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Timeless Kitchen Design: Splashback Tiles with Endless Appeal

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Creating a timeless kitchen design scheme is simple with the right combination of splashback tiles and materials. As a kitchen renovation represents a significant investment into your home, creating a timeless look is the key to ensuring your new kitchen offers endless appeal, ensuring the longevity of your design. There are many stylish splashback tile options available to choose from that will help you create that perfect look from marble tiles to pattern tiles and plenty more!

Timeless Kitchen Design using Pattern Tiles

Create a vibrant kitchen design scheme full of charisma and charm using pattern tiles! These types of splashback tiles feature visually striking geometric designs that interlock to create a luxurious repeating pattern. Available in any range of colours and designs, you can find pattern tiles to suit traditional styled kitchens as well as more modern or contemporary styles: an option to suit any interior design scheme. Providing endless appeal in the home, pattern tiles will allow you the opportunity to create a stunning visual in your home!

Dolce Porcelain Tiles_Timeless Kitchen Design

Our luxurious Dolce pattern tiles are available in a wide selection of vivid colours and patterns. These tiles can be used as a kitchen splashback tile an even as a kitchen floor tile. Being a porcelain tile, Dolce offers a wonderfully low maintenance solution for the kitchen as porcelain is resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture.

Handmade Look Kitchen Tiles

Handmade look tiles offer a cost effective alternative to traditionally handmade tiles, making this designer look more available for the home. Although these types of tiles are machine made, they will still offer the same variations and unique imperfections that make true handmade tiles so desirable in interior design. Each tile is unique from the next with variations in colour, tone, shape, texture and thickness. These elements work together to create a lavishly tactile experience, creating a rich and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen.

Lucida Handmade Look Tiles_Timeless Kitchen Design

Available in two classic tile formats in a selection of soft colour options, the Lucida collection offers a sleek gloss tile finish that is ideal for use as a kitchen splashback. Their glossy surface provides a simple to clean finish while their luxurious style create a timeless kitchen design look.

Timeless Kitchen Design with Marble Tiles

Marble has long been a favourite choice for the kitchen, ensuring its place as a timeless design solution. Natural marble stone can be found in a large range of colours, allowing an option to suit any interior design style while providing a luxurious finish in the home with endless appeal. Natural stone tiles are porous however and will require sealing in order to be best maintained over time. This should not dissuade you from incorporating this luscious design option in your home as marble provides an immensely strong and elegant solution. For more detailed information on caring for natural stone tiles, visit our Resources page.

Carrara Marble Tiles

Our Carrara marble tiles are available in an endless range of tile patterns from stylish chevron tiles, subway tiles, mosaic tiles and plenty more! These opulent natural marble tiles can be used in your kitchen as a floor tile or as a splashback tile, adding a refined quality to your interior design scheme.

Terrazzo Kitchen Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are made using a scattering of natural stone pieces that are embedded in a wet cement tile. This timeless tile choice offers a strong, durable and elegant design solution that can usually be used as both a floor and wall tile in the home. Similar to natural stone tiles, terrazzo tiles will also require sealing however, their immense strength, durability and longevity far outweigh any ongoing maintenance. Again similar to natural stone tiles, terrazzo tiles can be professionally rejuvenated when needed in order to bring them back to their original state allowing for a lifetime of use.

terrazzo tiles_Timeless Kitchen Design

Our authentic terrazzo tiles provide a luxuriously timeless choice for the home, being an incredibly long lasting and practical solution for use as a kitchen splashback tile and floor tile. The collection includes a vast array of colourful patterned options that will suit any range of interior design styles!

Subway Tiles in the Kitchen

A classic choice, subway tiles can be laid in a large variety of patterns to create a distinct style in your new kitchen. First created as a hygienic wall solution for the underground subway stations of New York City, these tiles have never gone out of style! The key to creating a timeless aesthetic using subway tiles is to lay your tiles in a unique way. You will also notice that the classic white subway tile has been reinvented many times over, with a vast range of options available that enhance this designer look. Subway tiles are now available in a wider range of colours, patterns and materials, allowing you to put your own creative touch on this timeless tile choice.

Muro41 Subway Tiles_Timeless Kitchen Design

Available in a selection of soft neutrals as well as bolder colour options, the Muro41 range offers a modern take on the traditional subway tile format. These slim, elongated tiles can be used to create a number of tile layouts and patterns, further allowing you to explore your creativity in your kitchen design scheme.

Creating a timeless aesthetic in your new kitchen’s design scheme is simple with the right materials! A tiled kitchen splashback will provide a low maintenance solution that also offers an endless range of timeless options to choose from. Our team at Perini Tiles will assist you in curating the perfect kitchen colour scheme, ensuring an option that suits your budget and style preferences. Visit our Melbourne tiles showroom or start your journey shopping for tiles online here.