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Unique Kitchen Splashback Options

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The kitchen splashback area offers the perfect opportunity to get creative with your design scheme! When you are refurbishing a kitchen, the cabinetry and benchtops are often quite difficult and costly to replace however, the splashback can usually be replaced with ease when trends change and evolve over time. This allows you to experiment with a range of unique kitchen splashback options to breathe new life into your existing kitchen, creating a new style with minimal fuss. These exciting kitchen splashback tiles each offer a stylish and unique solution for the home, adding bursts of colour, texture and personality to your design scheme.

Terrazzo Tiles in the Kitchen

Terrazzo tiles can be used in a kitchen renovation or kitchen refurbishment project to add a timeless touch that is full of character and charm. This unique kitchen splashback option combines various colours, shapes and patterns to create a stunning look that can either stand out in the kitchen for maximum impact or instead, you can opt to use a terrazzo tile that features smaller chip sizes and more neutral tones for a dialled back statement piece in your design scheme.

Galleria terrazzo look tiles

Our Galleria terrazzo look tiles are available in a range of earthy colour options that will add a glamorous and timeless finishing touch to your new kitchen. These tiles are made of porcelain instead of the traditional materials of concrete and natural stone used in authentic terrazzo tile products, offering a low maintenance alternative solution that can be used to create a range of unique kitchen splashback options.

Handmade Look Tile Unique Kitchen Splashback Options

Handmade look tiles add texture and warmth to a home’s design scheme with each individual tile showing variations in tone, shape and texture to create an authentic handmade look. Offering a similar look and style to true handmade tile products, these tile options are often made using porcelain, making them an ideal solution for the kitchen thanks to this material’s low maintenance qualities. Porcelain tiles are resistant to heat, moisture, scratching and staining, making them an excellent choice for the kitchen splashback.

Sora Handmade Look Tiles_unique kitchen splashback options

Our Sora handmade look tiles are made of durable porcelain, offering a wonderfully low maintenance alternative solution to authentic handmade products. These glossy tiles will show variations in their depth of colour, texture and shape, enhancing their handmade appearance for a tactile finish in the kitchen.

3D Textured Wall Tiles

3D textured wall tiles include raised and lowered surfaces that play on the effects of light and shadow to create dynamic feature elements in a home’s design scheme. These unique wall tiles can be used in the kitchen as a splashback tile to add a touch of character with a modern aesthetic, perfect for contemporary styled interior design schemes. Pair 3D effect wall tiles with overhead lighting fixtures that will enhance shadows and highlight raised surfaces of these tiles for a bold and striking look in the kitchen.

Wig Wag Kitchen splashback Tiles_unique kitchen splashback options

The stylish WigWag range is available in a selection of neutral colour options that will tie in with just about any style of interior, allowing you to incorporate them into an existing kitchen as part of a refurbishment project or in a completely new kitchen design scheme.

Unique Kitchen Splashback Options: Decorative Wall Tiles

Pressed tin panels have often been used in the kitchen and other areas of the home to add a vintage touch full of pattern and character. These panels will often feature incredibly detailed patterns on their surface and can be powder coated to suit your colour preferences however they may not always be the most ideal choice as a kitchen splashback.

Konya Kitchen Splashback Tiles_unique kitchen splashback options

Our luxurious Konya wall tiles are available in a select range of colours to suit contemporary or traditional interior design schemes alike. These tiles offer a hard wearing and durable alternative option to the classic pressed tin panels, making for a stylish and unique kitchen splashback option.

Instead, decorative wall tiles that emulate the appearance of pressed tin wall panels can be used that will give you a similar look and feel while offering a low maintenance alternative solution. These sorts of tiles are available in an impressive range of colours and patterns to choose from, allowing you to create a unique and personal touch in your next kitchen renovation or kitchen refurbishment project.

Our Richmond tile store is full of exciting and unique kitchen splashback options to suit any style, with options ranging from classic and traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary styles. Our team can assist you through the tile selection process and help you create the perfect colour palette, whether you are working on a completely new kitchen design scheme or refurbishing your existing kitchen.