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Trending Tile Patterns & Layouts for 2023

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When creating the perfect interior design scheme in your home, combining patterns and textures will create a sense of warmth and character. A variety of different tile patterns can be used throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces to add a touch of personality and charm in your design scheme; in the new year, we’ll be seeing a large variety of different styles from the classic chevron and herringbone tile layouts to rustic combinations of different shapes forming stunning geometric patterns in the home.

Creating Tile Patterns by Combining Shapes

Create a sense of texture and pattern in your new interior design scheme using a combination of tile shapes that will complement each other and create a discreet statement piece in the home. Classic subway tiles and square tiles can be combined as shown in the example below to create a wonderfully unique style, perfect as a feature in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom. For the very best results when recreating this style, use tiles from the same collection to ensure a uniform aesthetic.

Bala Porcelain Wall Tiles_Tile Patterns

Our Bala porcelain wall tiles are available in two popular sizes in a selection of neutral colour options. These stylish wall tiles are masterfully made in Italy and offer a rustic style to emulate the appearance of a handmade product. The tiles feature uneven surfaces and edges to emphasise their handmade appearance, creating a lusciously tactile experience in the home.

Vertically & Horizontally Stacked Tiles Patterns

Taking a step away from the traditional brick bond tile layouts as often seen in subway tile arrangements, vertically or horizontally stacked tile patterns are becoming increasingly popular in the home. These styles allow you to experiment with your room’s size by manipulating the perception of space either by increasing width or height in a room. Running your rectangular shaped tiles vertically up your walls will draw the eye upwards, creating an added sense of height in a room; this technique is especially effective in homes with lower ceilings. If you are instead looking to create a sense of increased width in a narrow space, run your rectangular shaped tiles in a horizontally stacked layout.

Cloud Wall Tiles_Blue Tiles

The luxurious Cloud ceramic wall tiles are available in a selection of bright and cheery colour options, each showing a luxurious gradient of colour to create a stunning visual effect in the home. This colourful bathroom design runs these rectangular tiles vertically up the wall in a staggered arrangement, creating a sense of added height in the space.

Gallery Collection_Metallic Wall Tiles

Gallery is an elongated subway tile that comes in a range of luxurious metallic colour options. The stunning undulating surface of the Gallery collection allows for light to softly bounce through your home’s interior spaces, creating a warm and luxe vibe. This example uses the simple rectangular shape of the tiles in a horizontally stacked tile pattern, creating an added sense of width in the design.

Chevron & Herringbone Tiles

Chevron and herringbone tile patterns continue to be trending in the home, providing a timeless and classic style in any application. These types of patterns use elongated tiles that are laid at a 45 degree angle. The difference between the two lies in the style of layout and the shape of the tiles required: A chevron tile pattern is formed using parallelogram shaped tiles with the sharp, angled ends meeting together to form a ‘V’ pattern whereas a herringbone tile pattern uses traditional rectangle shapes that are again laid at a 45 degree angle however, the squared ends are staggered in order to interlock with the next tile in the pattern. Both of these tile layouts are a popular choice as a flooring solution or when creating a feature wall in the kitchen or bathroom, adding a luxurious touch of pattern to any interior design scheme.

Huski Timber Tiles_Tile Patterns

Our Huski timber tile collection includes a variety of colour options that effortlessly emulate the look and feel of a natural timber finish. These stunning chevron tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to create stunning floor patterns or feature walls.

Armani Marble Tiles

Armani is a natural stone tile option that features a combination of raised and lowered surfaces to create a stunning 3D visual effect. These pattern tiles are available in a variety of different layout styles, including this stylish herringbone tile option that combines the parallelogram shape of a traditional chevron format with the herringbone format.

Fan Tile Patterns with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can be used to create any number of different designs and patterns as well as intricately detailed murals thanks to their smaller size. Fan tile patterns for example, are a popular choice for use in the home as a wall tile in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom area, providing a discreet yet tactile and elegant feature element in a design. The smaller size of mosaic tiles provides a range of benefits in the home as they can be wrapped around curved areas quite comfortably and also be used to tile tighter spaces such as shower niches for example. For those concerned about maintaining grout when using mosaic tiles, most mosaic tiles (especially glass tile options) can be paired with an epoxy grout rather than a traditional cement based grout for better ease of maintenance. Epoxy grouts are a non-porous alternative that will stand up well against staining or discolouration with proper installation and use, providing a low maintenance option for the home.

Piccolo Mosaic Tiles_Tile Patterns

Our opulent Piccolo collection uses real marble in a stunning mosaic fan pattern. These luscious tiles create a rich and elegant vibe in any application, whether they are used as a feature in the kitchen or bathroom or in other areas of the home such as the living space or entryway.

Trending tile patterns and layouts in 2023 include luscious fan shapes created using mosaic tiles, elegant chevron or herringbone patterns and much more! Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the process of curating the perfect colour and materials scheme for your next renovation or new build project – Visit us in person at our Richmond tile showroom or shop for tiles online to get started on your next design project!