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Using Travertine Tiles in the Bathroom

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Options for travertine tiles in the bathroom are available in a range of elegant options that will create a rich and earthy quality in your interior design scheme. This classic and timeless material is available in a selection of rich colour options from lush taupe browns, rusty reds and soft greys. From authentic natural stone tiles to luxurious porcelain stone-look options, there are many exciting travertine tile solutions available that will make your bathroom design scheme come to life!

Travertine Bathroom Floor Tiles

When using travertine bathroom floor tiles, it is important to keep this luxurious stone’s natural characteristics in mind when creating your tiling scheme. Being a natural product, travertine is porous and can be susceptible to staining or marking if it is not properly sealed at regular intervals. Although these tiles can be used as a bathroom floor tile, they may not be the most suitable option for a shower base as ingredients in shampoos or soaps may interfere with the stone’s finish. In these bathroom layouts, a travertine-look porcelain floor tile may be the better solution. Porcelain tiles are well known for their immense strength and durability; these tiles are non-porous and resistant to moisture, heat, scratching and staining, making them a perfect choice as a bathroom floor tile, especially in designs where the floor tile is running right through into the shower area. A bonus of using travertine tiles in the bathroom as a flooring solution is that as these tiles are a natural stone, they can be professionally rejuvenated throughout their lifespan in order to bring them back to their original state, ensuring a lifetime of use in the home.

Tallon stone look tiles

Our elegant Tallon collection effortlessly emulates the natural texture and variations in colour of a natural stone tile. These elegant porcelain tiles feature a combination of textured matte and metallic finishes for a lustrous look, perfect for use as a bathroom floor tile in the home.

Travertine Bathroom Wall Tiles

Travertine tiles in the bathroom can be comfortably used as a wall tile, adding a wonderfully textured finishing touch to your interior design scheme. There are many stylish options available to choose from including an impressive range of colours and finishes as well as a range of tile shapes from classic subway tiles to small format classic square shapes and more.

These types of tiles will also require sealing in order to best maintain their finish over time however, as they are installed on the bathroom walls rather than the flooring, they will not experience the same wear as bathroom floor tiles would.

red travertine collection_travertine tiles in the bathroom

Suitable for use as either a floor or wall tile option, our Red Travertine collection includes an impressive selection of different tile formats from classic subway tiles to herringbone tiles, penny round mosaic tiles and more, allowing you a range of options to create a sense of pattern in your design.

Caring for Natural Stone Tiles

Being a natural stone product, travertine tiles are porous and will require sealing. This process is usually performed prior to the tiles being laid (so as to prevent tile adhesives or grouts from marking the tiles themselves during the laying process) and then every few years thereafter depending on their wear. In general, if you notice your travertine tiles are looking a little dull, you can reach out to a natural stone maintenance company that will professionally rejuvenate their surface to bring them back to their original look. It is also important to use cleaning products in your regular routine that are specific for natural stone products as these are designed to be gentle enough for these sorts of materials while still providing a deep clean and not damaging or otherwise marking the tiles. For more detailed information including specific product recommendations for sealing and cleaning your natural stone tiles, visit our Resources page.

Tumbler travertine tiles in the bathroom

Suitable for use as a floor or wall tile, our Tumbler collection features a combination of subway tiles and classic square tiles to create an elegant pattern in your bathroom design scheme. Featuring a soft grey colour and a rustic textured surface, Tumbler will create a rich and earthy vibe in your design scheme.

Travertine tiles in the bathroom can be incorporated in your design scheme as a floor or wall tile solution to add a luxurious, rich and earthy quality to your home. These classic and timeless tiles are available in a range of luscious colour options as well as an endless selection of tile formats to help you create that perfect finishing touch in your next bathroom renovation project. Visit our Richmond tiles store or shop for tiles online to view our vast range of natural stone tile options!