handmade, featuring a high gloss surface finish that creates a tactile feature in this bathroom while also effectively allowing light to move about the space, brightening up an otherwise darker coloured tile. 

handmade wall tilesA deep, red toned tile, the Arabian range features a soft, handmade surface, creating an organic texture and reflection in your space. Featured here in the colour Wine, this range includes several trending colour choices, from soft greens and blues, warm orange, red and brown, as well as several neutral tones to help balance your look with a matching tile format.

Dramatic, Bold & Eclectic

Another trending colour palette featured in interior trends of 2020, bold colour choices create an eclectic home style filled with drama and character. Further expanding on the Coastal interior trends of this year, we are seeing much stronger Mediterranean blues being paired with the softer tones of mint green and warm grey as well as crisper whites, creating a balanced and harmonious look in the home. These ocean inspired hues are contrasted with the very retro inspired colour palette of deep plum, warm orange and mustard to create a truly eclectic style that is simply bursting with personality and charm.

Ideal for achieving an intimate, comforting vibe in the home, this colour trend is all about creating a welcoming environment, perfect for finding solace and comfort in your personal space.

A versatile Italian made glazed porcelain tile, the Technicolour range is suitable as both a floor or wall tile. Available in a wide assortment of trending tones such as pastel and sapphire blues, velvety greens and rich yellows, these creative tiles are inspired by the organic characteristic effects of natural timber.

Blush + Terrazzo Tiles = The perfect Pair!

There is no better combination than that of a soft blush tile paired with the natural elegance of terrazzo. Terrazzo tiles boast a strong pattern, creating a very strong visual element in any interior and as such, will often look best when paired with a softer tone to truly allow the beauty of this natural product to pop in your space. Aside from the more common neutral tones of grey, black or white, a soft blush is the perfect accompaniment to the traditional terrazzo look, providing a discreet, yet colourful feature that complements this stone perfectly.

  • terrazzo wall tiles Terrazzo tiles are made using chips of marble and granite set into concrete. Highly durable, these trending tiles pair perfectly with today’s interior design trends and are available in a wide array of colours to compliment any colour palette, from blush coloured tiles (as pictured) to mints, greys and even a deep charcoal.

Forecast tile trends of 2020 certainly introduce our interiors to a bright new world of colour and texture, very much in contrast to the neutral toned interior trends of recent years. Our Melbourne tile showroom features ever-changing, colourful displays to inspire your next project – Get in touch or visit us to discuss your requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.