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Timeless Tile Designs for your Next Home Renovation

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A home renovation represents a significant investment into your property and as such, it is usually preferable to select materials, colours and finishes that will stand the test of time rather than focusing on trends or passing fads. When it comes to selecting tiles, there are many luxurious timeless tile designs available to suit a variety of different applications throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite new tile selections to help inspire you on your creative journey!

Timeless Tile Designs for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor tiles are often used to create pathways or to define key zones in and around your home’s garden. Outdoor tiles are available in a wide selection of different formats or tile shapes, as well as a vast range of different materials. From natural stone tiles to terracotta tiles, concrete tiles and even terrazzo tiles, you will find an endless array of luxurious options available to suit a variety of applications in your home’s outdoor design scheme! Porcelain tiles are perhaps the most popular solution of all thanks to their impressive low maintenance qualities. Unlike natural stone or concrete pavers for example, porcelain tiles are almost completely non-porous and will not require sealing in order to be best protected over time. These tiles will offer a surface finish that is resistant to staining, scratching, heat and water, making them one of the most suitable solutions for busy homes.

Piceno Grey Floor Tiles

The luxurious Piceno collection offers a lush stone inspired appearance in a selection of two neutral tones. These luxurious outdoor porcelain tiles can be used to create and define zones in your home’s outdoor design scheme, offering an effortlessly low maintenance finish that is ideal for busy homes.

Outdoor Wall Tiles

Outdoor wall tiles are often used to create a sense of colour, pattern and texture in an outdoor design scheme. As far as popular tile patterns go, brick layouts are perhaps one of the most popular solutions for a home’s facades. Outdoor wall tiles offer both aesthetic, acoustic and insulation benefits as well as a low maintenance quality to your home’s outdoor environment as depending on the type of material you select, your home’s outdoor tiles will not require the same level of care as other finishes such as paint for example. Brick look tiles are a popular solution for cladding an outdoor façade, as are natural stone, glass and terracotta tiles, with each material offering its own unique range of characteristics, appeal and benefits.

Bata Brick Tiles

Available in a wide selection of rich and rustic colours, the Bata porcelain tile collection offers a realistic representation of traditional brickwork. Offering an immensely durable and low maintenance finish to a home’s outdoor spaces, these lush tiles will not require sealing or repainting, making them an excellent choice for use as an outdoor wall tile.

Timeless Tile Designs for Interior Flooring

Natural stone tiles have been used in home design and architecture for thousands of years, ensuring their place as one of the most luxurious and timeless material options. From lush marble tiles to elegant slate or limestone tiles, the possibilities are truly endless! Thanks to their immense popularity over the years, natural stone tiles are available in a never ending range of stylish shapes and tile patterns, allowing for any number of creative styles to be achieved. These types of tile patterns can be sourced in classic square tile formats, subway tile shapes, hexagon tiles and plenty more. It is important to note that natural stone tiles are porous and as such, will require sealing at the time of installation and then every couple of years or so thereafter depending on their wear. These types of tiles will also require the use of specialised cleaning products that are gentle enough to protect their seal and character while still providing a deep and thorough clean; see our Resources hub for detailed information specific to different tile materials.

Unlike other tiling solutions (such as porcelain tiles for example), natural stone tiles can be professionally rejuvenated if needed over time. This process can remove most stains or discolouration off the tiles and bring them back to their original state, effectively elongating their already lengthy lifespan in the home.

Ceppo Stone Tiles_Timeless Tile Designs

Our luxurious natural Ceppo collection offers a sophisticated and luxurious solution for interior flooring applications. Featuring a luxurious variation in tone, colour and pattern, this stunning floor tile will add a dramatic feature in your home’s interior spaces!

Timeless Tile Design Patterns for Interior Walls

Modern tile patterns in the home range from classic herringbone tile layouts to chevron tiles and more. Each of these elegant options will create a dynamic look in the home, adding a strong sense of character and pattern to any design scheme. If however these different tile patterns are not quite your style, there are many different ways to still achieve a unique look using simple, tried and tested square tiles or subway tiles. Due to their minimal and simple shape, both of these types of tiles can be used to create a variety of different looks that will allow you to experiment with shape and pattern in your home. Square tiles can be laid in straight, clean lines or they can instead form a staggered layout or even a diamond tile layout. Subway tiles offer even more versatility in their layout styles as they can be laid in an endless variety of luxurious patterns to achieve a distinct look on your home’s interior walls; for more information on how you can lay your new subway wall tiles, see our guide here.

Artisan Retro Tiles_Timeless Tile Designs

Featuring a retro inspired colour palette, our Artisan tile collection includes both a traditional square shaped tile as well as an elongated subway tile option. Each of these luxurious tile shapes can be used throughout the home to create a unique and distinct pattern, allowing you to experiment with a range of creative designs in your next home renovation.

Timeless tile designs will ensure your home’s design scheme and colour palette stands the test of time! By sticking to a select range of tried and tested materials and finishes, your home renovation will always be on trend and can be enjoyed for many years to come. We welcome you to visit our Melbourne tiles store in Richmond to view our immense collection of luxurious designer tiles that have been sourced from all around the world! Our knowledgeable team will assist and guide you through the next steps in creating the perfect colour scheme for your home, ensuring a luxurious and timeless finish for your next home renovation.