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Trend Alert: Retro Tile Colours

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The latest tile trends introduce a bold selection of striking colour options from deep, rusty orange tones, navy blues, mossy greens and much more! These retro inspired colour palettes create a strong sense of warmth and character in a space, being ideal for use as a feature tile option in the kitchen or bathroom as well as in your home’s outdoor spaces for a vivid burst of colour in your landscape design scheme. Some of the latest additions to our Richmond tiles store include bold, eclectic retro tile colours that can be used throughout your home to create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Retro Tile Colours: Handmade Look Tiles

Authentic handmade tiles use traditional tile making techniques where each individual tile is shaped, glazed or painted entirely by hand. This process results in a lustrous and distinct style with each piece being unique from the next. Handmade look tiles however, offer a similar look and feel at a different price point. Although these tile collections are not made by hand, a lot of care is taken to ensure that the same warm aesthetic is represented in their texture and colour. You will see variations in tone, texture, shape and colour in handmade look tile collections which will enhance their handcrafted appearance and allow you to introduce a unique element in any design scheme.

Phi Phi Handmade look tiles

A new addition to our already extensive tile collection, Phi Phi features a luscious crazed surface finish in a range of elegant colour options from translucent shades of blue and green to deep mahogany tones, blush, mustard and more. These stylish handmade look tiles are suitable for use as a wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces as well as a floor tile in low traffic areas such as the powder room for example.

Smooth, Matte Finish Tiles

Matte finishes continue to be a trending feature of modern interior design schemes thanks to the smooth and calming experience they create in the home. Matte finishes pair well with a range of trending and timeless materials such as concrete, timber and natural stones, easily complementing these elegant textures to create a tactile experience in your home’s overall design.

Another new addition to our tile collection, Tesselato porcelain tiles offer a sleek and smooth surface finish that is suitable for both walls and floors throughout your home’s interior spaces. Porcelain tiles are well known for their incredible durability and strength being resistant to staining, scratching, moisture and heat. These unique qualities ensure a long lasting and low maintenance option that can be used in all areas of your home from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Tesselato_Retro Tile Colours

Tesselato porcelain tiles are available in nine vibrant colour options ranging from bright yellow tiles to deep blue options and more. These playful and colourful tiles are available in two classic tile shapes with mini-square and hexagon styles available.

70’s Tile Colour Inspiration

Home designs of the 1970’s included a range of deep, vibrant tones ranging from orange bursts, mossy greens and lush creams. These classic colours can be used in modern home design to create trending and timeless styles, especially when paired with more neutral colour options such as black, grey or white. This technique ensures a well-balanced look in your home’s design scheme that will ensure no two design elements are competing for attention in the space. Our new Toledo collection includes a luxurious selection of retro tile colours including deep, navy blue tiles, soft greys and whites as well as mossy green tiles and more.

Toledo_Retro Tile Colours

Made in Spain, the Toledo collection includes a stylish selection of 70s inspired colour options. These luscious retro tile colours can be used to create bold colour blocked features in your home’s interior spaces or you can create unique patterns my mixing individual colour options.

Retro tile colours offer a timeless yet modern look in the home, especially when paired with soft neutral tones to create a sense of balance in your design scheme. Our latest arrivals include a wide selection of boldly coloured tile options that can be used to create stunning feature walls or floors in your next home renovation project. Visit our Richmond tile showroom to view all of the latest designer tile solutions!