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Top 5 Trending Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Trends in bathroom wall tiles this year see both dynamic feature tiles making a splash as well as soft, neutral tones and luxurious textured finishes. Each of the following options provides a timeless yet trending option that can be enjoyed in the home for many years to come, adding a sense of colour, pattern and luscious texture to your interior design scheme.

Dramatic Pattern Tiles

Add a dynamic touch to your bathroom design scheme with bold pattern tiles! From show-stopping geometric patterns to softer, vintage inspired motifs, pattern wall tiles can be used in the bathroom to create a sense of energy and character. There are many exciting options available to choose from that can be used in your bathroom to highlight key areas as you create feature elements in the space. The example below uses bold aqua wall tile to complement the New York marble benchtop while creating a feature of the vanity wall.

Argo Porcelain Tiles_Blue Tiles

Available in an assortment of stylish colour options, our Argo Porcelain collection features a stunning geometric design that is sure to WOW in your next bathroom renovation!

Subway Wall Tiles with a Twist!

Subway tiles have been a go-to choice for the bathroom for many years thanks to their simple and timeless qualities. Their smaller format and classic rectangular shape can be used to create a vast range of patterns from the classic brick bond layout to herringbone tile patterns and plenty more. Create a unique subway tile look in your new bathroom design scheme by combining this classic wall tile option with a simple square shape that matches the size of your subway tile along the shorter edge.

The example below uses our stunning Brickland bathroom wall tiles which feature a combination of rectangular and square shapes to create an element of texture in the space, offering a unique way to incorporate the classic subway tile in your design.

Brickland Subway Tiles_Bathroom Wall Tiles

Our Brickland collection combines rectangular and square shaped tiles to create a lusciously tactile experience in the bathroom. The collection includes a soft white gloss tile option and a matte white option, allowing you to incorporate bolder colours and materials in the balance of your bathroom’s colour scheme.

Tactile Kit Kat Tiles

This year, interior design trends are all about creating comfort in the home by using a variety of textures and materials. Kit Kat tiles continue to be a popular choice for the bathroom, adding a wonderfully tactile finish in any style of interior. Mosaic tiles have long been a favourite choice in the bathroom as their smaller size and format allow for more intricate tiling details; these tiles can be wrapped around curved surfaces with ease and be laid comfortably in tighter areas such as shower niches for example. Cleaning grout lines in mosaic tiles has also become a thing of the past with modern epoxy grouts available that actively minimise the build-up of dirt and grime, leaving your wall tiles requiring nothing more than a simple wipe down with a damp cloth to keep tidy!

Houston Sticks_Bathroom Wall Tiles_Kit Kat Tiles

Our Houston Sticks collection includes a vast array of colour options from soft milky whites to stylish neutrals and plenty more! These slim format glazed porcelain tiles offer a low maintenance finish for your bathroom walls, especially when paired with a quality epoxy grout.

Timeless Terrazzo Wall Tiles

Terrazzo tiles have been included in the world of interior design and architecture for many years, ensuring their place as a timeless choice for the home. These stylish tiles can easily be paired with a range of designer materials, colours and finishes, offering an incredibly versatile option that will introduce a sense of pattern in your new bathroom. Authentic terrazzo tiles will require sealing however as they are made using a cement base that is spotted with chips of either coloured glass or natural stones such as marble. Despite this, you can rest assured that a true terrazzo tile finish will last for a lifetime with the correct use and care! For more information on caring for terrazzo tiles, checkout our Resources section here.

Positano Terrazzo

The ever stylish Positano collection offers a porcelain tile option that mimics the look and feel of an authentic terrazzo material. Porcelain tiles will not require sealing and can stand up exceptionally well against staining, scratching, heat and moisture, making them an ideal alternative option for those after more of a low maintenance solution in the bathroom.

Elegant Handmade & Handmade-Look Tiles

Handmade tiles continue to be made using traditional techniques. These types of tiles will often show irregularities in their shape, texture and colour, creating a luscious patchwork-style effect in the bathroom as a wall tile solution. Available in an endless variety of shapes and sizes, handmade tiles are a classic choice for any style of interior design.

As can be expected with any handmade product, these can be a rather pricey option however, their innate beauty and charm is simply unparalleled. If you are after a more cost effective alternative option though, handmade-look wall tiles are the next best choice. These machine made tiles mimic the look and feel of a true handmade product to recreate the same tactile finish at a different price point, allowing for more designer looks to be achieved in the home bathroom.


The elegant Riverside collection features an impressive selection of striking colour options. This handmade-look bathroom wall tile can be used in your design scheme to add a touch of character, texture and of course, colour in the space!

From stylish handmade tiles to terrazzo tiles and more, there are many exciting options available that will help bring your creative vision to life when designing your new bathroom! Each of these options offer a timeless yet sophisticated charm to any style of interior as well as a hard wearing and durable finish that will be enjoyed for many years to come in the home.

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process, curating the perfect colour scheme for your next project. If you are shopping for tiles in Melbourne, our Richmond showroom is bursting with the latest designer tile options; we also offer nationwide shipping for those shopping for tiles online throughout Australia.