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Transform Your Home with Patterned Floor Tile Design Ideas

Transforming the entire look of your home is simple using the right floor finish. Patterned porcelain tiles provide a wonderful feature in all areas of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and everything in between! 

The following examples are just some of the many patterned tile ideas available, each offering a completely different style and aesthetic while also adding versatility and flexibility in design with each pattern lending itself extremely well to countless different interior design schemes, from classic to contemporary. 

Magical Motifs

Use a delightful motif in your tiled flooring choice to create a sense of traditional styling throughout your home’s interiors. The perfect fit for just about any style of property, these patterned tiles can blend seamlessly into a newly renovated period style home or even in a contemporary designed home, offering a nod to the past with their traditional stencilled design. Motif patterned floor tiles add warmth and vintage charm to your home and are available in various colours, shapes and patterns to help you create the exact look you are after.

Relic porcelain tiles

The epitome of traditional patterned floor tiles, the Relic collection includes a range of different designs as well as matching solid coloured tiles, allowing for many creative combinations in the home. 


Black and White Patterned Floor Tiles

Hypnotizing, playful and sophisticated all in the one style: Black and white patterned floor tiles are the ideal solution for those looking for a bold feature floor in their home. An achromatic palette in your flooring provides the ideal backdrop for bright, energetic bursts of colour in your home’s overall decorating scheme, with heavily saturated colourful décor and furniture really standing out against these tiles. 

Manufactured using traditional screen printing techniques, the sophisticated Fredrik collection offers a tactile handmade look, perfect for both modern and traditional styled homes.


Bold Architectural Lines

Incorporate a bold, architectural element in your design with the structure and elegance of geometric patterned porcelain floor tiles. Recalling the intricate illustrations of M.C. Escher, our Formtech patterned floor tiles pictured below, are a show stopping feature in any modern interior decorating scheme.

terrazzo floor tiles

Proudly made in Italy, our Formtech porcelain tile collection offers a stunningly realistic reproduction of terrazzo floor tiles with a unique, modern twist in their feature patterns. These black and white floor tiles are available in an assortment of bold, geometric styles atop a soft, grey background, adding a dramatic touch to any contemporary home interior.


Timber-look Porcelain Floor Tiles

Timber flooring creates a sense of warmth in the home in its tonal variations and natural texture.  Traditionally, natural timber flooring in wet areas (such as in the bathroom or laundry for example) poses a dilemma in that moisture can eventually warp the timber, leading to a need for regular and costly maintenance or in extreme cases, complete replacement. Porcelain timber-look tiles on the other hand, will always maintain their charm, texture and durability for many years to come, offering you the opportunity to use the same floor tile throughout your entire home for a seamless and uninterrupted floor finish. 

timber look tiles

Luxuriously textured and incredibly realistic, the Parquet collection recreates the elegant pattern of a timber parquet floor using quality Italian porcelain. A perfectly opulent choice for every area of the home, this range enables you the option of continuing your floor tile throughout your interiors, including throughout your wet areas. 


Colourful and Playful

Soft hues paired with a sleek simulated concrete finish (as shown in our wonderfully playful Spritz collection pictured below) create a delightful sense of wonder in the home, making for a spectacular yet discreet feature flooring for the kitchen or bathroom. Compliment these floor tiles with matching, solid coloured wall tiles available within the same collection, for a seamless, elegant look in your home, making for a perfectly balanced interior colour scheme. 

patterned floor tiles

Our Jigsaw tile collection includes two chevron patterned floor tiles as well as matching timber-look porcelain plank tiles to complete the look


Chevron Chic

The perfect solution to adding a soft touch of movement and pattern to your interiors, chevron patterned tiles are laid in a ‘V’ shaped, or zig-zag formation. Our sophisticated Jigsaw collection includes a stunning chevron design (pictured below) as well as sleek, large planks to compliment your chevron floor tiles. Complete the look with soft, neutral toned furnishings throughout your interiors for a modern rustic look in your home.

floor tiles

Our Jigsaw tile collection includes two chevron patterned floor tiles as well as matching timber-look porcelain plank tiles to complete the look. 


These examples showcase some of the very best patterned tile ideas available in the design industry today, each with its own unique aesthetic to help you create the perfect interior design scheme for your home. Carrying the same floor finish throughout your home is an excellent technique, allowing for complete continuity in your design as well as creating a standout feature in itself. Our friendly team of qualified Interior Designers are here to help you construct the perfect colour palette for your entire home – Visit our showroom today to begin your design  journey!