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The Best Tiles to use on Outdoor Walls

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Tiles to use on outdoor walls come in many varied shapes, sizes and materials. Given the amount of exciting options available to you, it can be tricky to know which tiles are best for outdoor areas where they will be exposed to harsh sunlight, rain or hail. From glass or porcelain tiles to encaustic tiles or natural stone tiles, there are many exciting options available that you can use as a decorative feature on your home’s outdoor walls.

Tiles to use on Outdoor Walls: Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have long been a favourite choice for use in outdoor spaces, making for the perfect outdoor wall tile option. Glass tiles are available in a range of different finishes, shapes and assorted sizes. These tiles are also available in an endless range of colour options, allowing you complete creative freedom when designing your home’s outdoor areas. Glass mosaic tiles can even be used to create stylish, intricate patterns or murals, adding a glamorous and unique touch to your design scheme. You will also find many exciting collections of recycled glass tiles available that will ensure a sustainable quality to your new design.

Bisazza Blends 20_Pool Tiles

Bisazza Blends 20 offers a stylish glass mosaic tile option that can be used as an outdoor pool tiles as well as a decorative feature tile option on outdoor walls. Glass tiles provide an incredibly hygienic option for outdoor use as they are a non-porous material.

Terracotta Tiles & Natural Stone Tiles for Outdoor Walls

Terracotta tiles and natural stone tiles (such as marble, granite or limestone) share certain characteristics. Although both of these options are popular choices for outdoor use, it is important to take a few key factors into consideration when making your outdoor wall tile selections. Both terracotta tiles and natural stone tiles are porous and as such, will require sealing in order to keep them looking their best over time. This quality however also means that moisture can enter the body of the tile and in certain climates this moisture can freeze up, causing the tile to expand and often crack as the moisture thaws. Although these options are popular choices for use on outdoor walls, it is often recommended they installed in climates where they will not be subject to freezing conditions.

Prato Terracotta Tiles

Our Prato Terracotta tiles can be used in covered outdoor spaces for a unique, earthy touch to your outdoor design scheme. These handmade terracotta tiles are each unique from the next, with inherent variations in colour and texture as a result of the handcrafting and kiln-firing process.

Porcelain Outdoor Wall Tiles

Perhaps the most popular tiles use on outdoor walls, porcelain tile collections are many and varied. These types of tiles are well known for their immense strength and durability; porcelain tiles are resistant to heat, moisture, staining and scratching, making them an ideal choice for installations where a low maintenance solution is preferred.

There are many exciting options available in outdoor porcelain wall tiles, from timber-look tiles, concrete look options and even natural stone lookalike products. You will also find many exciting mosaic tile collections available as well as a myriad of different shapes and sizes, allowing you an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor decorating scheme.

Livorno_Tiles to use on outdoor walls

A stylish and modern porcelain tile option, the Livorno collection includes options in both indoor and outdoor tiles. These tiles are designed to effortlessly emulate the look of an authentic terrazzo tile, complete with realistic variations in tone and pattern.

Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles are made using cement that has been dyed with pigments and then poured into stencils or moulds. These tiles are traditionally associated with period style homes, offering a characteristic charm to the aesthetic of these properties. Similar to natural stone tiles and terracotta tiles however, encaustic tiles are also porous and therefore may not always be the best solution for climates that experience freezing conditions. These tiles are also better suited to covered outdoor applications where they will not be in the direct path of the elements. Thanks to their many ornate and decorative features however, encaustic tiles continue to be a popular choice for outdoor wall use, providing a colourful touch to your home’s design scheme.

New Paradise_Tiles to use on outdoor walls

Encaustic tiles such as our New Paradise collection can be used to create colourful, decorative feature walls in covered outdoor spaces for a tactile and warm touch to your design scheme.

There are many different tile options available for use in outdoor applications, each offering its own unique beauty and charm to your design scheme and allowing you to create a unique and personal touch. From natural stone tiles to encaustic tiles and more, Perini Tiles has a wide selection of outdoor wall tiles that will help you create that perfect look in your new home!