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Using Marble Mosaic Tiles in the Home: 5 Stylish Options

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Marble mosaic tiles are available in a vast range of shapes as well as naturally occurring colour options, ensuring a luxurious tiling solution to suit any style of design! Natural stone tiles offer a wonderfully versatile option for the home that can be used in a variety of different applications, from the kitchen to the bathroom and more. We look at a selection of different marble mosaic tiles and see how they can be used in creative ways throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Using Marble Mosaic Tiles in the Bathroom

Marble tiles have long been a favourite choice for the bathroom thanks to their luxurious look and timeless aesthetic. Furthermore, marble is a natural stone that has the ability to create a rich and soothing atmosphere that is ideal for the bathroom. As these tiles are immensely popular for use in this area of the home, you will find an endless selection of marble bathroom tiles available to suit any style of interior design! Fishscale tiles for example, can be used in the bathroom to create subtle yet elegant feature elements, as demonstrated in the lush bathroom design pictured below.

Carrara Fishscale Tiles

Sophisticated, timeless and elegant, our Carrara fishscale tiles are paired with light timber in this timeless bathroom design scheme, creating a rich yet casual and breezy vibe!

Penny round mosaic tiles are another popular choice as a bathroom feature tile, adding an   irresistibly tactile quality in your design scheme. Once again, these tiles are available in an   endless selection of natural marble types and colours, each displaying its own unique style and character in the home.

Carrara marble is perhaps the most popular solution when it comes to penny round tiles thanks to its classic and subtle look that can easily be paired with a range of different materials and finishes. If you are however looking for something more impactful, explore different marble varieties and colours such as blush pink, pistachio green or charcoal to create your own unique style in the bathroom.

penny round marble mosaic tiles

Marble penny round mosaic tiles are paired with timber touches and deep, charcoal wall and floor tiles in this elegant bathroom to create a modern look. The marble mosaic tiles are used to clad the bathroom ledge in this example, adding a tactile quality to the overall design scheme.

Using Marble Mosaic Tiles in the Kitchen

Offering a sophisticated and classic quality in any style of interior design, marble tiles can be used in the kitchen area as a splashback tile or as a feature tile in other areas such as adjoining kitchen and living area walls, or even as a stylish option for cladding your kitchen island. If your new kitchen includes an area for bar seating at an island bench, the face of the cabinetry here can become worn or scuffed over time with use. Wall tiles offer an incredibly durable and hard wearing solution for this type of application, acting as a protective cladding in the seating area.

rosetta marble mosaic tiles

Our luxurious Rosetta marble tiles are used to clad the kitchen island in this opulent and glamorous design scheme, effortlessly complementing the light timber accessories and    glimmering gold hardware. The Rosetta collection includes a wide selection of mosaic tile shapes, allowing you to experiment with a range of luxurious designer styles in the home.

Creating a Glamorous Laundry Room

As a home’s laundry room is often situated near the kitchen, creating a sense of continuity between these two spaces becomes an important step in the design process. If you have used marble tiles in the kitchen, you may also want to include the same (or similar) tiles in the laundry room as a means of connecting these two spaces by carrying across your material and colour scheme. Laundry splashback tiles are perhaps, the only area of the laundry design process where you have more freedom in your creative decisions, making marble tiles an excellent choice for adding that personal touch.

rose stone splash back

Our elegant Rose Stone marble tiles are available in a wide range of shapes and formats from elegant penny round tiles to finger tiles, hexagon tiles and more!

Using Marble Tiles as a Flooring Solution

Natural stone tiles offer an immensely durable and hard wearing solution for the home which is why they are such as popular option. Unlike other tiling options, natural stones such as marble can be professionally rejuvenated when necessary in order to ensure their longevity in the home, making them one of the most long lasting tiling solutions. Marble floor tiles offer a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that will last a lifetime! Once again, marble tiles are available in such a vast range of shapes and styles that the design possibilities are truly endless when it comes to finding the perfect floor tiles for your project.

Greg Natale Marmo marble mosaic tiles

Designed by renowned designer, Greg Natale, the Marmo collection presents a selection of unique mosaic tile solutions in stunning geometric patterns. Marmo can be used as a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces, making for a show-stopping feature element in any application!

How to Clean Natural Stone Tiles

Being a natural material, marble is porous which means there are tiny pores throughout its surface which can absorb liquid or powder spills. To avoid staining of your marble tiles, it is always recommended they be sealed; most tiles should be sealed prior to installation so as to avoid damaging them with tile adhesives or grouts. Once laid, your tiles can then be sealed once again to finish off the process. It is also recommended that tiles be re-sealed every few years or so in order to best maintain their quality finish. Harsh and abrasive cleaning products are best avoided on marble tiles however, you will find a wide selection of cleaning products available that are specific to natural stone, ensuring your tiles are well cared for in the home. Marble tiles offer a wide range of benefits in the home however that far outweigh the need for a little extra care in your cleaning routine! These tiles create a luxurious and decadent atmosphere that is next to none while also providing an immensely strong and durable finish that is sure to last a lifetime! For detailed information along with product recommendations for cleaning your new tiles, see our Resources page here.

Marble tiles offer an incredibly versatile solution for the home, whether they are used as a feature wall tile, as a flooring solution or as a decorative element throughout the home. Our Melbourne tiles store is full of exciting designer tile options to suit every taste and style – Visit us or shop for tiles online here to get started on your next design project!