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Top 4 Pattern Tile Options

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Using pattern tiles in the home is the perfect way to introduce a touch of character and energy to any interior design scheme. Pattern tile options range from classic styles, reinterpreted traditional patterns as well contemporary styled geometric designs that are perfect for use in a modern home. Each of our top four pattern tile picks can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to add a glamorous finishing touch to your design scheme, whether you are looking for a traditional or modern style!

Pattern Tile Options: Combining the Old with the New

Create a sense of old world charm in your home’s design scheme using our luxurious Patrona pattern tiles! This stylish collection features an impressive selection of geometric patterns that are inspired by the traditional Victorian era tile designs, creating a modern interpretation of these elegant traditional styles. Patrona can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as either a floor or wall tile to add a sense of movement, pattern and energy in your interior design scheme. Patron pattern tiles offer the perfect solution in designs where you are looking to combine the old with the new, making them the perfect choice when renovating period style homes for example.

Patrona porcelain tiles

Inspired by the traditional patterns and stylings of encaustic tiles, the Patrona porcelain tile collection offers a low maintenance alternative to the classic concrete tiles while combining timeless and modern patterns for a contemporary spin on this old favourite.

Bold & Colourful: Wallpaper Inspired Pattern Tile Options

Traditionally, wallpapers have been used in the home to add pattern, character, texture and colour. Wallpapers have become available in a range of different fabrics to suit a variety of applications, from elegantly textured options for the living area to vinyl options that can be used in some wet areas for example. If you are looking to recreate the same style of a traditional wallpaper using an option that is easier to clean however, large format patterned porcelain tiles are an excellent choice! These tiles are often slimmer than traditional wall tile options and are available in exceptionally large sizes in order to minimise the appearance of grout lines while providing an uninterrupted pattern or mural. Being made of durable porcelain, these tiles will not require sealing and are resistant to moisture, heat, scratching and staining, making them an ideal solution for all areas of the home.

Paper41 Pro Wallpaper Tiles

Paper41 Pro effortlessly recreates the bold style of a traditional wallpaper using porcelain instead. This collection includes an endless range of designer tile options in a wide selection of patterns, murals and colours that will add a bold statement piece to your interior design scheme.

Retro Inspired Wall Tiles

Inspired by the vivid colour schemes and striking repeating patterns of the 1960’s and 70’s, retro pattern tiles such as our stylish Dolce collection can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces for a luxurious finishing touch that is simply bursting with personality! These energetic and colourful tiles are the perfect solution as a kitchen splashback, laundry splashback tile or bathroom feature wall tile, adding a bold retro look in the home.

Dolce_retro pattern tile options

Dolce includes a selection of striking patterns in a retro themed colour palette. This stylish porcelain tile collection is suitable for use as a floor or wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces, allowing you to experiment with a range of colours and patterns in your next interior design project.

Modern Geometric Patterns

If vintage or retro inspired patterns are not up your alley but you are still wanting to include some patterns in your interior design scheme, there are many pattern tile options that use more contemporary geometric styles instead. These type of tiles offer a modern option that uses a combination of contrasting colours and shades to create 3D style images in a repeating geometric pattern, adding a glamorous finishing touch to a contemporary styled home.

Greg Natale Cubo_pattern tile options

Greg Natele’s Cubo collection elevate the place of pattern in our homes with the use of varying shades of contrasting tones that intertwine to create a 3D geometric effect. These contemporary styled concrete tiles can be used as a wall or floor finish in your home’s interior spaces, allowing for more flexibility in how you can incorporate patterns in your next interior design project.

Pattern tiles can be used in all areas of the home to add a bold touch of personality, energy and colour in your interior design scheme. There are many exciting options available to choose from including striking contemporary styles, classic or retro options and more! Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting us in person.