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Using Stone Look Tiles: Top Tips to Nail your Design

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Stone look tiles offer an elegant finish in the home whether they are used as kitchen tiles, bathroom wall tiles or as an all over floor tile finish throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces. When selecting stone look tiles however, there are a few key factors to keep in mind to ensure the very best result.

What are Stone Look Tiles?

Stone look tiles are most often made using a porcelain material that has been designed to emulate the rich appearance, texture and pattern of natural stone products such as limestone, basalt, slate and more. You will also find stone look tiles available that represent the appearance of man-made materials such as terrazzo or concrete for example, offering you a broader range of options when selecting your new indoor or outdoor tiles.

Hellin Porcelain Tiles

Inspired by natural slate tiles, our Helin collection features a realistic pattern complete with variations from tile to tile for an authentic look. The Hellin collection can be used as a floor or wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces with grip finish options also available for use in outdoor areas.

Unlike natural stone tiles, porcelain stone look tiles are almost completely non-porous with less than 0.5% porosity. This quality means that porcelain stone look tiles will not require sealing, ensuring a wonderfully low maintenance solution for any area of the home. Stone look tiles are created by digitally printing a high resolution image of the stone product being replicated onto the surface of the porcelain tile. These types of tile collections will feature realistic variations in colour, tone, texture and pattern to enhance their natural appearance, offering the perfect alternative option to traditional natural stone tiles.

Selecting Stone Look Tiles: What is a ‘V’ Rating and why is it Important?

When searching for the perfect stone look tiles for your next project, taking the tile collection’s ‘V’ Rating into account will ensure a realistic end result. A tile’s ‘V’ Rating refers to the amount of variation you can expect to see within that particular tile collection. Variations can occur from one tile to the next in terms of their colour, texture or pattern which will result in a wonderfully varied look that will create a realistic representation of natural stone. As a general rule of thumb, the higher a tile’s ‘V’ Rating, the more variations you can expect to see in that particular collection.

Types of Stone Look Tiles

Stone look tiles are available in a wide range of options from natural stone styles such as travertine tile, basalt, marble tiles, slate and more to representations of man-made materials such as concrete or terrazzo tiles. Stone look tiles offer a range of benefits in the home; the porcelain material used in their creation offers an almost completely non-porous surface finish that will not require sealing, unlike authentic natural products.

Porcelain tiles are famous for their incredible durability being resistant to scratching, staining, moisture and heat. Stone look tiles are an excellent alternative solution for those who are looking to add a glamorous and earthy quality to their home at a different price point, making all types of interior design styles possible!

Tallon Travertine tile_Stone Look Tiles

Made in Italy, Tallon offers an ultra realistic representation of travertine tile surfaces complete with luscious variations in tone, colour, texture and finish; Tallon features hints of metallic characteristics for a luxurious and realistic look.

Look for a High Print Quality

The natural stone appearance of these types of tiles is created by printing a high definition digital image onto the surface of a porcelain tile. As with all printed products, the better quality and higher resolution the original image is, the better the print quality will be. When looking for your new stone look tiles, it is important to inspect the print quality of the tile; some collections will show pixilation in their image while others will be of a higher print quality and therefore, will not show this level of pixilation, enhancing the product’s realism.

Montagna_Stone Look Tiles

The Italian made Montagna collection features high resolution printing to effortlessly represent the natural movement of marble. The collection includes a versatile range of sizes as well as a matching outdoor tile option, allowing you to create a seamless look between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Laying your Tiles: Performing a Dry Lay

When you have received your tile order, we always recommend you thoroughly inspect your new tiles and put together a plan of which tiles will go where. When working with stone look porcelain tiles, you can expect to see realistic variations in colour, texture, pattern or shape (depending on the types of tiles you have selected). These variations are specifically designed to enhance the realistic qualities of the product, ensuring a positive end result. When you are working with tiles that feature such variations, we recommend performing a ‘dry lay’ of your tiles; in this process, you will want to lay down a sheet to protect your flooring and experiment with the tile layout to ensure variations are well spread out across the surface being tiled. An excellent technique to ensure there are no (or limited) identical tiles too close to each other is to combine several different boxes of tiles together from your order.

Terrazzo & Concrete Look Tiles

When selecting your new tiles, it is important to take print quality and the level of variations into account to ensure the most realistic representation of natural stone. By ensuring these factors are taken into consideration when choosing your new tiles, it will be almost impossible to spot that these are not natural stone tiles but rather, a porcelain lookalike product! If you are opting for terrazzo look tiles or concrete tiles however, the process becomes even more straight forward as these two varieties feature a more uniform appearance in their patterns and colouring.

Stone look porcelain tiles offer an excellent alternative solution to pricier natural stone options. Taking the above tips into account, you are sure to find the perfect tiles to meet your needs for your next design project whether you are looking bathroom floor tiles, kitchen tiles or all over floor tile solutions for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process to ensure the perfect match for your home.