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Trending Bathroom Tiles of 2024: 5 Designer Looks to Inspire you!

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Trending bathroom tiles of 2024 are embracing stronger patterns along with luxurious materials and richer colour palettes. In the new year, we expect to see a selection of bolder marble options, playful colour palettes as well as softer, neutral tones being used in modern bathroom designs. From dynamic pattern tiles to softer colour palettes, we explore the tile trends we are looking forward to seeing plenty more of in the new year!

Trending Bathroom Tiles: Bold Marble Tiles

Real marble tiles are a timeless choice for the bathroom, being a strong feature in design and architecture for thousands of years. In the new year, we’ll be seeing more natural marble options however, there will be a stronger emphasis on bolder varieties of marble that make a dynamic statement. Dorado marble for example, features a striking charcoal vein with lashings of gold to create a rich and sophisticated look. Marble tiles can often be used as both a floor and wall tile in the bathroom, allowing you to experiment with a variety of designer looks in your home.

Dorado Marble Tiles_Trending Bathroom Tiles

Available in a range of classic tile formats including elegant mosaic tiles and subway tiles, our Dorado Stone collection will create a stunning feature in the bathroom!

Dynamic Colour Palettes

Modern bathroom designs are embracing more vibrant colour options such as green, blue and pink, creating a luxurious yet playful vibe in the home. Explore a variety of colourful bathroom tile solutions to create your own unique look! Ceramic tiles, pattern tiles, encaustic tiles and porcelain tiles are all categories to look into; each of these stylish tile materials is available in an endless range of dynamic colours and patterns, allowing you the opportunity to get creative with a range of designer looks in the home.

Marbella Pink Tiles_Bathroom Tiles

Offering a stunning representation of an authentic handmade tile, our Marbella collection is available in a wide range of stylish colours. These elegant wall tiles are the perfect choice for creating bold features in the bathroom!

Trending Bathroom Tiles: Sophisticated Neutral Tones

Neutral tones such as white, beige or brown will always be a timeless choice. This year and well into the next, we will be seeing even more of these softer colours popping up in bathroom designs thanks to their ability to create a sense of calm and tranquillity. Embrace the classics and create a lush, soothing haven in the bathroom using a soft, warm neutral colour scheme!

Brick Tiles_White Subway Tiles

Our Brickland collection combines square tiles with classic subway tiles to create a fresh take on this timeless tile format. Available in a matte or gloss white tile option, these Spanish made tiles emulate the appearance and texture of an authentically handmade tile, adding a wonderfully tactile surface finish in the bathroom.

Timeless Pattern Tiles

Pattern tiles allow you the opportunity to create a unique and personal look in your new bathroom design scheme. You will find many exciting options available in porcelain, ceramic or encaustic tile collections with each being available in a vast range of designer patterns, colours and shapes. Pattern tiles can be used to create a feature bathroom floor that is complemented with the use of solid coloured tiles on the walls, or to create a stunning feature wall in the space.

Alice Pattern Tiles_Blue Tiles

A new addition to our immense tile catalogue, our Alice collection boasts a stunning colour palette along with a selection of elegant floral patterns. These Spanish made tiles can be used in the bathroom to create stylish feature walls or floors, with matching solid coloured tiles available in the same collection that will allow you to create a sense of continuity.

Tactile Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles will show variations in their colour, texture, shape and size as a result of the hand-crafting process. These irresistibly tactile variations are exactly what make these types of tiles so popular. The rich and earthy charm of an authentically handmade tile will instantly lift your bathroom’s interior design scheme, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Complement your handmade feature tiles with sleek materials that will allow your feature tiles to take centre stage in the bathroom; this technique will ensure a well-balanced design scheme in your new bathroom.

Arabian handmade tiles_Trending Bathroom Tiles

Available in an endless selection of colours, our Arabian handmade tiles can be used in the bathroom to create stunning feature walls. This design example combines the elegance of handmade tiles with sleek, concrete look porcelain wall tiles to create a sense of balance in the space.

From luxuriously tactile handmade tiles to lush neutral tones and playful colour options, there are many exciting trending bathroom tiles we are looking forward to seeing more of in the new year! Our Melbourne tiles store is constantly being updated with the latest in designer tiles for the home. Our team will assist you through the process of curating the perfect colour palette for your new home or renovation project – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!