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Timeless Tiles: 5 Elegant Options for your Home

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Renovating or building your home represents a significant investment. With this in mind, it is important to select your finishes, fixtures and fittings with the future in mind and plan your project accordingly. If you are planning on staying in this property for a long time, choosing a selection of high quality, timeless pieces will ensure its ever-lasting appeal, starting with your selection of floor and wall tiles. Tiles are available in an endless range of luxurious options, from rich and earthy terracotta tiles to stunning, modern concrete look tiles. Each option will create its own unique sense of character in the home; we’ve compiled a selection of some of our favourite choices in timeless tiles to help you on your creative journey!

Timeless Tiles: Add Pattern & Colour with the Nassu Collection

The fabulous Nassu collection boasts an impressive array of solid colour tile options as well as geometric pattern tiles. Using a combination of rich and vibrant colours, these tiles will add an elegant and timeless touch to the home. Pattern tiles are especially popular when renovating period style buildings as they offer the perfect connection between the old and the new. This design technique will create a strong sense of continuity in the home while adding a stylish and colourful touch that is simply bursting with character and charm!

Nassu Pattern Tiles

Available in a selection of rich and vibrant colours and patterns, the Nassu collection offers a timeless choice that draws inspiration from the decorative patterns of the past. Combining the old with the new, these tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Contemporary Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles

Concrete has long been a favourite choice in the home as it provides a hard wearing, durable and long lasting finish. Aesthetically, concrete finishes offer a subtle and neutral tone that can pair well with just about any style of design, any colour and any texture, making it an exceptionally versatile choice. Concrete is a porous material however, which means it will require sealing in order to be best protected from staining and discolouration.

Geology Timeless Tiles

Available in a selection of shades and sizes, our Geology porcelain tiles recreate the stylings of a modern concrete tile, complete with subtle variations in pattern and tone.

This process must be carried out every few years or so (dependant on the product’s wear over time) and although concrete is offers immense longevity, the need for sealing can be a deterrent for those after more of a low maintenance finish. Porcelain concrete look tiles offer the next best choice; these stunning tiles offer a timeless and elegant solution for the home that can be used in any number of applications. As porcelain tiles are a non-porous solution, that will not require sealing, making them the perfect choice for those looking for a solution with little maintenance required.

Rustic Terracotta Timeless Tiles

Classic terracotta tiles offer a rich and earthy look in the home, adding elements of shape, texture and colour. Handmade terracotta tiles are especially popular as their rich and characteristic style creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home. Our Hanoi Rustic collection is a handmade tile solution, crafter in Vietnam. These tiles are a showcase of rich and warm luxury, with each individual tile being unique from the next as a result of the handcrafting process. This stunning terracotta tile collection includes a variety of elegant and timeless shapes, allowing you to experiment with patterns and shapes in your home’s interior design scheme. Hanoi Rustic can even be used in outdoor spaces, being a stylish choice as an outdoor floor or wall tile solution that is perfect for garden walls and creating pathways.

Hanoi Rustic Terracotta Tiles_Timeless Tiles

Available in a selection of stylish shapes, the Hanoi Rustic collection is handmade in Vietnam. This timeless tile choice can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, offering a versatile design solution for the home.

Sophisticated Marble Tiles

Classic, elegant and luxurious, marble tiles have been used in architecture and design for thousands of years, cementing their place as a timeless choice for the home. Natural marble stone can be sourced in a wide range of colours, from the classic milky whites of Carrara marble to the elegant pistachio tones of Ming marble. These many varieties of marble are used to create stunning marble tiles in an endless range of dynamic patterns and styles, adding a luxurious and timeless touch to any application. Marble tiles are a popular option for the kitchen and bathroom, adding a sophisticate touch to each space while also offering an incredibly long lasting solution. It is important to keep in mind that real marble tiles are porous and as such, will require sealing at regular intervals throughout their lifespan in order to be best maintained however, this is a small drawback in comparison to the elegance, charm and timeless beauty of real marble tiles!

Labyrinth Marble Tiles_Timeless Tiles

Designed by renowned Australian Stylist, Steve Cordony, the Labyrinth collection fuses various types of marbles to create bold and dynamic patterns. This stunning collection can be used as a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces, adding a timeless and sophisticated finish.

Lush Beige Timeless Tiles

A luxuriously warm and inviting colour, beige has always provided a timeless choice for the home. This lush colour is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as of late, returning to the forefront of interior design thanks to its subtle and classic charm. Elegant beige tiles are an excellent choice for homes where a traditional and timeless aesthetic is desired, adding a rich and sophisticated vibe while acting as a neutral colour option to complement a range of both trending and timeless materials and finishes. Pair with gold or brass for a traditional aesthetic or matte black for a dynamic and modern look in the home. Beige offers a versatile design solution that will never go out of style!

Portsea Beige Tile

Elegant and full of character, our stylish Portsea porcelain tile collection offers a stunning representation of terrazzo tiles. The warm, sandy tones of these luxurious tiles create a rich and warm aesthetic in any application throughout the home’s interior spaces.

When creating your home’s new colour palette, looking at a selection of elegant timeless tiles will ensure endless appeal and enjoyment. From stunning terrazzo look porcelain tiles to lush, handmade terracotta tiles and more, there are many stylish, classic options available to choose from that will create a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic. Our team at Perini Tiles will assist and guide you through the process of selecting your new tiles and curating the perfect colour scheme – Visit our Melbourne tiles showroom or shop for tiles online here to get started on your creative design journey!