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Outdoor tiles offer a vast range of benefits, from allowing you to effortlessly create and define zones in your landscape design scheme to offering a simple to maintain surface finish that is extremely hard wearing and durable. There are many exciting options to choose from with porcelain tiles being an exceptionally popular choice along with traditional terrazzo or terracotta finishes, each of which will create a glamorous vintage vibe that is perfectly suitable when updating a period style home or when you are wanting to add a warm vintage touch to a modern styled outdoor design.

Creating Pattern with Outdoor Floor Tiles

Vintage styled homes will often include intricately detailed patterns in finishing touches such as wallpaper, furniture and of course, tiles! Most popular in outdoor patios, verandahs and walkways, patterned outdoor floor tiles will add a vibrant touch of colour and energy to your home while enhancing any period style features and creating a strong sense of character.

Canaria Outdoor Tiles

Elegant, refined and timeless, our Canaria porcelain tiles can be used in covered outdoor spaces to add a sense of character to your home’s overall design scheme. These stunning tiles are available in both solid coloured options as well as a selection of patterns that will add that vintage touch to your next home renovation.

From traditional encaustic tiles to modern porcelain replicas, there are many exciting options available to choose from that will allow you to experiment with colours and patterns in your outdoor spaces.

Creating Decorative Touches with Outdoor Wall Tiles

Outdoor wall tile options can be used throughout your external design scheme to add a glamorous element to your garden while also introducing a vintage design element. Garden walls, alfresco spaces or outdoor living areas can be brought to life with the use of decorative feature wall tiles that will enhance your home’s period style design elements and create a timeless finishing touch.

Marley Outdoor Tiles

The Marley Porcelain Tile collection includes several different pattern options as well as solid colourways to choose from for your covered outdoor areas. These elegant tiles can be used as both a floor and wall tile, offering a flexible option that will create a timeless and dramatic touch in your outdoor design scheme.

Introducing Different Materials

Aside from using boldly patterned tiles in your outdoor space to introduce colour, you can instead opt to use a variety of different tile materials as a means of adding both texture and colour to your outdoor spaces. Terracotta tiles for example have long been a favourite choice for covered outdoor areas thanks to their warm, earthy qualities that create a rustic and cosy atmosphere. These earthy tiles often feature in traditional country style homes, adding to the design’s sense of character and creating a charming and timeless look.

Terracotta tiles are often handmade and as such, each tile will be unique to the next, further enhancing their warm and rustic qualities. You can expect to see variations in the depth of colour of each tile, variations in their shape, texture and edging, creating a unique look that is incredibly tactile, perfect for complementing your outdoor spaces.

Prato Terracotta Outdoor Tiles

Each tile in our Prato Terracotta collection is unique from the next, a result of the hand crafting process. You will notice variations in the depth of colour, texture and characteristics of each individual tile, making them a perfect choice when looking to create a warm, earthy feel in your outdoor design scheme.

Creating a stylish vintage look in your outdoor design scheme is made simple with the use of specific outdoor tile collections. From elegant, traditional pattern tiles to warm, earthy materials, there are many exciting options to choose from! Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best outdoor tile solutions to meet your requirements; visit our Richmond Tiles Showroom or schedule a free online design consultation to start working on your next project!