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Trending Glass Mosaic Tiles for your Home in 2022

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Trending glass mosaic tiles offer an endless range of shapes, patterns and colours to choose from, allowing you the opportunity to explore any number of creative interior design solutions. The latest trends in glass mosaic tiles reflect our collective desire to create a sanctuary in our homes, full of luscious textures, colour and art to excite the senses. From velvety matte finishes to spectacular recycled glass solutions and more, these are the top trending glass mosaic tile solutions of 2022.

Trending Glass Mosaic Tiles: Matte Finishes

Smooth, velvety matte finishes are a key trend in the world of interior design today, with this finish showing up in kitchen cabinetry, benchtop finishes and of course, tiles! Traditional glass mosaic tiles are often glossy and reflective however, modern tile designs use enamelled glass to create a smooth, matte finish that can be used to complement a range of modern design features. These trending glass mosaic tiles are available in a vast range of options from small format square tiles to elegant penny round tiles.

kitchen Moda splash back tiles

Enamelled glass tiles can often be used as either a floor or wall tile, allowing you to experiment with a range of finishes and textures throughout your home’s interiors. Our Moda collection for example is available in a variety of soft, luscious colours and a selection of shapes that can be used as a wall tile and as a floor tile in the home.

Recycled Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass is an infinitely recyclable material (i.e. unlike other materials which either cannot be recycled at all or can only be recycled and made into a new product a limited amount of times, glass can be recycled and made into a new product endlessly), making it a sustainable choice for use in the home. Perini Tiles includes a range of exciting recycled glass mosaic options in our tiles store, with many flexible solutions that can be used throughout interior and exterior spaces of the home as well as in outdoor pools as a pool tile. Using recycled materials for your next home renovation is an excellent way to ensure a low eco-footprint, reducing the amount of virgin resources that are used in construction and making use of materials that are already in circulation.

Omnia_Trending Glass Mosaic Tiles

Our Omnia glass mosaic tiles are manufactured using 98% recycled glass. These glass tiles offer a durable, long lasting and hard wearing finish for the home, whether they are used as pool tiles, wall tiles or even as floor tiles throughout a home’s interior spaces.

Trending Glass Mosaic Tile Murals & Patterns

Creating luxurious works of art using glass mosaic tiles is simple thanks to their small, simple square format. Unlike large tiles, the size of mosaics allows for the creation of pixel-style art. You have the option of selecting from a set range of patterns or murals that can be customised to suit your space’s dimensions or you can create your own completely custom design using your preferred artwork and colour scheme.

Thanks to the endless range of colours available in glass mosaic tile collections, there are many ways you can express your own creativity. Using glass mosaic tile art or patterns in your interior design scheme is the perfect way to create a show-stopping feature element, perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your new bathroom, kitchen splashback or even in the living area.

Greg Natale Bisazza_Trending Glass Mosaic Tiles

Greg Natale’s mosaic tile collection has been created with world renowned Italian tile makers, Bisazza. The collection includes a selection of ornate patterns and tile designs in a range of luscious colours, perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your interior design scheme.

Marble-Look Glass Tiles

Being a natural stone product, marble is a porous material and as such, can be susceptible to staining or marking. These types of products will often require sealing to be adequately protected and will also require cleaning with specialised cleaning products in order to ensure they remain looking their best over time.

Although the undeniable beauty of natural marble tiles is unparalleled, marble-look tile options offer the next best thing. These types of tiles are often made of either porcelain or in this case, glass, offering a low maintenance alternative solution to authentic marble. These types of tiles will give you the same look and feel of marble at a different price point while also providing an option that will not require the same level of care, making them ideal for use as a floor or wall tile in busy homes.

Glass mosaic tiles can be used in many ways throughout the home being ideal as a kitchen or laundry splashback tile, as a bathroom feature wall tile or floor tile and even as a pool tile to add a luxurious touch to your outdoor design scheme. From marble-look glass tile options to velvety matte tiles, there are many exciting options available to choose from when selecting your new glass mosaic tiles.

Our Richmond tiles store houses an immense and ever growing collection of trending glass tiles. Our friendly team can best advise you on which tiles will best suit your style preferences and intended application, making the selection process simple and enjoyable.