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Wall Tiles for Kitchen Coastal Styles That You Will Love

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Creating a bright and breezy coastal colour scheme in your next kitchen renovation project is simple with the right combination of materials. Your tiled kitchen splashback makes for the perfect canvas for a cheery and colourful feature that will become the standout element in your overall design scheme. Complement your splashback tiles with a range of soft, neutral toned finishes in your benchtops, cabinetry and hardware to achieve the perfect balance in a coastal inspired kitchen. Our immense collection of kitchen wall tiles includes a range of exciting options, from ornate and decorative solutions that will showcase your creativity and personality to more subdued, classic styles that will provide the perfect complement to your selected kitchen benchtop and cabinetry colours. 


Subway tiles offer a classic and timeless option for your kitchen splashback that allows you to experiment with shapes and patterns. You will find that there is an extensive range of options available in the subway format, from varying ranges of colours to textured options and even mirrored or metallic tile solutions, allowing you a world of creative freedom in your kitchen tiles selection. Subway tile collections have evolved to now include options in different styles that reinterpret the traditional subway tile’s rectangular shape. From elongated solutions to pointed, picket-style or paddled shapes, you will find an impressive range of diverse solutions available in subway tiles selections.

Combining the classic subway tile format with modern shapes and patterns, the Baguette collection features a range of different colour options that are perfect for a coastal kitchen theme.


Inject your new space with character, colour and charm with vintage patterned wall tiles for a timeless and elegant look in your coastal themed kitchen. Vintage pattern tiles will often use a range of pastel tones paired with ornate and decorative repeating patterns making for the perfect complement to the most popular benchtop and cabinetry materials that make up the coastal theme. 

Pastel tones will work exceptionally well with blonde timbers and white marbles while also allowing you to create a perfectly coordinated colour palette by drawing inspiration from the colours present in your splashback tiles for your feature cabinetry or decorative accessories.

The Indi Collection offers range of vintage inspired patterns and designs in a selection of soft, pastel tones, offering a timeless choice of feature tile for your coastal themed kitchen design scheme. 


Timeless and elegant, the authentic, rustic charm and texture offered by handmade wall tiles will add a tactile quality to a coastal kitchen design scheme. With an endless range of colours and shapes available, handmade wall tiles will allow you the freedom of playing with a variety of custom choices in the home while the soft, undulating surface finish and organic lines that are synonymous with handmade products add an earthy quality to your kitchen. Handmade tiles are available in an impressive range of beautifully saturated colour options as well as an enormous selection of shapes. Options can even be custom made to suit your own unique colour and shape specifications for an authentic and personal touch in your next project.

Casablanca Fish scale tiles

Handmade in Australia, the Casablanca collection includes a range of bold and intense colour options in a range of stylish shapes such as the timeless fish scale look that is included in this colourful coastal themed kitchen design. Being a locally handmade product, you have the freedom of selecting from a range of set colours or shapes included in the Casablanca collection or creating your own custom piece for a truly personalised touch!


Coastal interiors are defined by their soft and breezy vibe, creating an elegant and timeless look that is especially popular in the kitchen. If you prefer to create texture and colour by use of decorative accessories instead of the more permanent elements of your new kitchen design (such as the cabinetry and benchtops for example) an all-white selection will allow for the perfect neutral backdrop. 

This style of kitchen design creates a luxurious, open and breezy look in the kitchen that is perfect for a coastal theme. Include a range of accessories in the space for pops of colour and texture to complete the look, adding a personal touch to your design that can easily be changed around as trends evolve and change over time. 

render tile splash back

Crisp, breezy and spacious, this wall-white coastal inspired kitchen design scheme uses our handmade-look Render wall tiles for a soft and timeless look. 

Coastal kitchen design schemes make for a light filled, colourful and earthy touch in the home. This look is created using a range of stylish textures, earthy materials and ocean themed colours and accessories for a unique and personal touch. Our tiles showroom in Richmond is full of exciting kitchen wall tiles that can be used in a range of different kitchen design themes to help you achieve the perfect look in your home. 

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the creation of the perfect colour scheme in your next project, guiding you through the process of coordinating your floor tiles, cabinetry colours, kitchen benchtops and wall tiles for that designer touch. Visit our Richmond tile showroom or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your project today!