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Travertine Tile Solutions for the Home

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Travertine tiles can be used throughout the home in creative ways as a means of introducing a sense of colour, pattern and earthy texture in your interior design scheme. These timeless tiles can be easily incorporated in any style of interior from ultra-modern contemporary looks to classic, traditional styled designs, making them a highly versatile material solution. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even outdoor spaces, quality travertine tiles provide a vast range of design solutions for your next project!

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a limestone variety that has been used for thousands of years in architecture and design. This material most certainly has a proven track record when it comes to measuring a product’s longevity being the primary material used in the construction of classic works of architecture such as the Coliseum! Architectural structures dating as far back as Ancient Rome are still standing, proving this material’s immense strength and durability in building and construction.


The exciting Tumbler Travertine Tile collection offers a combination of 100 x 200mm and 100 x 100mm tiles. You have the unique opportunity to combine both tile sizes to create a stunning feature pattern in your design scheme. Available in two naturally occurring colour options that can be used as either a floor or wall solution throughout the home.

How to use Travertine Tile Solutions in the Home

Travertine tiles possess a unique non-slip surface thanks to their natural textured surface finish. This quality allows the use of travertine tile options in areas where a grip surface finish is desired such as outdoor spaces and even in the bathroom as a flooring solution. Thanks to the various naturally occurring colour varieties available in travertine, you are sure to find the perfect fit that will complement your design and colour scheme. From deep, rusty reds and browns, to soft, elegant beige tones, natural travertine stone offers a wonderful range of colour options.

red travertine collection

Our Red Travertine collection presents a luscious and earthy burnt orange tone that varies from tile to tile, creating a rustic and tactile atmosphere in a design. Red Travertine tiles offer the perfect complement to smooth concrete finishes as well as warm timbers, making it an excellent choice for the modern home.

Travertine tiles can be used in the bathroom as either a floor or wall tile solution, making for a stunning feature element to your design scheme. These tiles also provide an excellent choice as a kitchen or laundry splashback tile and even as a feature in the garden using outdoor wall tiles.

Caring for Travertine Tiles

When selecting a natural stone tile, it is important to note the best care and maintenance techniques in order to ensure the product is well maintained over time. Natural stone tiles including travertine and marble for example, are porous materials. They can absorb liquids and dirt that has fallen on their surface which in turn can lead to discolouration or staining. In order to prevent this occurrence, natural stone tiles must be sealed at the time of installation and then every few years thereafter. It is usually advised that tiles be sealed prior to laying so grouts and tile adhesives do not mark the stone.

In terms of cleaning, it is best to avoid harsh acidic or abrasive cleaning products and instead use cleaning solutions that are specific to natural stone. Certain options in natural stone cleaners will also include a small amount of tile sealer within them, extending the amount of time in between full sealing procedures and assisting in keeping your natural stone tiles clean over time. For more information on specific products Perini Tiles recommends, visit our Resources page.

Palatino marble tiles

Our Palatino collection includes a range of elegant and timeless natural stone tile options including marble and travertine tile varieties.

Travertine tiles can be used in many ways throughout the home for a timeless finish. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in your colour selection and advise on the very best maintenance products to keep your tiles in their best shape!