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Tips for Planning a Backyard Renovation

During the warmer months, we’re all spending more time outdoors. A home’s backyard can serve many different purposes from cooking and entertainment to relaxation, play and exercise, so it is important to create a space that is not only versatile but also beautiful and comfortable to be in while also respecting the natural environment. 

Using tiles in your outdoor spaces instantly injects your backyard with a stylish touch while also providing a comfortable and simple to maintain surface finish. There are many different options to choose from, each providing its own unique range of qualities and character to your overall design as well as offering a variety of applications that will best enhance your outdoor renovation. Finish off your outdoor space with a range of custom options such as decking, alfresco areas and native plants or trees to create a soothing oasis at home! 

Outdoor Floor Tiles

Outdoor Encaustic (Concrete) Tiles

There are many collections of encaustic tiles that can be used in outdoor spaces, provided the tile itself is noted from the manufacturer as being suitable for your intended application.  You will notice when shopping for your new concrete tiles that certain varieties can be used outdoors but are restricted to use in covered areas only where the tiles will receive some protection from the elements, while other varieties can be used in all outdoor spaces. 

Encaustic (or concrete) tiles provide a lusciously smooth matte surface finish in any design project. These tiles are famously available in a large variety of bold colours and patterns that will bring any project to life. Although concrete is a porous material, it can be sealed to help prevent any staining from occurring on the surface of the tiles, making concrete tiles an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor projects. 

outdoor floor tiles

The luxurious Pavimento concrete tiles are designed by the world renowned, Greg Natale. The collection features a range of exciting colours and bold patterns that can be used a wide variety of applications, allowing you to create the perfect unique look in your next project.

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles provide an incredibly resilient surface finish for indoor spaces, allowing their use as both a floor and wall finish. There are many collections of porcelain tiles available that have been specifically designed for outdoor areas too; these tiles have been designed to withstand changes in weather conditions, including higher temperatures, direct sunlight, as well as frost. 

Outdoor specific porcelain tiles will also often feature a textured or slightly rough surface finish that provides resistance to slipping in outdoor damp or wet environments making them an excellent fit for these applications. Another exciting benefit of porcelain tiles is the fact that the surface is virtually non-porous meaning that any spills will not penetrate into the tile and cause stains to occur. It is of course, crucial to note that not all porcelain tiles can be used in outdoor applications, despite their impressive strength and durability. Outdoor specific porcelain tiles will be noted as such and have been assigned an outdoor rating to differentiate them from indoor use only types of tiles.

tips for planning a backyard renovation

Including both indoor and outdoor specific options, the Arcstone porcelain tile collection perfectly simulates the look and feel of a traditional terrazzo stone. The collection’s outdoor grip surface option allows for a seamless look between your connecting indoor and outdoor spaces for a clean and crisp look.

Outdoor Pool Tiles

The most popular material used in pool tile design is glass. Glass pool tiles create a spectacular shimmering effect in the pool, playing with the light and water to enhance the pool’s look. Although blue and aqua toned pool tiles are often the most popular options, you will find that there are many different options available that will help you create a unique look in your backyard renovation from deep purple tones to soft greens and plenty more! 

bisazza pool tiles

The luscious Omnia pool tiles are made from 98% recycled glass, providing a low carbon footprint option for outdoor pools. Soft variations in colour create a spectacular effect when paired with the shimmering water of an outdoor pool for a luxurious look in your project!


Outdoor Renovation Ideas: Decking and Alfresco Areas

Before starting out on adding any built outdoor features to your home, it is always important to consult with your local Council to ensure any relevant permits are acquired. You may also need to look into professional services (such as Designers, Engineers, Builders, Architects, etc.) for certain types of outdoor projects so once again, it is important to keep this in mind when planning an outdoor renovation. 

Where space allows, a new deck and alfresco dining area will add immense value to your property while of course, providing a wonderful outdoor space for the family to enjoy. This added entertaining space can be completely custom designed to suit not only your backyard’s unique shape and size, but also your own personal preferences. Alfresco kitchens for example can be built to include a variety of items such as built-in BBQ’s and pizza ovens to outdoor fridges and sinks for a complete outdoor cooking experience. Popular furniture and BBQ stores include an excellent variety of outdoor living and dining settings that are made using suitable materials for the garden, allowing you to create a luxurious and comfortable space.

outdoor tiles

This stunning alfresco area by Anderson Homes is ideal for family gatherings and entertaining friends no matter what the weather is like outside. Splash back tiles are from our Pueblo Collection

Plants and Trees

Once again a highly personal and custom selection, including a variety of plants and trees in your next backyard renovation will create a tranquil atmosphere. When selecting your plants and trees, it is important to consider their placement and function in your overall backyard design. Larger canopy style trees for example, will provide shade to your outdoors while also acting as a barrier between the harsh Summer sun and your home, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Large trees will need a certain amount of time to grow of course, so this length of time must be taken into consideration during the selection process. 

Australia is blessed with a large variety of native plants that are usually low maintenance options that can easily withstand the harsher elements. Including a variety of native plants in your backyard renovation will once again enhance the home’s value while also creating a luscious and inviting outdoor experience that is perfectly suited to the environment. When visiting your local garden centre, see what options are most suited to your property’s climate and conditions for their best recommendations. 

Creating the perfect outdoor renovation requires time to consider the very best options for your needs, from the most suitable outdoor tiles to any added outdoor living, cooking and dining spaces. Including a combination of native plants and trees will provide the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor space to create a tranquil and comfortable experience that is perfectly suited to your home’s surroundings. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the selection of the perfect outdoor tiles that will best suit your needs and style preferences – Visit out Richmond Tile Showroom or book an online design consultation to get started on your outdoor renovation project!