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Timber Tiles vs the Real Thing

Timber tiles can be used in all areas of the home, from the bathroom and kitchen, to your living spaces and even outdoor dining areas. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, there are many advantages in using tiles around the home, from their ease of maintenance to their incredible strength and longevity, but just how well do timber tiles stack up when compared to the real thing? 

What are Timber Tiles?

Made of a high quality ceramic or porcelain, timber tiles are specifically designed to replicate the naturally occurring textures and tonal variations commonly seen in hardwoods, offering a highly durable surface finish for both residential and commercial design applications. Timber tiles offer an astonishingly realistic alternative to natural timber flooring, being incredibly durable and hard wearing. These tiles can be used as both a floor or wall tile and are available in a huge range of shapes and finishes, from smooth satins to more organically textured or highly polished styles to suit just about any interior design scheme. 

Our deluxe Parquet timber tile collection includes an array of stylish colours, from warm, blonde timbers to earthy, chocolate browns and even a deep black colourway. As shown in the image above, the natural textures common in a hardwood floor are perfectly represented in these Italian porcelain tiles.

Timber in the Bathroom and Outdoor Areas

Natural timber is often restricted in its use where humidity or high amounts of moisture are a concern as it is much more susceptible to mould and water damage than traditional bathroom tiles. If you are hoping to include a timber feature in your new bathroom or in an outdoor dining area for example, timber tiles offer the perfect solution. A high quality porcelain tile possesses unparalleled strength, durability and longevity, making timber tiles an ideal alternative to natural timber in these environments.

Sealing & Maintenance

A natural timber floor will require sealing as well as a protective final coating to ensure the timber maintains its colour and integrity. After some wear over the years, your timber flooring may start to show scratching and dents, as well as some softening or dulling of the protective finishing coats. When this happens, it is time to have your timber floors looked at by a professional who will sand and re-polish the surface, bringing it back to life again. Although this process can be repeated several times over the years (usually around seven times), there does come a point where the timber will no longer be able to withstand rejuvenation and will require complete replacement. If properly cared and regularly maintained however, a natural timber floor should last well over twenty years, making it a worthy flooring solution for the right home.

driftwood porcelain tiles The Driftwood collection perfectly emulates the rugged essence of distressed timber, with a colour selection that includes range of warm, neutral tones to suit every home’s design scheme.

Usually made of a sturdy porcelain material, timber tiles offer all the benefits of a warm, hardwood timber floor, without the necessary ongoing maintenance as described in relation to natural hardwood flooring. Porcelain tiles are offer a reliable and virtually maintenance free flooring solution as they will not require any of the ongoing care that a natural timber floor would. Scratches, dents or dull surface finishes are not an issue when it comes to using timber tiles, making them in incredibly strong competitor for use in the home; timber wall or floor tiles will usually only require a simple wipe down to keep clean and with normal use, should outlast even the highest quality hardwood. 

Timber Tiles vs. Natural Timber Cost Comparison

Another incredible advantage of using timber look tiles in place of natural timber is the overall cost difference. Tiles are often less expensive to purchase and lay than traditional timber flooring and also provide the added financial benefit of not requiring regular maintenance later on down the track. Where natural timber will require sanding, sealing and re-polishing to maintain its quality finish and sheen, timber tiles will only incur initial purchase and installation costs, without any further professional maintenance required, making them a highly cost effective flooring solution in the long term.  

Recalling the clean and crisp design aesthetic of traditional Scandinavian homes, the Jigsaw timber tile collection is the perfect fit for the modern home, adding a sense of pattern and character to any space.

Pet Owners

With proper care and maintenance, a natural timber floor can last a lifetime however, as discussed, the surface will be susceptible to water damage, scratches and staining making it a little more difficult to maintain a spotless finish in a busy home, especially where pets are involved! Our four-legged-friends can however run freely across tiled surfaces without any concern of any accidental water damage or potential staining to the surface. Timber flooring on the other hand, can be stained, scratched or otherwise marked, damaging the protective top coat of your flooring. These sorts of issues can only be repaired by re-sanding and re-finishing your floors, making for a costly and lengthy exercise.

Timber tiles provide many benefits in the home as they offer a durable and simple to maintain surface finish that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Our vast collection of timber porcelain tiles is on display in our Richmond tile showroom with our knowledgeable team of Interior Designers available to assist you in your design decisions.