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Wall tiles make up the foundation of a bathroom’s design and colour scheme, setting the stage for a range of luxurious options and finishes. Creating a luxurious bathing experience is simple with the right colour and material selection in your new bathroom’s design scheme, allowing you to create an elegant and sophisticated space that is truly timeless. 


From ancient temples to modern day interiors, natural marble wall tiles have long been used to create an air of luxury and refinement. There are many different varieties of marble to choose from, each with different tones, variations and veining. Jade marbles for example will show varying shades of minty green while natural stones such as Carrara or Calacatta marbles will include a soft white backdrop with naturally occurring streaks or veins. 

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Our luxurious natural Calacatta marble wall tiles are available in a range of trending and timeless shapes to help you create a luxurious look in your next bathroom design project.

When selecting natural stone wall tiles for bathroom design schemes, it is important to note that as these materials are porous, they will require a little more attention and care during their application and throughout their lifespan. Natural stone wall tiles will require sealing and as the material can be sensitive to staining prior to being treated, the tiles should be sealed prior to their application so as to avoid staining or marking from tile adhesives and grouts. 

Once this process is completed, your new wall tiles should be well protected against dirt, grime and marking however, it is still recommended that any spills or splashes be thoroughly cleaned off the tiles fairly quickly. Your natural stone wall tiles should then be sealed once every few years thereafter depending on their wear to ensure a quality finish over time. 

Although there is some extra care involved in properly maintaining your new tiles, the luxurious and elegant finish natural stone provides is simply unparalleled, making for a refined look in the bathroom that will last a lifetime. 


Using colourful tiles in the bathroom allows you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and personality. There are many exciting colourful options available ranging from decorative, ornate Moroccan tiles that include dynamic colours in intricate hand painted patterns to elegant solid coloured designs that can be used in a combination of colours or individually for a personal touch. Gradient pattern wall tiles are the latest trend in the world of bathroom and interior design thanks to their ability to inject a design scheme with colour, pattern and depth in a simple and elegant fashion. 

Our stunning Cloud Wall Tiles feature a soft gradient of colour, with deeper tones running along the edges fading into a lighter colour in the centre of each tile to create a discreet pattern in your new bathroom design.


Offering an earthy and charming quality to the bathroom, handmade (or handmade-look) tiles create a strong sense of character in any design. These tiles will often feature bold and beautifully saturated colours along with a sleek, high-gloss glaze that is applied by hand and then baked onto the surface of the tiles to create a smooth and glass-like water resistant finish. This glaze allows for a very simple to maintain surface finish that will not require sealing, making handmade tiles a breeze to keep clean in the bathroom. 

The luscious Marbella wall tile collection offers a handmade-look alternative to traditionally hand crafted products. The collections includes exquisite variations in colour


Mosaic tiles have long been used to create a luxurious and sophisticated look in the home. The endless range of colours, materials, shapes and sizes available in mosaic tile collections ensures there truly is an option to suit all tastes and budgets! A common concern when using mosaic wall tiles in the bathroom is the issue of keeping the grout lines clean and tidy; our team can recommend the best grouting solutions that will specifically target this issue to ensure a space that is an absolute breeze to clean and maintain! 

Epoxy grout for example creates a water and stain resistant barrier that actively assists in the prevention of built-up dirt and grime from clogging your grout, ensuring a simple clean-up process in the bathroom. 

pez ceramic

Our luscious Pez Ceramic Tiles are available in an assortment of exciting colours in an elongated oval mosaic format for a classic and luxurious look in the bathroom. Photo- #saltwaterstayz

Bathroom wall tile designs are trending towards bold colour options, stylish shapes and timeless natural stones that will create a luxurious and sophisticated touch in the home. Our Richmond Tile Showroom is constantly being updated with the latest in tile designs, allowing you the opportunity to explore your own sense of creativity as you are guided through the selection process by our team of experts to create the perfect colour and material scheme in your next bathroom design project. Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online consultation to view our latest tile options and start creating your ideal colour scheme! You can also explore bathroom tile trends for 2021 in our blog.