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Top 4 Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

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When creating the perfect bathroom design, there are a few key factors to take into consideration that will ensure the perfect layout. From not properly planning your bathroom’s overall layout to neglecting bathroom storage solutions, these are the top four bathroom design mistakes to avoid when planning your next home renovation or new build!

Bathroom Design Mistakes: NOT Planning your Bathroom Layout

The very first step in achieving bathroom design success is to ensure a well-planned layout. Start creating your new bathroom plan by looking at your existing space and considering which areas do in fact work quite well for you and which areas could use some improvement. For example, your existing shower may be luxurious and large however, the bathroom doesn’t have nearly enough storage to meet your needs. Whether you are working on a bathroom renovation or a new home build, take the time to carefully consider the overall layout of the space including the placement and size of each fitting as well as the circulation within the space. Ensure that all the items you want to include in the layout (bathtub, shower, vanity, toilet, etc.) comfortably fit within the room’s dimensions while also ensuring a safe walking distance and cleaning space for each.

flounder fish scale mosaic tiles

Vibrant, playful and full of energy, our Flounder fish scale mosaic tiles are used as a feature in this coastal themed bathroom design scheme. The layout has been carefully planned out to allow for a large enclosed shower, plenty of storage space as well as a toilet suite with open shelving beside it – ideal for storing additional towels, toilet paper rolls and more.

Bathroom Design Mistake: Inefficient Lighting

Ideally, a combination of natural and artificial lighting is best for a bathroom however, this may not always be easily achievable. Your bathroom may be in a part of the home that does not receive a fair amount of natural light, making it challenging to create that perfect balance. There are many exceptional solutions available that would assist in these types of bathroom layouts such as skylights or even faux skylights (a type of artificial lighting installation that is designed to look like an obscured glass skylight that releases a neutral, white light in the space).  

Combine daylight with forms of targeted artificial lighting solutions that will balance out your lighting design scheme. For example, you may consider adding a light just above your bathroom mirror that will throw light onto your face without casting a shadow – an ideal solution for the morning routine!

carnivale porcelain tiles

Our Carnivale stone look porcelain tiles are used in this contemporary styled bathroom design scheme to create a rich, moody and tranquil style. With an abundance of natural light streaming in through the large window, this design also includes discreet artificial lighting solutions for comfortable use at all times throughout the day and evening.

Not Planning your Bathroom Tile Layout

With so many varied tile shapes and patterns available, planning your final bathroom tile layout is crucial in ensuring the perfect look in your new design. Bathroom tiles are available in a wide range of options from elegant and timeless subway tiles, fish scale mosaic tiles and plenty more, each with its own distinct shape and layout options. Ensure you have specified your preferred bathroom tile layout to your Tiler to ensure the very best outcome. Ideally, this information should be supplied to the Tiler during their quoting stage as different layouts and styles can affect their pricing as a result of any additional labour or materials that may be required to achieve your desired outcome. Communicating this information early on in your bathroom renovation project will ensure there are no surprises during the installation process.

Greg Natale Bisazza_bathroom design mistakes

This luxurious Art Deco inspired bathroom design scheme combines three different tile types to create a balanced look. Soft grey bathroom floor tiles are paired with structured white square wall tiles to effortlessly complement the striking glass mosaic tile feature wall in the shower for a cohesive style.

Bathroom Design Mistakes: Lack of Storage

Finally, ensure your new bathroom plan includes designated areas for storing all the necessities you would normally house in the bathroom. Everyone’s bathroom storage needs are different; some like to keep a space available for a laundry hamper and towel storage while others may need space for storing a variety of soaps, shampoos as well as other cleaning and styling products. Consider what types of items you would like to be kept in your new bathroom and ensure you have allowed for these to be easily stored and accessed. Bathroom storage solutions include medicine cabinets and vanity units but can also include tall cupboards, open shelves, shower niches or shower shelves and more.

casablanca handmade tiles_bathroom design mistakes

Highlighted by our stunning Casablanca collection of handmade tiles, this elegant bathroom includes a large vanity unit as well as a matching medicine cabinet for storing all of the daily essentials.

Renovating or planning a new bathroom can be a challenge at first however, the process can easily be made simple and straight forward with careful planning and consideration. By ensuring you have created an ideal layout while carefully planning your lighting, storage and tile layout, you can ensure a smoother experience during your home renovation or new build project.

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the creation of the perfect bathroom tiling and colour scheme, whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting us in person at our Richmond tiles store.