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Understanding Tile Maintenance for Different Types of Tiles

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When selecting your new tiles, it is important to consider the different types of tile care and tile maintenance routines that different materials will require as this may influence your decision. Quality tile care starts with understanding the key differences between the varieties of tile materials available as well as how these tiles can be used in the home and what types of cleaning products are best to use. In this article, we share our top tile maintenance tips specific to different types of tile materials.

Tile Maintenance: Caring for Porcelain Tile & Ceramic Tiles

A type of ceramic product, porcelain tiles are well known for their immense strength and durability. These tiles are baked at extremely high temperatures for an extended period of time which results in an incredibly strong, dense and durable product that is almost completely non-porous. As such, porcelain tiles will usually not require sealing, allowing for a low maintenance solution for all areas of the home. Porcelain tiles are resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture making them an incredibly popular choice for indoor and outdoor applications. In order to keep your porcelain tiles clean and tidy, you will normally only require a quick wipe down with warm, soapy water. For a deeper clean, our Lithofin KG Active-Clean cleanser offers the perfect choice as a regular tile cleaner that will easily cut through calcium build-up in the bathroom, dirt deposits, soap scum and greasy residue on your porcelain tiles.

st james porcelain tiles_Tile Maintenance

Our modern St James porcelain tile collection features a sleek concrete inspired pattern that will add a subtle yet characteristic charm to a contemporary styled home.

Ceramic tiles offer a similar finish as a porcelain material however, these tiles are baked at a lower temperature and for a shorter period of time. This process creates a tiling option that is lighter in weight and softer than traditional porcelain tiles, making ceramic tiles an excellent choice as a wall tile solution throughout your home. Most ceramic tiles will feature a baked-on, hardened glaze which acts as a protective barrier over the tile. Glazed tiles will not require sealing, once again offering a low maintenance solution for the home. When it comes to ceramic tile maintenance, once again a solution of warm, soapy water is often best. If your tiles feature a high-gloss glaze, you can buff out water marks on their surface with a dry, microfiber cloth which will create a streak-free finish. Our Lithofin KG Active-Clean product offers an excellent solution for regular use while our Lithofin KF Intensive Cleaner can also be used semi-regularly for a deeper clean, offering an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

Azra ceramic tiles_Tile Maintenance

A stunning range of feature tiles, our Azra ceramic wall tiles are available in a selection of rich and vivid patterns that combine a selection of lush colours and designs to create an impactful visual.

It is important to note that certain varieties of ceramic and porcelain tiles feature a crazed finish which will require sealing. These types of tiles are often referred to as Crazed Effect Tiles or Crazed Finish Tiles. A crackled effect is present on their surface, adding a luxurious touch to their style. For more information on maintaining these types of tiles, see our guide here.

Caring for Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are often paired with a low maintenance epoxy grout which is a non-porous tile grouting solution that provides excellent resistance to staining and mould. This allows for a simple and smooth cleaning process as the glass tiles themselves are also an incredibly simple material to maintain as they will not require sealing and are resistant to staining. These types of tiles will usually only require a simple wipe down with warm, soapy water in order to be best kept clean and tidy. General household glass cleaner is also an excellent option here, allowing you to clean and buff up your glass tiles to create a luxuriously streak-free finish.

Sea bathroom tiles_Tile Maintenance

Available in a selection of rich and vibrant aquatic inspired tones, the Sea collection features a shimmering glass tile option that can be used on all interior wall, floor and pool surfaces.

Tile Maintenance for Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles such as marble, travertine or limestone, are porous in nature, meaning that they feature tiny holes (or pores) in their surface that can absorb liquids or moisture in the air. These tiles must be sealed in order to be best maintained over time. A quality tile sealer will help protect your natural stone tiles from staining or discolouration, elongating their lifespan in your home. It is often recommended that natural stone tiles are sealed prior to being laid as tile adhesives or grouts may stain their surface. After the tiles are laid, they must then be sealed once more and then every couple of years or so thereafter in order to ensure they best protected over time. Different varieties of natural stone tiles will require different cleaning products to ensure the very best results; you will find a comprehensive guide in our Resources page here.

delta nero marble tiles

The luxurious Delta Nero collection features a rich and charismatic charcoal coloured natural marble in a timeless hexagon tile shape. These luxurious tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces, adding a rich and sophisticated finishing touch.

Caring for Encaustic & Terrazzo Tiles

Both encaustic tiles and terrazzo tiles are made of concrete however, these tiles each feature different distinct characteristics. Encaustic tiles are traditionally handmade; a range of different cement mixtures dyed in a variety of colours are poured into an iron stencil and passed through a hydraulic press where the tiles will harden almost instantly. These tiles are well known for their intricate patterns, their bold and dynamic colour range and their velvety matte finish. Although terrazzo tiles are also made of a cement mixture, they also make use of assorted chips of natural stones to create the distinct speckled pattern that these tiles are so well known for.

Butterfly concrete tiles

Bold, charming and bursting with character, our Atlantic encaustic tile are available in a wide selection of rich and vibrant patterns to suit any style of interior!

Concrete is a porous material which similar to natural stones, can absorb liquid or powder spills which in turn may lead to staining or discolouration. In order to help prevent this from occurring, it is important to maintain your tiles with a quality tile sealer. Once again, these types of tiles should be sealed prior to installation in order to prevent them from being discoloured by tile adhesives or grout. Once laid, the tiles should be sealed again. Tiles should then be sealed every couple of years or so depending on their wear in order to best ensure they are properly protected over time.

Tiles made of concrete are a popular choice as a feature floor or wall tile thanks to their unique texture and colouring however, we do recommend that these types of tiles are avoided as a shower base tile. Constant exposure to pressurised water as well as certain ingredients in shampoos and cleansers can lead to these types of tiles being damaged or otherwise stained. In these cases, we would recommend a porcelain concrete look tile be used instead.

new tech terrazzo tiles

Available in a wide variety of luxurious neutral toned options, the New Tech collection is an authentic terrazzo tile option that is suitable for use for interior applications throughout your home.

Tile Maintenance for Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are usually handmade and can be found in either raw, un-glazed varieties or in glazed options. Glazed terracotta tiles are very similar to ceramic tiles in that their hardened, baked-on glazed will act as a protective barrier over the tiles themselves and eliminate the need for sealing. This can vary however depending on the unique texture of your chosen terracotta tiles so it is important to confirm if your selections will require sealing when making your tile purchase. Our range of Lithofin tile cleaning products includes options specific for terracotta tiles that are sensitive enough for regular use on these luxurious tiles while offering a deep and thorough clean. Harsh and abrasive cleaning products are best avoided on these types of tiles as they can scratch or dull their surface finish. Similar to concrete and natural stone tiles, terracotta tiles that do not include a baked-on glaze will require sealing at regular intervals throughout their life span in order to be best protected against staining or discolouration, ensuring their longevity in the home.

terracotta tiles_handmade tiles

Handmade in Italy, the Eco Terra collection features a raw and rustic finish that will add a luxurious and earthy touch to any style of home.

From bathroom tile maintenance to tile floor maintenance and more, each different tile variety will require a different care routine in order to ensure its longevity in your home. It is important to understand these key points during the tile selection process as the level of care and maintenance of different types of tiles may influence your decision. Our Resources page contains a variety of downloadable guides, each specific to a different type of tile material, to help you make the best informed decision when choosing your new tiles.