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Top Tile Trends- The Ultimate Checklist


Terrazzo tiles are trending in a big way at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Not only is the pattern and natural stone so appealing, it is a look that is forever timeless. Terrazzo effortlessly adapts to other finishes and colours and depending on its tone and placement in the space can act as a showstopper feature. Terrazzo is the perfect balance between classic and modern design. And now thanks to the marvel of technology, porcelain tile that perfectly simulate natural terrazzo are available and the benefits are hard to resist. Porcelain versions do not need sealing, are easy to clean and maintain and are generally cheaper to install.

arcstone-terrazzo-look-porcelain R10

Arcstone terrazzo look tiles – Made in Italy
3D Tiles and Textured Tiles

The 3D tile trend emerged a few years ago but in 2017 designs and textures have hit new heights and are delivering an abundance of creativity and sophistication.

The aesthetic impact 3D tile provide is perfect for making a statement in your space and in many instances act more like a feature wallpaper or a piece of art rather than a tile. The exploration of new dimensions, texture and new ways to decorate is sure to capture maximum attention.

biscuit collection

Biscuit 3D Feature Tiles

Arthouse 3D Feature Tiles

This year we’re seeing a strong push towards tile designs that demonstrate unique, artisanship and craftsmanship. From imperfections in surface markings and format to colour and glaze variation, their popularity has certainly skyrocketed. These handmade features are not only aesthetically beautiful but also provide a strong sense of human quality that is very appealing.

This said, this trend is not limited to tile that is entirely made by hand but rather all tile that display handcrafted nuances and characteristics.

Render Subway Tiles

Split Terracotta Tiles

When it comes to new patterned tiles, a standout trend is the lean towards strong geometric and colour block designs.  Gone are the days of a patchwork look where all patterns of different colours and shape were placed together.  Nowadays we’re seeing a more structured and organised sequence of patterns that create a bolder, edgier look.

Las Vegas Geometric Tiles
Perini Tiles Futura collection

Futura Patterned Black and White 
Natural Stone Look

Although stone look tiles have been trending for quite a few years now, this year we’re seeing the trend favour concrete rather than marble.  The choices on offer include everything from aged concrete with faded edges to more consistent earthy tones with random veining.  Nowadays the porcelain representations of the latest breeds are so realistic it’s difficult to tell the difference between the man made product and the real thing.

Andale Stone Look Tiles
Tile choices have exploded in the marketplace of late and it has never been more important to seek expert advice when investing in a product intended to last a lifetime.  Visit our tile showroom where one of our qualified interior designers will walk you through the process of explaining the different tile types available and help you put together a colour selection to suit the style of your home.

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