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Tile Trends: Retro Tiles

Colour, energy and pattern, all are qualities of the trending retro inspired tiles. Following the resurgence in popularity of home design features of the 1970’s, tile manufacturers have recreated the visually stunning looks of this vibrantly coloured era, using authentic patterns and shapes that stay true to the excitement of the 70’s. 

There are many exciting retro inspired designs to choose from including timeless encaustic tiles, elegant handmade options and versatile porcelain varieties, each offering its own range of unique characteristics to any interior design project. 

Butterfly concrete tilesOur Atlantic concrete tiles feature exciting, bold and energetic patterns and colours that are heavily inspired by traditional and retro designs. These handmade tiles can be used on floors and walls allowing for an impressive range of different styles to be achieved.

Taking a step away from the minimalist interiors that have been trending over recent years, retro inspired designs embrace bold, loud and exciting patterns, colours and shapes to create a distinct style in the home. Warm timber tones feature prominently in retro inspired homes, along with deep, burnt orange tones, mossy greens. Elegant navy blues and mustard hues that are carefully balanced out with milky whites for a harmonious look. 

Creating a Feature with Retro Tiles

Creating a feature using retro tiles is an excellent way to create a strong sense of drama and interest in any space, from the kitchen or bathroom to the living area and even the bedroom. 

Using retro inspired tiles in the kitchen or bathroom will instantly elevate your design, introducing a bold sense of character. The colours present in the tiles themselves will also allow you to easily select your coordinating kitchen or bathroom finishes and materials as you can use these tones as a means of tying together the various elements that make up the balance of your design selections. A navy blue patterned tile for example can be perfectly complemented with navy blue cabinetry for a perfectly cohesive and balanced look in your overall design. 

Retro CollectionOur Retro porcelain tiles are available in an exciting range of patterns and colours, perfectly replicating the look and feel of an authentic encaustic tile for a low maintenance finish that can be used in all areas of the home.

Feature tiles are traditionally used in the wet areas of a home however they can also provide a superbly versatile finish for other spaces. Wallpapers are often used in bedrooms and living areas as an alternative to painting as they provide a spectacular sense of pattern, energy, colour and excitement in a design. Patterned retro tiles can also create the same effect in your home when used as a feature element in a design with the added benefit of being an exceptionally low maintenance finish that will last a lifetime. 

Types of Retro Tiles

You will find an excellent selection of retro inspired pieces available in every different material, from ceramic to porcelain, concrete and even natural stone mosaic tiles that are laid in specific styles so as to replicate classic retro designs. 

concrete tiles Greg Natale’s excuisite Pavimento collection features striking patterns that draw inspiration from retro and classic design to create a timeless design. The collection perfectly combines the old with the new, making it an ideal fit for renovating period style homes as well for more contemporary interiors.

Encaustic tiles (also known as concrete tiles or cement tiles) are made using a poured cement mixture that can be combined with any custom colour to create a vivid design. These types of tiles are exceptionally popular thanks to their sleek and smooth surface as well as for the stylish patterns and bold colours that encaustic tiles are so well known for. As these tiles were traditionally used in historic homes, they continue to be designed using traditional techniques and patterns, making them a well sought after retro inspired tile that will blend in exceptionally well in both period style and modern homes. 

You will also find many exciting retro inspired handmade tiles to choose from. These collections are often made using traditional techniques that are passed down from one generation to the next and feature the organic nuances and inherent beauty that can only be achieved by an authentically handmade product. 

ArabianUsing centuries old techniques, handmade tiles celebrate the irregularities and variations that make them unique, offering a wondrously tactile finish in the home. Our Arabian Handmade tiles are made by hand in Morocco with the collection featuring an impressive range of colours and shapes to choose from.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are of course some of the most popular options when it comes to selecting retro tiles thanks to their unique qualities that ensure a low maintenance finish that is especially ideal for the busy home. Porcelain tiles especially can be designed to simulate the look and feel of other popular materials such as natural stone, terrazzo and even concrete, making them a well sought after option for any interior design project. 

Retro inspired tiles create a fresh, dramatic and colourful element in any interior design project thanks to their charm, patterns and vivid colouring. They can be used in many different ways to create the perfect feature element in your design, allowing for the creation of a truly unique and personal space. 

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of selecting your new retro tiles, ensuring that all finishes and materials are carefully curated to create a cohesive and harmonious colour palette for your next project. 

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